Hollywood Crush Day 2 Eclipse Nordstrom Fashion


Hollywood Crush is back today with another look at the new Nordstrom Twilight merchandise. Today it’s a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing, as staffers Danielle and Janice pair off.


  1. I like the design on the team Jacob shirt, and I’m team Edward but that simple design doesn’t do it for me, it’s too plain…

  2. I think these shirts are a little too form fitting for me..I wish they would make shirts that arent painted on!

  3. melissa says:

    howw can we buy this or where can we buy the products???

    • @ Nordstrom.com or at their stores they are not available yet check their site it tells you when

  4. Ilu_una says:

    Really not impressed with the shirts… The Lexicon has better ones in their Cafepress store…

    Hell… I’ll take a Hot Topic one over these, at least then I know I’m getting my ‘money’s worth’, what with the inks and printing and shirt cloth.

    With these, I feel like you’re buying a rag.

  5. twilightbabe says:

    Lol right on! what is with these t shirts? They expect u 2 wear these in public? Hot Topic is the way 2 go

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