Confirmed By The MPAA: Eclipse To Be Rated PG-13

According to Box Office Mojo:

“The Motion Picture Association of America’s Classification and Ratings Administration released their weekly ratings bulletin this morning, which included a rating for the highly anticipated third part of The Twilight Saga.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse received a PG-13 rating for “intense sequences of action and violence, and some sensuality.” Both Twilight and New Moon were PG-13 as well, but for slightly different, and somewhat telling, reasons: Twilight garnered its rating due to “some violence and a scene of sensuality,” while New Moon earned it for “some violence and action.”

It is our belief that Breaking Dawn will garner a PG-13 rating under similar reasoning when its time comes. Is anyone surprised that it got a PG-13 rating, or did you think it would be plain PG?

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  1. PG?? OMG I wouldn’t even watch LOL

  2. I knew that Eclipse would be PG-13, but Breaking Dawn is much more graphic, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rated R. I hope not though!! I want to be able to see it!!

  3. PG….are you kidding me, why would anyone think that BD (of all the books) would be rated that?! If anything, I was thinking PG-13 or R but with the young fan base appeal, they would lose a lot of merit making it anything but PG-13 but with the medical shows on TV nowadays, there’s no reason they can’t make it tasteful regarding the pregnancy. I mean afterall the book was quite descriptive and anyone with an active imagination could take it beyond that.

  4. Veronica says

    I think PG-13 is fine. “Remember Me” and “The Notebook” were both PG-13, and they both had (what I though it was) a bit-heavy sexual/sensual scenes. So as long as Breaking Dawn has what the book says. I won’t mind.

  5. I just find it embarrassing that anyone would suggest BD be maybe PG 13! The Saga has OLDER fans to now to keep happy also, if they keep watering it down the Saga will never interest men. Even some people who wont even watch now because they think its for “tweens”

    • BD will be PG-13. I thought this was common knowledge. Stephenie doesn’t do R rated movies. Not a chance, it won’t happen.

    • ummmm… every other movie out there is to appeal to men. this is ours. in order to appeal to men, there would have to be so many significant changest that it would alienate the fan base. why would they do that? obviously the movies are doing just fine. the books are pg13. they never get grossly graphic. we like it just the way it is, thanks.

  6. For those of you who don’t know yet, (and I don’t know how anyone COULDN’T know it, the Lex had said it a hundred thousand times) none of the Twilight movies, not even Breaking Dawn, will be rated R. It is part of Summit’s contractual agreement with Stephenie Meyer that none of the movies will be rated anything higher than PG-13. If the MPAA gives Breaking Dawn an R rating, Summit will have to cut and re-edit it to achieve a PG-13 rating. But they’re not stupid. They won’t let that happen. They know their contract, and they’ll get it right the first time.

  7. Besides, it’ll be fine. PG-13 can still be steamy. We won’t miss anything.

  8. PG-13 can definitely be steamy! Just look at Remember Me! those sexy scenes were sexy!

  9. Hopefully they do not downplay Breaking Dawn to much to make it PG-13…seems like it should be really hot and steamy and gory (spelling?)which is totally fine. As long as it is like the books, it will be great, whatever they do.

  10. Twilight Nymph says

    Well, I’m not surprised by the PG-13 rating, I assumed it would be as all the previous ones have been and well this is the book with the most action if you ask me. As an fro Breaking Dawn, I stand by what I said long ago. Release it as PG-13 in theaters, release the Theatrical/Unrated Version/Director’s Cut on DVD. Many movies have done it and I think it would play out because that way they can keep it as close to the book as possible without downplaying it just because of the Tweens or the Contract

    • you don’t think stephenie’s contract doesn’t cover the dvd’s? you’d be wrong.

    • If you’re going to stay as close to the book as possible then you’re going to get a fade to black on the honeymoon night…that’s what happened in the book 🙂

  11. I can’t imagine anyone truly expected anything other than PG-13.

  12. Stephanie says

    I am not surprised at all that Eclipse is PG-13.

  13. PG would have been stupid. PG-13 is totally expected and anyone who is surprised by it clearly never read the book. All of them need to be PG-13, and I really don’t see BD being R, it’s not that graphic. And as for the sexy scenes, may I remind you that “The Notebook” was PG-13???

  14. OMG… PG…. They are rating it as PRETTY GOOD…. they lie… IT WILL RATED A … FOR AWESOME!!!!

  15. BD was not graphic in the love scenes. kinda left you wondering. and in the delivery part no one wants to see all that biting and licking. think PG-13 would be right.

