So You Want To Camp Out For the Eclipse Premiere

As many of you know the premiere for Eclipse is at a venue that is completely different than the venue that was used for both Twilight and New Moon, which was a somewhat more suburban area with significant public property. Because of this new location, security regulations in a large urban area, the fact the a film festival is also going on, and we are dealing with a significant spread of private property the following arrangement (which is unprecedented in the amount of generosity being afforded fans in that they are being allowed to camp out on private property for almost a week ) has been negotiated:

“Fans can start camping to see the event of the year – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE red carpet premiere – on Monday, June 21 at 6am PT. LA Live is not public property, and will not allow camping before that date/time. You also can not camp on the streets around LA Live( as per the LAPD!).

It is also our understanding that there will be a strict wristband or similar system pegged to time of arrival. There is no saving of spots a la Comic Con style. So, if you want a spot, get there, cooperate with local authorities, and hope for the best.

So i f you are LA bound, we’ll see you there. Alphie and Pel will be there. It’s Alphie’s turn to work the red carpet. Pel will visit you guys on line.

The location is the LA Live Nokia Theater…see you there!


  1. ill be there!

  2. I live in LA hopefully I can be there!!!!!!!!!!!! I am less than 5 minutes drive YES!!!!!!!
    But I may be working — on Water For Elephants double yes!!!!!!!

  3. This is a disaster of epic proportions waiting to happen! Just like the SF Hot Topic stampede for Rob’s visit.

    All Summit & the LAFF had to do was do a system similar to the ‘Remember Me’ premiere where they let people arrive naturally & when ppl show up give them a wristband & give them a time to return.

    That would have avoided a rush of the line & a mob all trying to get there at 6am. If they would have let the line start naturally & then give the ppl a wristband as they arrived & sent them on their way with a return time it would have worked so much better & their wouldn’t have needed to be any camping at all.

  4. robin dover says

    i only wish……………………

  5. rpattzgirl says

    This is really scary…and I agree people could get hurt…

  6. mschicklet says

    I mean… I’m not THAT hardcore about all of this. I did Black Friday, and 3 hours in line was bad enough. Not to mention New Moon at midnight — I think we were in line for 4 hours and I’m still resentful about that line. LOL.

  7. I’m sorry but that’s just crazy…I DO understand it’s the Preimere with the cast and all but camping out for for a WEEK!?! I’m sure it is exciting and would be fun but there is a certain point where it just seems crazy…

    And I am a devout Twilight fan but man, that’s some devotion ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please everyone just be safe and have fun!!

  8. Brittany says

    No saving of spots, eh? What if someone has to use the bathroom? hahaha

  9. It also sounds like a Sarah Palin “Going Rogue” autograph line. There was this one town where 500 or so people got skipped because of the limit; they didn’t get their wristbands, but the limit was not reached yet. Those folks didn’t like that idea one bit after camping from 2-3 am till she arrived.

    Don’t discount a possibility like that to happen. I am not familiar with famous spots in LA but be street smart, take a buddy for necessities and look good for the boys! Hope y’all get nice weather too, it helps.

  10. No bathroom trips = urinary tract infections. Not worth it, TAKE A BUDDY!

  11. higgin704 says

    Camping out for a week? You could not pay me enough money to do it.

  12. Giuliana says

    I’m 20 yrs old and I’m going to be trecking from Pennsylvania to LA for the Eclipse Premiere ALONE! I’ll be there at 6am on the 21st! Do you have ANY advice for me on how best to go about this. Its the first time I’ve done this and I’m a little scared but I LOVE Twilight and I LOVE Kristen Stewart so much! I’d camp out weeks to meet her but I’d love just want a glimpse of her! I look up to her, she’s a huge role model for women our age! So PLEASE if you have ANY tips let me know! Ps: you guys rock and I wish I had tickets for the LA convention, I’d treck back to LA for that too!!

    • Take a sleeping bag, a pillow, a chair and some money. I will be there. I’ve done this before…I’m going with a couple of friends…stick with us if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am sooo excited guys!!! Giuliana…don’t be scared! It’s just hometown..:) We will help you out don’t worry girl just get here!!

    • I want to go too!!! I have never done anything like this and am scared. I am a True twilight fan that wants to go. How does it all work?

    • Rosmelie says

      My friends and I are working on getting out there. We’re also working on going to Jimmy Kimmel the week before. We’ll be trekking it from Illinois so no worries. This is all of our first time doing a premiere line but we’ve had friends that have gone in the past. Knowing us, we’ll be heading out and trying to make wits end getting there and “perusing” around the area early as to avoid chaos and confusion. We also are going to scope out the area probably a couple days in advance to see what the up and up is with it and I’ll definitely tweet about it! If you’d like, get in contact with me! We could always use a buddy!!!

