Backstage at Oprah


  1. Awh i love them all!

  2. that clip is fabulous..and hysterical. I’m glad they finally got the interviews

  3. They’re the best!

  4. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!! That was Hilarious!!!

  5. they seem to be really close and comfortable with each other. I think it’s really cute. This little clip was great.

  6. So funny to see the three of them just hanging out. Loved when the door opened and made Robert jump..
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. “spoon for an afternoon”
    Loved it!

  8. Michelle MacPherson says:

    No way why did it have to cut off before he got his shirt off 🙁

    Can’t wait for Eclipse was my favorite book xx

  9. OMG. Rob is so tall, sexy and British. That accent is to die for. He seems very very shy. I love the way when his head is down but he looks at you from underneath those lashes. He’s to die for. Taylor and Kristan where sooooo cute how could anyone not love them. They are three amazing young people. I hope they all have much success after the Twilight movies are over with.

  10. I love watching them interact w/ each other. Awesome.

  11. so this little clip was by far way better than anything in the whole oprah episode. sorry to sound like a hater, but why couldn’t oprah just let them talk like this? it would have actually been enjoyable! the 3 of them are really cute together here.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ll happily take anything I can get with them in it, but I definitely would have prefered an hour of this over what Oprah had.

  12. i feel like they were better backstage than onstage!

  13. KSmithGray says:

    Rob and Kristen are so together. I love how Kristen teases that she and Taylor get to spend an afternoon spooning and then Rob pipes up with something like “well we spoon!” and Kristen’s all like “… What?!!” and he tries so hard to cover it up. So cute. Made me smile!

    • you got that right sister! he totally forgot where he was and slipped up for once. they are soooooo a couple!!

  14. Whitney says:

    lol this is by far the best interview i have seen with all of them together, they all seemed so relaxed i don’t know why the dvd doesn’t have more moments like this for the fans it was utterly adorable lol.

  15. Sara cooper says:

    I agree it was adorable!!! They are so awesome when they are relaxed!! They really are great and Kristen remains my fave over Ashley or any one else and even Rob and Taylor are joking around with each other that is great.

  16. That was fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Twilight Lexicon is the greatest!!

  17. Yeah this was awesome indeed. The show, ehrr…we collectively looked forward for it/but all the stupid “we’ll be right back” after a 30 second segment-that was uncalled for.

    This is much better-harder to understand (dual language here), but way better.

  18. mónica olivo says:

    love them

  19. danielle says:

    its so nice to see them like this again… everything was so tense after twilight/between new moon with the whole rob/kristen thing. who cares if theyre dating or not. theyre playing characters we love and its nice to see that the actors are human behind the characters they are portraying. loved this.

    • I totally agree…it was great to see them so happy. A small part of me almost hopes they are not dating, because if something happens and they break up–I wouldn’t want it to mess with their chemistry for Breaking Dawn.

      As long as they are continuing to do a great job, let their personal life stay personal 🙂

  20. I really liked this backstage clips…they all look so relaxed and nice..I loved the jokes…

  21. Mostly Silent Fan says:

    This was far better than the show. Oprah spoke more than the cast did. This is the type of interview the fans would have appreciated – glad they got this backstage!

  22. Have to agree 1,000 percent. The Oprah interview was a total letdown. She asked a bunch of canned questions that have already been asked before. And I felt so bad for Kristen – is that really the way a seasoned interviewer makes someone comfortable – by CONSTANTLY pointing out someone’s discomfort and calling them Shy over and over again?! It was horrible.

    Thanks, Lexicon – for posting this! It was way more fun!

  23. Cathryn says:

    wtf moment: “agressive humility”…robert!!! lol!!! endearing interview, this is.

  24. Charlotte says:

    This was so sweet and funny and they really come across as being natural and comfortable with each other…real friends. 1 ofmy fave interviews with them. Thanks for sharing it.xx

  25. Christie says:

    Loved this clip…Im from and live in the UK so werent able to watch the episode but watched the clips on the Oprah website…liked the one where Rob said how he learnt his American accent!! I have been trying to say the word pasta in an American accent and it is actually impossible…!

  26. Backstage at Oprah clip is dreammmyyyy

  27. Mollyblume says:

    Aww, they all seem really lovely!


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