Hollywood Crush Debuts Nordstrom Eclispe Merchandise

Hollywood Crush has the exclusive photos on some of the new Eclipse merchandise from Nordstrom. they plan a slow reveal this week.


“The “Newborns” burnout v-neck tee ($30) makes a statement on the front, which might give away your secret Stephenie Meyer obsession to the world, but a real woman shouldn’t be afraid to strut what she loves in public. In the MTV News office, I personally loved wearing the tee with my black suit jacket. A quick change into my leather jacket a 6 p.m., and I was ready to meet for drinks after a long day.”

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  1. Good for you. I am a 28 year mother of two, and I love to wear my Volturi shirt any chance I can.

  2. TwilighterObsessed says

    Hmm, interesting. I want one.

  3. $30? No thank you. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a badly made t-shirt that will get holes in 20 washes.

    • TwilighterObsessed says

      LOL I just looked at the picture. Not the price. $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat?! I want one but I will hold out…Also I was in the Walgreens this morning before work and they had New Moon merchandise. Also sweet tarts and chocolate all New Moon’d out. I guess I can’t blame them for milking it but then it’s like…Right.

    • Might not even take 20, LOL, I hate burnout tees!

    • I don’t think “The Newborns” is going to profess your love for the Stephenie Meyer saga to most of the population…I think most folks will just think you like little babies. 🙂

  4. Not to mention you can hardly see the word because of her boobs.
    Also, I got some of the Duwoop Venom, that stuff sucks. It makes it look like you have just sucked on a hot pink Popsicle. It would be better without the color, just because it doesn’t go on evenly, but the Cinnamon taste is good.

  5. The Newborns just sounds like some band no one’s heard of. I guess that’s what they were going for? And what the crap does that ‘vintage necklace’ tank top have to do with Eclipse?? I keep trying to look more closely at it, i there a wolf/heart charm on it or something that I’m not seeing??

  6. Lily Cullen says

    $30? No way! Geez. They just want to take all of our money -_-“

  7. Her shirt should have read Team Newborn. It would haveade more sense.


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