Alphie’s Day in Oprah’s Twilight Audience

As most of you already know, Oprah Winfrey dedicated the whole hour of her show today to The Twilight Saga. Now, I’ve been a fan of Oprah’s since she came on the air. I watch her show pretty much every single day. I’ve always wanted to attend a taping of one of her shows. So being able to go to the show on the day she was talking to the stars of the Twilight Saga was pretty much a total dream come true!

When we arrived at the studio, of course there was a huge line of fans! I don’t think there is ever a Twilight related event where you won’t find a huge line of fans. And true to form, there were Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts, posters, buttons, and everything else a fan could decorate to show their love of the saga.

The wait wasn’t very long to get into the theatre and the Harpo staff did everything possible to make sure you were comfortable, that you understood any regulations or directions, and that you had a clear idea of where to go and what to do. It was so well organized and efficient. I can’t rave enough about the staff and how well they did their jobs today! So here’s a big thank you to the staff at Harpo!

Now, I want you to know that my excitement over the taping of the show was always there, but it didn’t really, REALLY hit me until we were actually guided into the studio to take our seats. We came around the corner and saw the stage set up, which gave me my first jolt of “Oh my gosh, this is really happening!” But it was when I saw the Oprah logo written out in the Twilight font that I actually squealed a bit.

We were seated just right of center in the back section, with the front center section reserved for the participants of the show that Oprah was going to talk to. There was a family group that had all dressed up as the various characters, girls in t-shirts that had dozens of lines from the books written in tiny hand writing all over the shirts, and yes, even a few guys. Just to my right was a fan who first read the book Twilight in October of 2005!! We always find that impressive given that we don’t meet many people who read the book before we did!

Before the show started, an audience crew came out to get us pumped and to talk to us about the series. They asked all kind of questions – the obvious “Who is Team Edward?” and “Who is Team Jacob?” They even found one gentleman who claimed he didn’t know a thing about Twilight other than the fact that his wife loved it and he came to support her.

My favorite moment of the pre-show was when they singled out a gentleman and asked the audience if they knew who he was. Now, this is just a regular guy. He wasn’t all dressed up and he was sitting alone. But I recognized him. I searched my brain until it hit me! It was Taylor Lautner’s father! There were some humorous thank you’s given to Taylor dad for having such a good looking son!

And then Oprah came out! She looked great, as usual, and said to audience that she knew none of us were there to see her! She had a few ohhh and ahhh moments with us before they began taping the show.

I don’t want to spoil what was in the episode by giving too many details, but I will tell you that you definitely want to tune in! You’ll see some perfectly wonderful fan reactions to big surprises as well as a few things from Eclipse that haven’t been shown before. Robert, Taylor, Kristen, and Dakota each have some great memorable moments that you won’t want to miss. So, be sure to set your DVRs for May 13!


  1. anto21 says:

    Wow what a great experience…

    • Roxanna says:

      Wish I had tivo. When she’s on here I’m off picking up my munchkin from school… 🙁

  2. Lisa Ann says:

    I just can’t wait! I might even need to come home early from work to watch it.

  3. That is so awesome ..iCant wait to see u on the show!!!

  4. Thanks for the spoiler free version 🙂 I can’t wait til the 13th so I can see for myself!

  5. Kmbrly75 says:

    I cannot wait to see it!! Oprah and Twilight, what a great combo!!

  6. Sounds amazing. Can’t wait to see the episode!

  7. I could feel your enthusiasm!! DVR is set! Can’t wait to watch such a fun episode!! :o)

  8. OME! I have the date saved on my calendar to watch Oprah that day! lol

  9. Danijela says:

    J cant wait to see 🙂

  10. Sydneysider says:

    Wonder when it will screen in Oz….anyone know?

    • Hey fellow Sydney sider!

      Oprah’s shows are all over the place so there’s no real way of knowing. If Channel Ten thinks that it’s a ratings winner they’ll put it on at night. Otherwise you will have to check the schedule each week until it shows up.

      I would just Google for it after the show airs in the US and you’ll find it somewhere, or at least parts of it.

  11. Hannah says:

    The UK sucks – we might get it by the end of next year!!!

