The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn To Release Nov. 18, 2011

breaking_dawncoverHit Fix got the scoop on this one being rehashed around the twitter universe and entertainment blogs.

A Summit Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed to HitFix that “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will open nationwide on Nov. 18, 2011. It’s still officially unknown if “Dawn” will be broken up into one or, as rumored, two films.  Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all expected to return.”

Though media outlets that are less savvy than Hit Fix are talking about this being an odd delay, but in actuality it makes a lot of sense. Here’s why:

1.  Kristen Stewart, Christian Serratos, Robert Pattinson have all in various interviews alluded to the fact that they are free until late fall 2010. There’s some debate whether that means October or November 2010, but let’s just say later fall. Given how tightly New Moon and Eclipse were shot making it tougher for other projects, this longer hiatus gives stars of Twilight the opportunity to do other projects on TV and movies without a totally crazed schedule. Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Ashley Greene have booked two movies, Peter Facinelli has one plus Nurse Jackie and the list goes on!

2. Though it’s unclear yet if it will be one or two movies (we are betting two and we’ll explain why in a second) there’s no possible way for the movie(s) to come out any sooner than Thanksgiving 2011. The movies take slightly over three months to shoot. So if we are talking one movie, that would be November-February figuring in some holiday breaks and weather delays. Now you need time to edit, to do CGI, to get a soundtrack and score. No way for that to happen effectively in time for either Memorial Day or July 3 so the best opportunity is to big the big name product at Thanksgiving or Christmas and in this case it’s Thanksgiving.

3. Question: Given this timing what else is in play that we are going to miss this summer? Answer: Comic Con. It seems highly likely that with a November release that the Twilight Saga will be back at Comic Con in summer 2011.  It won’t be there this year because the movie will already have been out for three weeks. So look out Comic Con Twilighters are coming back in 2011!

4. Assuming we are talking two movies (and we are speculating here) the second one would likely be a July 4, 2012 release. Two movies shot back to back would make it a six-month shoot. So that would mean November – April 2011 shooting. It gives ample time still for editing on film one and then on film two.

5. Lastly, why do we think it will be two? A couple of reasons. One, both Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg have said they think there is enough material. Two, at a certain level Hollywood is about money and from a studio angle what studio wouldn’t want another multimillion dollar, sure fire hit? Lastly, there’s expanded point of view possibilities. Book three in Breaking Dawn is packed with information and other characters. We are imagining sequences of seeing these vampire allies being recruited, training of the Cullen supporters, Aro summoning his forces and plotting, watching how Jacob spills the beans to Charlie.  So, and again this is conjecture on our part, we see movie one ending with the birth of Renesmee and then movie two picking up from there. Nikki Finke agrees too.

So, given the information, what do you all think?


  1. I will be sad if it isn’t made into 2! I don’t want to see them leave anything out! I don’t know what I’m going to do in between Eclipse and the long wait for BD! I am also worried about how the main characters facial features change over that length of time. The storyline itself is over only a couple year time frame. Bella’s look from Twilight to New Moon was very noticable. We will see!

    • Roxanna says:

      I have to agree. But Condon eluded to 2 films in his note on the facebook page. Like the HP frnachise it only makes sense to make the largest book into two films given the amount of information that CAN’T be deleted or else it would destroy the story line. Everything is too tightly wound together. Steph and JK both knew what they were doing when they wrote the final installments to their sagas. Another reason it should be 2 movies is that if they hire a young actress to play Renesmee it only makes sense to film her via motion capture technology that was brought so well to life by James Cameron in avatar. He brought us the technology to give all of us Twilight fans hope for BD. Given that Steph is a producer on the BD project I believe that she, Condon, and Rosenberg will be tweeking the script more so through filming than any of the others. Let me know your thoughts on what I’ve said.

    • M Cullen says:

      I dont see any need to worry about facial features with the actors as far as aging goes. In Hollywood no one looks their age and on the big screen they can go ahead and film the entire movie and then split it in the prep room. Believe me film makers seem to know what they are doing…dont you just love CGI? 😉

      • No Fangs Required says:

        By the way, Bella is supposed to age a little bit from Twilight to Breaking Dawn. After all she is still only human till she gives birth right? 🙂 😉 🙂

    • Missy B says:

      I think Bella’s noticable difference was due to the visions of two very different Directors. Look how Harry Potter characters change film to film. I think only one or two of them were filmed by the same director?

