Ashley Greene: How I Didn’t Used To Be Confident

AshleyYounghollywoodAshley Greene chatted with Hollywood Life before the Young Hollywood Awards last night. She talked about how she used to suffer from a lack of confidence.

““My mom put me in etiquette and modeling courses to get my self-esteem up,” the 23-year-old actress admitted after confessing her former unconfident self to May 13. “That helped a little bit, and then I got into acting. When I found something I loved so much and thought I was good at…[I realized] I could use the bad things people said or did before in my acting career.””

See the video here.


  1. Bxtch Please!!

  2. you guys are like pit bulls you’ll turn on some one in a minute grow up

    • Helen Pauline says:

      I know!

      Even the most beautiful person in the world can be insecure and unconfident.

      Just because it looks they should have it together doesn’t mean that they do.

  3. I’m happy for her and we should all be happy for her. It’s hard to find confidence, especially in such a harsh industry.

    And pit bulls only turn on people when they’ve been trained from a young age to be aggressive 😉

  4. TwilighterObsessed says:

    I didn’t turn on any one. The comment caught me off guard and made me laugh. I just said so. So there is no “you guys”.

  5. That’s so great that she has gained more confidence. You can still see a little shyness, but that’s not a bad thing… stay humble people.

  6. While the first comment was immature, so is grouping and name calling. Lets all just calm down and keep the site peaceful. That way we can all stay grown up (I’m 17 tho!). Now to keep this relevant, I’m a model and I’m still not 100% on confidence. I commend Ms. Greene for pushing through it. Good job!

  7. I like seeing celebs come forward with their “little” issues, as opposed to the issues that some have when they royally screw their lives up. The reality is they are HUMAN beings. I know it is sometimes hard to separate them from the characters they’ve been playing, and unless you know a few people in the biz, it’s still hard to know this. I’ve had friends make it pretty big in the industry, and I’ve been there when they were working the crappiest jobs just to make ends meet. I know, I’ve had to loan em money. 😛
    Gaining confidence in yourself is one of the hardest things to do in this industry, because more often than not, there is always people out there ready to rip you apart. Granted most of the folks that I’ve met, have been extremely nice, the creeps are out there.
    It is also important to understand that our wonderful actors and actresses are going to make mistakes. We shouldn’t put them on pedistals, because they aren’t perfect. We’ve seen too many Corey Haim’s who screwed up his early career with drug abuse, and then everybody ratted on him and treated him like dirt. He was a lost soul who simply needed to be treated like a human being. This is why I really like Chaske… He’s been down the dark road, and turned his life around. However, the reality is, it only takes one wrong step to be back on the bad side again, and folks NOBODY is immune to this.
    And to Ashley… I think shyness is adorable. 🙂

  8. ShannonP says:

    I am very happy that she’s gained more confidence, and I commend her for sharing her insecurities because it lets fans know that it’s okay to be nervous or not always confident, and that it doesn’t have to stop you from succeeding.

  9. She’s not the only one. I’m 25 & still struggle w/self confidence. It’s neat to hear someone as beautiful as Ashley talk openly about that.

  10. PamelaC says:

    I think that in some form or another, we will struggle with self-confidence throughout our lives. It’s a normal human emotion. My opinion is that someone who works in Hollywood goes through this more than we “normal” people. Reason being is that the pressure to look perfect is the prerequisite for being in their business (especially young actors like Ashley). Imagine that pressure! (Think Heidi Montag who totally gave in & sold her soul for outward appearances). I feel pressure to look my best & I’m just a regular married woman/mom! Whatever it is, I wish Ashley the best & appreciate that she shared her insecurities.

  11. anonimous2 says:

    How can some one so beatifull be uncomfident ! She is exquisite !

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