Rachelle Lefevre at Oprah’s Mother’s Day Walk

Rachelle LeFevre took part in a charity walk in New York City on Mother’s Day that was organized by Oprah Winfrey. A variety of causes earned money. Rachelle was specifically raising money for Best Friends Animal Society which is an organization that provides education on responsible pet ownership, encourages adoptions, etc. Rachelle met her goal and raised $1,250 for the cause. Rachelle and her boyfriend, Jamie,  are HUGE pet lovers. They sadly lost their dog Honey earlier this year right, but they are still the proud owners of Jack Sprat and Momma Bear, two rescue adoptees.

Before starting the walk Rachelle took the time out to chat with some Brazilian fans and to give one a birthday shout out.


  1. Thank you Lexicon for keeping us updated with the happenings with Rachelle. I just adore her!

  2. OMG!!! This is my video.
    I love Rachelle. She was so nice with me and my friend.

  3. leanne23 says

    Rachelle has proven so many times that she is a good hearted person. She is an amazing role model. I know alot of young people who look up to HER.

  4. She was the sweetest! Thank God we found her, there were so many people there and we trying to find her hair first, hahahaha..which is sooo pretty 🙂 I love herr!! Thanks Rachelle, u made our days!

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