    • Missy B says:

      I think it’ll be two movies as well. Even with all the view points changing and new characters come in, I’m sure it would be resonable to think that the sutdio would want to focus a whole movie on a new vamipre Bella, and market it as such since she changes a lot after she’s turned.

  2. Everything you have said here makes the most sense. I don’t think they will need to make an “official” announcement on 2 movies vs 1. If the author and screenwriter said there’s enough material and the actors are on board, why would they not.

  3. Gina L. says:

    Well for one I am very excited that Summit has set a date for the “First” half of Breaking Dawn. As for the second moive, i totally agree with your reasoning. It would be very lets say not smart of the studio to not continue with a money making franchise. They want it, the fans want it, its a win win situation for all involved. So, YAY for us all. Lets just hope these actors can stay as young as their charaters they play.

  4. I can understand with enough material to want to do 2 movies but if they stop the first one after the birth is there really enough to come back for more in a second movie. Love is there but no real action as in the rest of the movies… for everyone(vampires) to get together and nothing to happen it would just seem for a beautiful ending to be drown out.

  5. I agree with you 100% – including where they will likely split the two movies. The one thing I wanted to add as to why it will likely be 2 movies, is that Summit (and Stephenie Meyer, I believe) have really made an effort to keep these movies at 2 hours or under, because of the target audience (which I think is funny considering the LOTR and Harry Potter movies) – and I really don’t think there is anyway they can effectively do Breaking Dawn in one 2 hour movie. There is easily enough material for a 3.5-4 hour movie. By splitting it, they don’t have to cut as much.

  6. Marcela Biehl says:

    I’m excited for the movie Breaking Dawn! Brazilian Fan

  7. Jennifer says:

    I agree completely with your opinion in item #5: end on the birth of Renesmee. It’s the perfect cliff hanger, like the propsal in the woods in New Moon. It’s what I have speculated would happen and I hope it does. Book three has the perfect content for a fifth movie.

    • Cullen lover says:

      I think the “Perfect cliff hanger” would be Irina seeing Renesmee in the woods playing with Bella and Jacob, and then running off to tell her story to the Volturi.. That would give me chills and goose bumbs waiting for the next movie. Cant wait to see this movie come to life from the book.

      • Twilibrarian says:

        Good point! Although we really don’t know what Irina is up to, do we? At Renesmee’s birth, we have Jacob mourning Bella and imprinting. Bella is dead, and Edward is agonizing over whether or not he saved her in time. Then we have a baby who immediately shows she is “gifted,” but could be motherless. If you’ve read the books, you know what happens, but not everyone who sees the movies has read the books.

        • Twilight Girl says:

          Summit should base BD on the books whether or not a fan has read them. All I can say is that if a fan has not read the book then they are truly missing out on something wonderful. After watching these saga movies I am shocked that there are very many people who havent read the books by now (assuming that they liked the films and wanted to read the books to get the full story).

        • m cullen says:

          All though everyone has made some good points and has good ideas where BD should be split in half ..I do believe that Summit would not consider any of these ideas for the simple fact that they might want to keep us in suspence for the movie??? Cant wait to see what they have in mind for us.

          • TammyAZ says:

            Well I’ll thrw my 2 cents in here..I envision the “cliff-hanger” to be something like this…

            Bellas gives birth and Edward does his venom thing. Then maybe some fade in and out of sounds…voice overs from Bella about the burning etc….then a close-up of Bellas eyes as they pop open and BAM! blood red eyes…fade to black 🙂

  8. I think theyll sto. The first one at where the book changes..right after she finds out she’s pregnant…only makes sense

    • I have to disagree – because she finds out she is pregnant at the end of book 1. That would mean the first movie would cover something like 120 pages of the book and the second movie would have to cover over 600 pages – including her pregnancy, everything that happens with the wolves, the birth, her transformation and everything with the Volturi/other vampires. I can’t even imagine how that would be possible.

    • Twilibrarian says:

      If we splitit there, we could have 3 movies!!!!

