Bella’s Engagement Ring, By Infinite Jewelry

It seems like the entire web is abuzz about the Bella’s Engagement ring by Infinite Jewelry. We’ve known about the ring for a couple of years now. The company that produces them specifically worked with Stephenie Meyer so that the ring that they have is the ring that she had in her mind when she wrote in Eclipse: “The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold—delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds. I’d never seen anything like it.”  The way the diamonds appear, very low-set, was the way rings were constructed at the turn of the last century.

Both Pel and Alphie have the ring. You can see it featured in the video below, but the photography doesn’t really do it justice. Check it out at Infinite Jewelry’s website. All their products come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning if it gets damaged they’ll fix it no questions asked. If you have one of their products (bracelet, ring, etc) leave a comment so other readers can ask you questions.