Twilight Hits Oprah This Week

Here’s a quick clip from Oprah’s YouTube Channel letting you know what is in store.


  1. Shawnee Blanche says:

    I just can’t imagine being this lucky. To be able to meet such a famous and talented person. Your fans adore you Rob, and the rest of the amazing Twilight Cast. Most of all, we love you Stephenie

  2. Miranda says:

    I can’t wait! You know that Oprah asked them if they were dating JUST so they can put it in the commercial…lol I bet so….and Rob’s face is like *ummmmmm* but everyone knows they don’t really answer it..the whole pregnant joke

  3. Danielle says:


  4. I am a grown woman and I SOO wish Robert would come to MY DOOR. LOLOL

    I’m super excited to see, in particular, how Robert and Kristen react to Oprah’s comment about the rumors of them dating…WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE AND WE LOVE IT!

  5. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exited!!!!!!!!!! I wanted it to be me, but, well, when you live in Sweden things like that doesn’t happend Do’; And I really had hope about it, that I would be speciel Do’; probebly not… Do’; I HATE TO LIVE IN SWEDEN SOME TIMES!!!!!! Do’; Hate to be in love and don’t be loved back to… As I am Do’;

    Hugs to you all from a 13 year old girl from Sweden! <3333333333333333

  6. Rob can come knock on my door anytime 😉

  7. NICE!! Though if I were Kristen and Rob, I’d probably slap the crap out of her for asking that question. I mean I AM sick and tired of that question, poor Kristen and Rob!

    But I wish one of them knocked on my door, it’s on my bucket list to meet at least one of them before I die. 🙂

    • I agree with you! Poor Rob & Kristen always getting asked over & over again. I feel bad for them. I’m actually kind of surprised Oprah would go there just because we all know they’ve denied it over & over & over again.

      But I am way excited to watch them on her show!! This is the first time I will actually be excited to watch & make sure I am home to watch an Oprah show!!

  8. I live in Chicago….to think Rob and the rest of them were that close!! I think I would faint if Rob Pattinson knocked on my door. My husband realizes he is my other love. LOL!

  9. Twilight Nymph says:

    For goodness sake, I wish he would knock on my door. LOL That would make my day. It would make up for me wanting to go back to Portland.

  10. I would love if they came knocking on my door, but for them to fly to the west coast (just to knock on my door) is probably asking them for too much.!

    I do agree that the question: “are they dating?” is getting a little old. He admitted it in some paper in London, and it leaked from one of Oprah’s staff.
    Everyone knows that they are. They probably will “come out of the closet” during Breaking Dawn.

  11. WHAT TIME???? northwest indina?????

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