  9. joanna tolleson says:

    I disagree with the movie being split in two. Bella is on bedrest for almost 40% of the entire book (jacobs book). I love these books and the movies, but I think the book could be done in one good epic movie and be just under 3 hrs given the fact that bella is on bedrest for such a long period (the most boring part of the book). There’s no way to make Jacob’s book that interesting. On screen, the bedrest will go relatively quick and then they can get to the good stuff. I would love to see a new Twilight movie every yr from now on, with all the same actors, but Breaking Dawn has too many dead spots to make 2 movies. The feel of the story would get lost in translation. So I say, make one really good epic film, leaving nothing out, and it will still go pretty quickly. Titanic and Avatar were both 3 hr plus movies, and made billions!

    • Totally agree with you, joanna!

      Altho’ I’d love nothing more than to see more Twi on the big screen, my feeling has always been that, with a good script and clever ‘culling’ of the non-essential parts of the book, a solid, 3-hour EPIC movie will work as a beautiful finale and closure for this amazing Saga.
      I digress here on another thing: I love Edward and Bella to bits but I really hope they’ll handle the ‘sex scenes’ with a subtly sensual touch. No need for anything too overt…let our imaginations do the rest. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you – there is no reason why they can’t do this book in 3 hours. Our attention spans are not that short, and I would frankly be pissed to have to wait for months to see the resolution of the story. Bella on bedrest and Jacob’s view could totally be fast forwarded (think the montage scene in New Moon where they dealt with her long drawn out depression in like 3o seconds).

      • Twilibrarian says:

        The reason for 2 movies is MONEY! Everybody makes money on 2 movies. It’s driven by the profits, just like HP.

  10. I think it will be stupid to make be in two movies,because of the fact that of a two or less hour movie they might not make as much as they think and its dumb to they just want our money like they don’t have enough already and not to mention they migjt lose viewers if they make it pisses me off to know thryre takeing advantage of us and our money

    • Cullen wanna be says:

      The last Harry Potter Movie was split into 2 movies and the fans didnt seem to mind it(?) so I am guessing due to the comments made that some of the Twilight fans wont mind a split movie either. Breaking Dawn can be filmed all at once and then in the prep room be cut into two films so easily. And I do agree it would be a shame to pay so much to watch one book come to life into two films…I would personaly rather watch the movie for 3 or 4 hours straight then pay double to see BD on the big screen. Hope Summit takes time to read these comments today.

  11. Great insights! Totally agree about the cut-off point for BD1 and BD2 (hopefully). We wrote something similar on our site…

    • Danielle says:

      I have a feeling they are just going to shoot it and see what happens. If they fit it all in to one, they will. But I think we might be kept int the dark about one or two films for a while yet. I dont think they even know yet.

      • Mella Cullen says:

        I hadn’t thought of it in this way, but now ITA! They could shoot enough for two, then see if it works out better as one or as two.

  12. Well, just from Twilight to New Moon Kristen and Robert both aged, so they need to film this ASAP. I don’t like how long we have to wait for Breaking Dawn to be released, but I am happy that they finaly have a date and are doing it. Just waiting for the rest of the crew to sign on…

    • Twilibrarian says:

      Jenna, I have to disagree with you. It does not matter how old Rob, or Kristen, or Taylor, or any of the cast members are. What matters is that “they” get it RIGHT. It is amazing what can be done with make-up, lighting, camera angle, etc. My gosh, you make the cast sound geriatric. There’s no rush to git er done.

  13. Stella Alicea says:

    I think two movies would be great. There is so much going on that it could be made into 2 movies. With the wedding, honeynoon & the pregency. Also the back story for Jacob and the wolf pack. Then the other would be the gathering of all there witnesses and the growth of Renesmee plus the final conflict.

  14. Lynn Aquin says:

    I agree that two movies are best. I’d like the first to end in a cliff-hanger–Bella seemingly dead; Jacob coming down the stairs to kill Renesmee and then we see her eyes–Bella’s eyes–and then black screen. I can just hear the same groans as at the ending of New Moon. Since it doesn’t look like there will be a graduation party in Eclipse–we’d need to see the humans again in the first part of Breaking Dawn at the wedding. There is a lot you could add to the first movie, if there are two, like the whole baby vampire wars in Central America and the Denali’s mother. It will be hard to wait a year and a half but maybe The Host will be in there somewhere.

    • TammyAZ says:

      Actually in the trailer when Carlisle is taking to Jake about the army and Jake says “We’re in…at least we get to kill some vampires” it looks like party lights in the background. Also when Alice says to Bella “They’re coming here” there are party lights in the background.