  16. Well….*gasp*. That was a real suprise.

  17. im not surprised at all…’ll almost automatically get a PG-13 rating bc its VAMPIRES. so if it’s vampires, its assumed like action and violence and then in the love story case, sensuality or whatever its called. and, wth……Twilight wasnt rated PG-13 in canada….. not that i remember, anyways. And i hate how ppl assume Breaking Dawn is gonna be R bc….well, ya no *bella and edward*….like, i joke with my friends about it but seriously GROW UP people. they’ll just like cut it out bc its not like Stephenie Meyer wrote that in her book, it like ended at smthng like: “and we went into the water.”~following morning~…..” and so on.

  18. LOL I’m not suprised it is PG-13 because (yes I guess someone needs to point it out again) They CAN’T be anything over a PG-13 rating. It is in the contract. They can’t do anything else. If they try there will be no movie because SM would use her contractual right to pull the plug.

  19. A lot of people are saying that PG-13 can still be steamy, and I think it CAN be. I just don’t think it WILL be.

    Stephenie once said that having so many children reading the series was making it really hard to write the books the way she wanted.

    I imagine she is feeling even more pressure when it comes to the movies. In which case (although the rating allows for more) the honeymoon in BD will probably be nothing more than a shot of curtains blowing in the wind.

    • I know exactly how it will be: Bella and Edward dressed in thick sweaters (in Brasil!!!), sitting in the living room discussing the national dept! Don´t say this isn´t sexy! And Renesmee will come with the stork! Oh wait! The national dept is too complicated for kindergarden-children and school-beginners to understand…

    • stephenie meyer demanded pg13 because she won’t watch anything beyond that herself. if you guys want to watch a bunch of t and a flicks, go rent some p0rn. i heard they did a spoof of twilight. maybe you’ll enjoy that.

      these are supposed to be 17 and 18 year olds on screen. this is a love story. sensuality is preferable– just like the books.

  20. twilightbabe says

    In BD the sex scenes were written in a way that leaves it 2 the imagination. N if u have an imagination like mine, they were goooood. For a PG13 they can make pretty damn sexy

  21. This isn’t surprising.
    Here in the Philippines New Moon was rated GP, not PG-13 at all.
    Twilight was rated PG-13 so I guess here in the Philippines, Eclipse would be also rated PG-13.
    For Breaking Dawn, if they would make it oh-so graphic, It wouldn’t be even rated R. Maybe R-13.

  22. Adrielle says

    In Singapore, both Twilight and NM were rated PG. The next rating will be NC16 and M18.

    Therefore, Eclipse will be rated PG here because of the different rating system.

  23. WannabeMrsCullen says

    I’m not surprised at all. Come on, it’s vampires for god sake! I am going to point this out again, BD is NOT going to be rated R, it’s in the contract. In the UK, an R rating means a 15 rating – which means I, being 16, could view. I think this franchise is too downplayed and is viewed as a ‘tween’ thing, which I think is totally wrong for many reasons. When I went to see New Moon, my friends and I (all 15-16 years old) were shocked to see so many young people there! There was a group of about 7-10 year old’s behind us in the theatre! I think children as young as that shouldn’t even be involved. Stephenie has stated before that the saga is for older teenagers, so why are parents allowing children as young be involved?

    • Totally agree – this is for Teens and not for children who have just learned how to read and write! And if parents allow their small children to read and see this, it´s their own responsability. I don´t think they are doing anything good to their children – but we´re living in a democratic world. If the directors force a film for small children out of the books, they will disapoint all the teens this stuff originally was written and meant for! I´m afraid they won´t stay true to the book and won´t even show half as much passion as they showed in “Remember Me” or “the Notebook”

  24. My god. They all look awful in this picture. Look at all that makeup they have on Peter and they have him in a shirt that is way too little. Summit can’t afford a better wardrobe than this. They must buy their outfits at Goodwill.

  25. omg am sooo glad that it is a pg but its gonna be very crouded coz its girls that are 13 that love it xx robert patterson is mint xx

  26. Angela ^_^ says

    can’t help but notice “R” ratings coming up in people’s comments.. seriously why the big jump? pg-13 is waaaaaaaaay different to R!!!! there are in-betweens like M…

  27. i cant believe that i can just see this movie like am turning 13 on june 30th so that will be my birth day present like i will hate if the movie was rated r it will be like so bad cuz am a #1 fan of twilight like am just going to the premiere

  28. i would hate if it was rated r cuz like my b-day is in june 30th so it would be like so bad i <3 twilight