Hot Topic Rolls Out Eclipse Merchandise



Hot Topic has rolled out their Eclipse merchandise. Noticeable new additions included Leah Clearwater items featuring Julia Jones, Team Switzerland finally making an appearance, and buttons featuring the trio of Lucy, Nettie and Maria who turn Jasper.


Also notable is the Hot Topic version of Bella’s engagement ring. You can see the Infinite Jewelry version and their version here side by side. The Hot Topic version is on the left and the Infinite Jewelry version is on the right.ย  Note: we are giving away the Infinite Jewelry version at 11:59pm tomorrow night.


  1. And they FINALLY have a really cool Team Emmett shirt! Yahoo!

    • BellaItaliana26 says

      OMG! please pick me for this! I would be sooo happy. <3 Esp if I got noticed by the twilight fansite! I love you guys! Please pick me!! =/

  2. OMG! <3 I am totally in love with that Infinite Jewelry version <3 OMG I want it ! <3

  3. Love the Infinite Jewelry version, much closer to how I pictured it while reading the book.

  4. radiowidow says

    Some of us older fans would love to see some official Team Esme merchandise!

  5. i am sure everyone has been on this site long enough to know how to find everything. i am new to it.
    my wedding band set was stolen last year. i am interested in entering your engagement ring give away. it is an asolutely lovely ring.
    i wouldn’t have even known of the
    twilight books except my daughter had started reading them. i picked one up to see what kind of books she was reading. i was not able to put it down. i have read and re-read all the books in the Twilight sage. watched the movies over anda over.

    i look foward to eclipse movie andalready overly anxious for breaking dawn.
    would love to read completed midnight sun book.

    sandra hobson

  6. of all the merchandise cycles from hot topic, i’m least impressed with this bunch. there’s just something about it that seems sparse, underwhelming, and simply not up to the par set by twilight and new moon.

    • The Weasel says

      I agree with Mandy. I’m hoping they roll out a lot more than just this. There are a few things I am considering buying, but it seems like there isn’t much to choose from. I’m going to guess it’s just because it’s a pre-order and not the full line yet.

    • They usually do roll more stuff out. It seems like in the past they slowly add more & more stuff (especially once it officially hits the stores.)

    • I’m excited for Eclipse stuff to be in the stores so I can get a t-shirt to add to my collection!! I hope there will be something with Seth on it! (THE BEST werewolf EVER!!)

      Hot Topic’s Bella’s engagement ring looks okay to me but from these pictures I would say the Infinite Jewelry one looks prettier. I don’t know if I’ll ever get one though it would be fun to have.

  7. PICK ME

  8. Twilight9009 says

    I agree that they do not have a lot to choose from, but they always start out with a few things then add more later on. There are a few shirts I would really like to buy. I am just excited that not only Nordstrom is getting merchandise. I particularly like the black and white trio shirt.

  9. I think that Jasper should have more representation in this round of merchandise. His part is so much larger in this film that you would think Hot Topic would supply more than just the one Jasper shirt.

    • Rachel Faith says

      Oh, I completely agree.
      Though I am glad they actually made things with the Cullens on it. I was extremely disappointed when I couldn’t find a single Jasper or Alice shirt for New Moon.

      Anyways, the pin with Maria, Nettie, and Lucy looks great, though it’s really random if you ask me. People who haven’t read the books won’t have any idea who they are.

      BUT, on what I think is a plus side, if they’re producing a pin with characters that were mentioned in only 6 pages out of a 629 page book, hopefully Jasper’s backstory will be expanded more.

    • Rachel Faith says

      Oh, and who else noticed that, besides the tee with the entire Cullen family, they don’t have a single thing with Rosalie on it? There’s Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and even Leah, but no Rosalie, Carlisle, or Esme… ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. They should totally come out with some stuff with Bree on it.

  11. The Hot Topic ring looks like a shower head. Rubbish.

    • That was epic! I thought that the least it looked like was feminine. Yep, it does do look like my showerhead. I don’t think it would be that good as a fight “enhancer”. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Gosh I can say finally “Team Switzerland!” I just kept saying “Team Bella, The Undecided”.

  12. love2dream says

    Infinite Jewelry’s is INFINITELY nicer! I just got mine today!!!

  13. switzy4ever14 says

    finally some team switzerland stuff! I’ve been waiting forever!!!!

    ‘Team Switzerland fianlly making an appearance,” is right.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  14. twilightbabe says

    Some of the merchandise is pretty cool. The stuff they had for new moon was awesome! I got a fleece throw with edward n bella on it I absolutely love! I do like the eclipse tee with all three of them and the eclipse throw. I could always use another.

  15. Sandee West says

    I have the infinite jewelry Bella’s engagement ring and I love it. The Hot Topic version looks cheesy…

    • Twilight9009 says

      I agree that the infinite jewelry one is nicer, but that is the book version. The Hot Topic ring is a movie replica I believe.

  16. Serena Welles says

    Finally! Team Switzerland merchandise! I’ve been waiting for something so I can finally represent myself. Haha.

    And I agree with Sandee West about the ring. I’m not a fan of it. -_-

    Much love,

  17. I think that infinite Jewelry version was closer to the wedding ring I pictured it while reading the book. I like the ring because it looked more classic, and it is beautiful. The wedding I pictured was classic and beautiful, and the wedding was to be built up around the ring.

  18. Ashley Skinner says

    I can not wait till they do the ring give away! These rings are so beautiful. I really hope I can get this =] I love twilight so much and the ring would be amazing to my collection. It would also be my dream to get noticed by twilight! <3

  19. I am not at ALL trying to tell people what team to be on… I just have a question. I don’t really understand Team Switzerland. I just thought if Bella had decide I think we all should. -Team Edward by the way. Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. pick me what do i have to do to win the ring I”ll do anything!!!!!!!!

  21. You guys have awesome twilight merchandise & the ring is amazing!!!

  22. I cant see the Hot Topic merchandise yet, but the ring fromHot Topic is a really good replica of the realone ๐Ÿ˜€ Cannot wait for the movie and the merchandise so far looks great, I love Twilight so much <3

  23. vampbball says

    Wow, I love the Leah shirt. She’s such an underrated character.

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