    • Giuliana, Don’t be scared, you will have the time of your life!
      i know going by yourself might be a bit intimidating, but just make friends with the people around you, and trust me, they will probably be some of the best people you’ll ever meet!
      i camped out last year, and befriended the people in front, and in back of me and now we are going together as a big group for this premiere. Also, i went walking the whole line and talked to everyone, and they were all really nice.
      If you meet Kristen, you’re going to love her, my sister met her last time, and she was totally sweet, she took the time to take a picture with her, and even yelled at the fans who were shoving papers and books near my sisters throat, lol. so best of luck to meeting her, she’s a total sweetheart!
      As far as tips go, Like Norma said, bring a sleeping bag, a chair, a Pillow, and money for sure. another tip, check out some of the hotels around the area, even if you get a room for one night, its completely worth it. last year i didn’t think it was neccesary, but come day of the premiere, public areas to get ready were crowded, and have long lines, and well..lets face it, have no showers. Also, bring tylonel, as funny as it sounds, after sleeping on concrete for a few nights, then standing consistently for hours to wait for everything to start up, and the screaming, somethings bound to ache, and you’ll thank me for bringing it.
      Also, Secure your valuables. my sister left her digital camera sitting out, and by the time she remembered she left it there, it was stolen.
      but anyways, your totally going to have a load of fun, don’t be afraid to talk to everyone!

    • just get there really early! take sumone with u if u can
      i can tell u everything u need to know, ive been to twilight and the new moon premire sooo i have plenty of expirence, i am also going to camp out overnight too
      email me if u have anymore questions or if u want too meet up the day of the premire

  13. I live in Florida and if it had not been for the fact that I have 2 children and my husband is an over the road driver who is not home often, I would be there. I would LOVE to see Rob in person. I would fly there and take a cab, just to see what a cab ride is like, lol, never had to use one of those.

  14. I really want to go!!!!

  15. if i wasnt dirt poor and had a decent car i would totally camp out for a week! that would be my dream come true to see the cast in person! good luck to everyone camping out, dont forget to bring a camera!

  16. Geneveive says

    I got my pass as I am a member of Film Independent. I will be attending the premier ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!

  17. Can someone help me? Where exactly where it b and so we can b there June 21 at 6:00 A.M?

  18. heyy am new here! and i loveeeeeee twilight!

    and i really want to go to the eclipse premire and i only live 15 mins from there!
    but my mom wont let me go without taking someone, does anyone want to meet up at the premire? or if i can like tag along or sumthing, i really want to go! ๐Ÿ˜€

    ive already been to the twilight and new moon soo i know everything about camping out

    if u think u wanna meet up, my name is juliet

    text me

  19. Hi my name is Laura im 13years old also my first time to go to a twilight premiere im coming all the way from Puerto Rico with my aunt alsoo like guiliana do you have any advice? This is also my first time out of the country and i been saving money for over a year doing fundraisers and stuff so cant wait. Twilighters ruleee!!!!! Team Jacob all the way

  20. Hi!!!!! Everyone!

    I’m from Houston, Texas! And I’m going to the premiere as well!

    Actually, my friend is flying from Spain to go to premiere with me!!

    We would love to meet with you guys!!!

    We have booked out flight tickets. And we will be hanging out in LA for a couple of days!

    Email me if you want to hang out together~~We hope we all have fun camping out!

  21. Hi Everyone my name is Emily i am 20 years old i live in San Antonio Texas . I am flying to LA for the Eclipse permiere i have never done this before. I am going with my dad but going alone to the permiere. I dont know anything about camping out. CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME

    Email at

    • Hey Emily, I’m Jessica.
      I’ve been to the Twilight premiere, and camped out for the New Moon premiere, if you have any particular questions about anything, you can email me if you like, and i’d be more then welcome to answering. my email’s:
      As far as camping goes, bring a tent, sleeping bag, a chair, money for food and drinks, and maybe, look into getting a hotel room for atleast one night if not all so you can shower and have a bathroom to use.

      I’m not sure exactly what you want to know, but like i said, if there’s anything you want to ask, feel free to email me, and i’ll be happy to answer you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Michelle says

    Hi, I am flying to the premiere with my sister June 22nd and I was wondering how does this all work. Will there be wristbands or is it first come first serve to get close to the red carpet to see everyone.

    Email if you have any information

    • There will be wrist bands. When the premiere day comes, they make a spectacle of hearding everyone with wristbands to the designated barriers. even if your the 300th person in line, there is still a chance you can get to the front. it’s pretty radomized.
      I don’t know exactly what you want to know, but hopefully that answered atleast on of your questions. if you have any more questions, feel free to email me at:
      i’ve been to the Twilight premiere, and camped out for the New Moon premiere, so i’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Hey you guys,
    My name’s Meryl, and I’m 20 years old. My sister and I are heading to LA for the premier, and we’ve never camped out before. If anyone is down for giving me advice, or interested in hanging out while down there please shoot me an email.

    I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚


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