Bella’s Engagement Ring Giveaway

For those of you watching Oprah today, we have a little surprise for you.  After the taping of the show the audience was given a certificate that could be redeemed for a fashion version of Bella’s Engagement Ring ™ from Infinite Jewelry.

Since Alphie, who attended the show, already has one of these beautiful rings and has worn hers every day for the last year and a half, she doesn’t need another one.  So she’s giving hers away to one lucky reader.  If you’d like to win Bella’s Engagement Ring from Infinite Jewelry, just leave a response to this post with the words PICK ME.  We will pick one winner at random at11:59pm est tonight. EDITED: in fairness to those who tried to comment earlier and were unable because of the massive webtraffic that all but killed our server (we’re wounded but hanging in there) we’ve extended the deadline to Sunday, May 16 at 11:59 est. Four years of covering twilight and we’ve never seen anything like this.