Hollywood Crush Day 2 Eclipse Nordstrom Fashion


Hollywood Crush is back today with another look at the new Nordstrom Twilight merchandise. Today it’s a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing, as staffers Danielle and Janice pair off.


  1. I like the design on the team Jacob shirt, and I’m team Edward but that simple design doesn’t do it for me, it’s too plain…

  2. I think these shirts are a little too form fitting for me..I wish they would make shirts that arent painted on!

  3. howw can we buy this or where can we buy the products???

    • @ Nordstrom.com or at their stores they are not available yet check their site it tells you when

  4. Really not impressed with the shirts… The Lexicon has better ones in their Cafepress store…

    Hell… I’ll take a Hot Topic one over these, at least then I know I’m getting my ‘money’s worth’, what with the inks and printing and shirt cloth.

    With these, I feel like you’re buying a rag.

  5. twilightbabe says

    Lol right on! what is with these t shirts? They expect u 2 wear these in public? Hot Topic is the way 2 go

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