Bella’s Engagement Ring, By Infinite Jewelry

It seems like the entire web is abuzz about the Bella’s Engagement ring by Infinite Jewelry. We’ve known about the ring for a couple of years now. The company that produces them specifically worked with Stephenie Meyer so that the ring that they have is the ring that she had in her mind when she wrote in Eclipse: “The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold—delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds. I’d never seen anything like it.”  The way the diamonds appear, very low-set, was the way rings were constructed at the turn of the last century.

Both Pel and Alphie have the ring. You can see it featured in the video below, but the photography doesn’t really do it justice. Check it out at Infinite Jewelry’s website. All their products come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning if it gets damaged they’ll fix it no questions asked. If you have one of their products (bracelet, ring, etc) leave a comment so other readers can ask you questions.


  1. I won one of these rings last year, and I love it!!!! It looks so pretty on!!

  2. Are they using the same ring in Eclipse? In the trailer it looks much bigger. Almost too big. Maybe it’s just the angle of the camera shot.

  3. Jazz Girl says

    So much better than what they are using in the film. They should have taken the hint from SM. There’s a reason she authorized this likeness.

  4. I thought the same thing. In the movie, it looks HUGE on her hand, like you could see it a 100 feet away. In the clip, it is a lot smaller. I like the size of the ring in the clip.

  5. I used a fair amount of money on the real deal with gold and diamonds. Even though it was way above my normal price range for jewlery, i have never regreted it! it is simple and beyond beautiful.

  6. Lanette C says

    I have Bella’s bracelet, and I just love it! It’s really beautiful. I always wear it when I’m feeling down, and it never fails to cheer me up.

  7. EmmettGirl says

    I have one and I love it. I get compliments and envy all of the time.

  8. The ring in the Eclipse Trailer is definitely bigger. I like this smaller, more accurate, version much better. 😉 It looks very nice on my hand whenever I wear it. 🙂

  9. i have the bracelet and i love it!

    • I have been considering getting that.. but im so disappointed that the wolf is not wood. do you still think its worth it? even though its not a “true” replica.

      • Twilight_News says

        I can tell you why it’s bronze (to look like wood) and not wood. The reason is that intricately carved wood with all the detail work like Stephenie wanted damages very easily. So they went for the custom bronze casting for durability.

        • Yeah, i figured it was something like that. i would still rather have one collecters piece in wood to look at ^^ *sigh* 😛

  10. Luthien says

    Ugh. I must be the only person in the entire Twi-world who thinks this design is ugly. Give me a single dazzling stone anyday. No disrespect intended to S. Meyer; just a different taste in jewelry.

    • yeah not my style either but it fits the time line for when the ring would have been made

    • AHAAA!!! The way you said it..I agree.. LOL…We must remember though that the ring was from edwards mom ( i think ) so its gonna have a different look to it…

    • I agree – not my taste either. But it does seem appropriate for what it is supposed to be – a ring from late 1800’s/early 1900’s.

      • i.had.a.dream.last.night says

        I agree 100%. It’s not my style, but it’s great to see it done in a way that’s historically accurate.

    • No you are not! I kinda hate it. I like what they use in the movie much better. This looks kinda tacky.

    • I agree. It’s not really anything special.

      Plus there is less than $500 worth of diamonds in a ring like that. Add the cost of gold and labor and the ring is only worth about $1000.

      The 5 carat heart that Edward put on Bella’s bracelet would be worth a LOT more than that ring, which doesn’t really make any sense.

  11. Anonymous says

    Trust me Luthien, You’re not the only one that doesnt like the design. I’ve shown that thing to 4 people and not one of them liked it. Its hideous.

  12. I love the ring…it looks better on in person than in the pictures. I have a condition where my hands swell so my 15 year old wedding ring doesn’t always fit. I use this as a replacement for it and it looks great!

  13. I have had this ring for about a year and a half,and I love it! The only difference is I got mine in silver instead of gold because I dont wear a lot of gold jewelry.

  14. I love it. I think it is beautiful. It reminds me of my grandmas wedding ring (low profile, her’s didn’t have nearly the number of diamonds). It is very old fashioned.

  15. I do not care for it – I have pieces of jewelry that date from the early 1900s – the “web” is not a part of this ring, and that is a feature of jewelry of that era.
    The web makes a ring look delicate and airy. This ring had prongs – and that is a different look, more secure for the stones, but not airy.

    Given production costs, this was probably the closest that the designer could make the ring to SM’s specifications and still make in affordable.

    I was in hopes that we (the fan-dom) would see a ring that totally matched SM’s
    description in the movie. Apparently that was not possible. 🙁

    • Maybe they feared the backlash from all the people that had already bought this ring. Also, since SM approved this design, it wouldn’t have gone over well with Infinity Jewelry if she changed her mind. They might have even sued her for lost sales.

      You’re right though. In the book the ring is described as having a web around the diamonds, so I was surprised too that it’s not “airy”.

      • Mel and A Mom:
        I would love to see some pictures of the kind of web your are thinking/talking about. I have been trying to google antique weding rings for some months now with little results on something that i could picture from the saga dictription.

        i also tried suching for different combos of “web” “engagement ring” and “antiique”

        am i getting closer to the right mental image with something like this? :

  16. twilghtbabe says

    That ring is actully very beautiful, looks better then it did in the trailer.Its big, but not too big where it sticks out like a sore thumb. Edwards hooking it up!

  17. I bought this a couple of months ago! It’s very beautiful and I sometimes where it on my wedding ring finger. haha :p I think it’s 10x more beautiful than the one in the movie, but I still wish a little that it looked like the one in the movie cause that would be so freakin cool. haha Love it! =)

  18. Deanna McDaniel says

    I have the Bella bracelet and I absolutely love it. I wear it everyday with everything. It always makes me happy when I wear it and it looks AMAZING!!!! one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  19. The web is probably a buzz about it because Oprah gave one to everyone in the audience who attended the taping.

  20. I have the ring and I get compliments on it all the time I love that its yellow gold because I own so much yellow gold jewelery I used to work in a jewlery store and it wasn’t how I would invision how I would want my engagement ring but I completely love the ring, I do agree with the ring looking really big in the trailer. As for the bracelet I got one for my little sister but her wolf broke off 🙁 she doesn’t want another bracelet though she went from being team taylor to team boo boo lol I on the other hand do want the bracelet but I found a bellas bracelet with a wooden wolf that i completely love and want

  21. I too have this ring and it looks so much better in real life. I bought the gold (cheapest one, mind you)and I get compliments on it all the time. People think it’s antique or something.

  22. Tyultare says

    I have the ring and I love it! It is so beautiful and I wear anytime I can. I bought the white gold version. I get compliments on it all the time.

  23. I think the ring is OK, but having worked in a jewelry store I had a completely different picture in my mind of what it would look like based on Stephenie’s description. The “web” she mentioned brought to mind more of an open look, so while the diamond layout from the top was what I expected, I was hoping for a higher, classic and lacy filigree look from the side.

  24. I have the inexpensive fashion version of the ring, and still get plenty of compliments on it. Other women are surprised when I tell them it’s a movie tie-in.

  25. backseatgoodbyeee says

    gosh, that thing is ugly…
    i imagined it so much prettier, more delicate, when i read the book.


  26. i expected some pretty filigree ring.

  27. PICK ME!!

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    A wondrous design. COLOURFUL, VIBRANT and a PROUD piece of art, a piece of heaven

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