Moviefone: Real Life Edward Cullens Speak Up.

Robert_Kristen_kissImagine going through most of your life with a seemingly inconsequential name. The next thing you know “Edward Cullen” is on everyone’s lips.  Well Moviefone examines just what life has become for real life Edward Cullens of all ages.

“As ‘Twilight’ fans have long known, Edward Cullen is the sexy (if not a little pasty) hero of the mega-movie franchise based on Stephenie Meyer‘s book series. Pale, strong, devoted and ready to save the moody Bella at any given second, Edward is a god — or rather, a vampire — among men who’s awesomeness is matched only by ‘Twilight”s resident werewolf, Jacob.

Since ‘Twilight’ made its debut in 2008, the movie’s stars have themselves achieved cult status. Taylor Lautner scored a Rolling Stone cover and Kristen Stewart’s pouty pics have become all the more frequent in celebrity rags. But it’s fluffy-haired Robert Pattinson who leads the pack as the vampire heartthrob, garnering increasing numbers of lovelorn fans as he practically inhabits the ageless Edward, complete with inner torture, unwavering commitment, a cool, rock-star demeanor and alluring deep thoughts; Pattinson’s portrayal is now synonymous with the fictional Edward Cullen.

It may come as a shock for some fans, but not every Edward Cullen can kill with his teeth, fly without a plane ticket or create such a fabulous coif. There’s a whole pack of real-life guys who share the character’s name — and manage their parallel reputations. As the saga’s third installment, ‘Eclipse,’ nears release (the film is set to arrive June 30), Moviefone looked to a handful of real Edward Cullens (via e-mail) to see what it’s like to be a mere mortal with a world-famous vampire’s name.”

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  1. Adrielle says:

    It’s a fun interview.

    Similar to that situation where the person has the name “Harry Potter” which Mugglenet posted a few months ago.

  2. Mel_Aust says:

    There’s also a news reporter (or there was, he was an older gentleman) for one of the major news outlets over here in Western Australia that has the name Harry Potter. I never quite got over hearing him announce his name whenever he signs of… I’m always taken aback by it.

  3. The English “Eddie Cullen” one is hilarious!

    “Has the on-screen Edward Cullen’s look had any influence on yours?

    [That would be] difficult, as he isn’t bald and overweight”

  4. I feel for these guys!

    I do a week long camp every summer called ITI (Illinois Teen Institute) and last summer we had a kid named Cullen, for the first name. Well, it was the first night all the kids were on campus, and he was singled out by a speaker.

    “You, young man, whats your name?” said the speaker.

    “Cullen *****”(I’m leaving out his last name) he answered.

    Every single girl in the room (and I’m sure a few boys too) gasped and then the room was abuzz. The speaker laughed.

    “Seems like you are the big man on campus.”

    I watched this kid get chased around and what not, and I as staff had to of course step in when seeing something like that and help the guy out. He actually put on his name tag, “I am not Edward Cullen.”

    In the words of Snippy (Senior Skip Day, charcter played by Jackson Rathbone): “[he was] popular with the ladies.”

  5. Mella Cullen says:

    When did Edward fly without a plane ticket? I don’t remember that part in the books.

  6. This is SO funny! But I’m not gonna lie, I’d totally date a guy named Edward Cullen!

  7. That was hilarious! I loved the 63 yr old Edward Cullen’s response.

  8. Hahaha this interview is it…….and I guess it would be so annoying..imagine if your name Edward Cullen..people wouldnt believe you!!!

  9. I wonder if these people who write these reports know anything about the books or moody….
    “(Edward) devoted and ready to save the MOODY Bella at any second”
    Since when did Bella obtain the “moody” characteristic???

  10. oh my gosh this is sooo funny!! i can’t believe i never thought of real people actually having the name. i really feel badly for the ones that get negatively affected. honestly, i think i would hate it at least 70% of the time. there would always be double takes, long looks, and a lot of awkwardness. wow. loved this article!

  11. I am from Allentown PA and The name of our Bishop a while back was Edward Cullen. Imagine sitting in church and there being an announcement that Edward Cullen has arrived! Talk about died and gone to heaven!!

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