  12. Twilight Girl says:

    You guys are soooo lucky and blessed to have experienced this event..Cant wait to view this show..thanks for the info 😉

  13. sandra says:


  14. Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing your info!!! We are all super envious!!!!

  15. Is this the episode in which Oprah asked for Twlight fans? Or, is that another episode?

    How fun, Alphie! I’m glad you were able to go!

  16. Great article – did the Oprah staff know that you run a major fansite?
    I am happy you were able to post on the experience. Good for you!

  17. I literally can’t wait. DVR is set and ready to go.

  18. Aren’t Twitter and the Net simply wonderful for allowing everyone of us to live vicariously? 🙂

    Alphie: you’re one lucky gal! Thanks for your enlightening account! I’m so enjoying this and with all the press junkets for Eclipse to come…wow! The mind boggles!!

  19. Phoebe says:

    Wow!! is there anyway for me to watch it in the uk?? would love to see it


  20. Maria R says:

    Can’t wait for May 13th to see Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Dakota, it’s going to be great!!

  21. Wonder if the cast signed the No Phone Zone pledge, lol!

  22. Rosmelie says:

    I wasn’t one of the fortunate ones that was IN the audience, but I was outside and I did get asked a few questions. I chanced it too before they all got in the SUV’s and drove off…and went out to the airport just in hopes that they’d be there. I was extremely lucky. Rob and Taylor were perfect gentlemen. Since there were only about 4 of us outside of the gates, those two told their security they were going to do photos and autographs for us. Ever courteous, the boys signed my guitar and thanked us all for being there and hoped we’d had fun. Such wonderful guys. And from the sounds of things from a few people I knew in the audience, all went extremely well.

  23. Sweet! I can not wait until next week to watch this show! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  24. I AM envious!!! I live in Mexico City and I have to wait until this show is in Youtube or something like that… IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

  25. Ok, thanks for my personal brand’s dose of heroin…I’ll pluck my nose till the 13th. Or catch a flight with my sis to Alaska *sigh*.

    In other topic, I wonder why when I get on this site on IE it freezes and shuts down IE. I am on Firefox and I am fine. I am running an old dinosaur, pimped up with new hard drive and more memory, with XP.

    I was on TweetDeck yesterday and it was so hard to get off, reading all the comments!

  26. I temped at Harpo Studios a long time ago, and I was begging my agency to get me out of there. It was irrelevant to me that I thought the show was banal: it was a nightmare to work in a room where every desk had a television on it, turned on, all day long.

    The people were all lovely, but I never wanted to go back.

  27. What an amazing story, why cant that happen to me??
    I recorded this with 10 piece string section as dedication to Lykke Li and the films.. let me know what you think.. just trying to spread the word

  28. Rosmelie says:

    Oh yea! And I saw and hugged Alphie before she went in! Thanks Alphie!!!

  29. that was fun to read, thanks!

  30. did you all get to see the movie? it seems when oprah features a movie, the audience gets to see it before the show!

  31. I’ll have to tune into this…

  32. Nitzan says:

    Well I was there too except I was not as impressed with the production, I got there really early in the morning with my friend and was a little disappointed when people who arrived much later were seats first. I flew in from San Diego and I had to fundraise to get to Chicago (college student) 450$ later I made it to Chicago. The movie showing was unreal! And the cast was phenomenal, they made it all worth it! I was a little disappointed at Harpo, I mean Julie, was really nice and it was nice to put a face to the voice, but we sat in the small waiting room for a really long time like an hr. and a half, and it was packed, I actually had a girl standing right in front of my face, nothing personal but I’m not a fan of the “butt” view. I was also hoping we would get to ask the questions we had prepared but that didn’t happen. I came out really happy to see the cast but there was something missing from the experience, and I think it was more then one thing… any way. I think everything having to do with twilight was well worth it, not so much with Harpo, i thought they could have really gone all out considering the magnitude of Twilight. BTW I was sitting 2 seats away from Taylor’s dad, and he was really nice!
    The movie was beyond my expectations… i cant wait to see it again!

  33. MaleTwilightFan says:

    When they had on Dakota Fanning to show the full trailer I liked it alot. Just from watching it you know where it is in the book. This show must of been taped because Oprah tapes live every day. It is airing here Thursday I think.

  34. does anyone know when it will be airing in the uk?

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