Give Nashville a Hand

As many of you know Alphie (Lori) is from the Nashville area. Nashville was hit with a rainstorm that brought two feet and more of water in under 48 hours. It created massive flooding that no one had anytime or warning to prepare for. Famous locations like Civil War historical sites and The Grand Ole Opry were flooded. Alphie’s family was fortunate enough to live on high ground and only had to worry about the relatively minor inconveniences of temporary loss of power and Internet and driving a very round about way to get out of her subdivision.

Others however were not as fortunate. One of our local Nashville friends and budding YA author, Myra McEntire, has organized an auction with proceeds going to Nashville relief. If any of you have ever attended our Nashville movie events, Myra has been the person behind the scenes helping us tote giveaways and stuff bags. Items from various authors such as signed copies or offers to critique your own writing are up for big. Check out Myra’s auction site for details. You can also find Myra on Twitter here and get links to her other sites from there.  Co-organizers for Do the Write Thing for Nashville are  Victoria Schwab and Amanda Morgan, also authors from the Nashville area.


  1. Mandy C says:

    I helped out a friend yesterday North of Nashville. The devastation is like nothing I have ever seen. I was in the Good Friday tornado last year and it’s so much worse. It broke my heart to see all of the people displaced and throwing everything out of their homes due to water damage. Most of these people didn’t have flood insurance and will have zero help from the insurance company to replace the items destroyed by flooding. I am in Murfreesboro and have signed up with Hands on Nashville but if the Lexicon family needs any help please do not hesitate to ask. I was at the movie event last year and appreciate everything you do for Twilight fans

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. Some people I know lost everything and one person had to be rescued along with her daughter.

  3. silvertonguedevil says:

    Thank you for putting the word out there. It’s going to be a long time before things are back to normal. There was a telethon held locally but it’s not Haiti so what do ya do? The Red Cross needs donations and thank God the Tide Laundry service is coming to help with clothes. I want to say an even bigger thank you to Peter Facinelli for posting it on his Twitter. He’s such an amazing man for spreading the word when others are in need.

  4. I am here in Chattanooga, and there are several fund raisers going for the floods. My heart breaks for the devastation in Nashville.

    I grew up in Ohio and dreamed about living in Tennessee, and about visiting Nashville. I now live here, and , I have been able to visit Nashville a few times, and I have to say, I think it is one of the greatest cities in the world. There is a piece of my heart in that city!

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and know that we will all continue to send help!

  5. edwardsmylion says:

    Our heart goes out to those affected by the flooding in Tennessee. I had no idea the devastation was so great. Thanks for getting the news out there, the news here in Michigan didn’t tell us much.

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