  15. I agree. It needs to be two films. Part 1 would be 1st and 2nd book ending with jacob seeing renesmee for the first time. And than part 2 would be book 3 beginning with bella waking up as a vampire. The second movie would be all about bella’s journey as a vampire. I cannot wait until november 18th 2011. OMG! That is soo far away, but it will come fast. And eclipse is less than 2 months away. Woohoo!

    • zaiaku_kanJz says:

      whoa, i also thought about that before..i really like to see renesmee tho..i wonder who renesmee will be…she must be beautiful..:)

  16. Jennifer says:

    Breaking dawn has to be 2 movies! the 1st one should end right when Bella opens her eyes after being turned! i think that would be awesome! the last think u see if Bella’s red eyes! um… totally creepy and awesome at the same time! just have the screen go black, hear what she hears, like Edward breathing and then bad her red eyes. how cool would that be!

  17. Kayla :) says:

    OM!G! Can’t wait! Plus it comes out 7 days after my 16th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mama23 says:

    i dont see how their is enough for to movies because most of the book is writing in a way to explain there expressions and their body language and the part were jacob and leah run around the woods is not really that entertaining even though i would love to have another movie to look forward to i think spliting it up is going to make the movies drag out a little i think the best thing to do would be a 3 hour long movie but who knows

  19. It would irk me a bit if there were two films, but in the end it’s what Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenburg, and Summit decide. But if they do decide on two, I agree with Lynn Aquin’s idea(comment 14), or Jennifer’s idea(comment 17), though instead of it “just have the screen go black, hear what she hears, like Edward breathing and then bad her red eyes. how cool would that be!” show her face and what’s going on around her the entire time of the transformation, and the final shot be her final human intake of oxygen, hear her final heart beat, then have her open her eyes, and let the credits roll.

    • Good idea!! Just imagining it gave me the goosebumps.
      They need to do what they did in Avatar: end the first BD movie by having Bella’s eye’s open RED and then..BAM…, credits.

  20. Cherie says:

    Does anyone know who is gonna play ‘Nessie’? or when she will be casted?

    • Twilight Girl says:

      I am so eager to see who is going to be cast to play some new roles in BD…also I cant wait to see who they select to play all the “Nessie” roles (since she changes so much from birth daily there will be various actresses)…I bet she will be so beautiful to look at. Cant wait for Breaking Dawn 🙂

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I would imagine there will be a casting call for multiples to play the part. When casting babies, most studios use sets of twins or triplets. Think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House. One character, 2 actresses. Since Renesmee ages so fast, the casting for her would require lots of kids.

      • m cullen says:

        I do believe this film is going to be the most expensive one ever made in the Saga, wow

      • There was an interview with Stephenie Meyer where she said that Reneesme will have to be full CGI. She has to be the size of a new born but have the expressions and intellegence of a baby thats much older.

        • If they do decide to do a CGI baby, I hope it doesn’t look fake when they make her talk like those babies on the E-Trade commercials. All I am saying is that Summit has the money, please make it realistic.

          • I’m not too worried about her not looking good because of the amazing things they are doing with CGI these days. Like Avatar for example. The graphics are getting better and better with every movie so I think they definitely can easily pull it off so hopefully they do. I think this movie is going to be even more picked at then the rest because there is just SO MUCH, ya know?

        • If they do split BD into two movies, they will probably start the second movie with a voice-over with Bella talking about how her life is like (brain-fart here) those needlepoint things…(Bella talks about it in the book, forgive me). How it is all smooth on one side, but caotic on the other. The movie should start with Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee hunting, then..BAM! Irena’s there.

  21. Carrie says:

    I’ve thought all along that the book would be made into 2 movies. “Twilight” & “New Moon” were such big hits, of course the studio would want to add an extra film to the saga. The book already set up the perfect cliffhanger for the 1st one. Obviously, Stephenie Meyer doesn’t have a problem with it and it seems like most of the actors don’t have a problem with it, either. I also think the 2nd half would be perfect for summer, since it’s all about the vampires training for the big showdown and there’s the dramatic return of the Volturi. It would certainly be cool to learn a bit more about all of the vamps in the final film.

  22. One word:


    I am so stoked that we have a date (a date, a date, a very important date!) =)

  23. Shaunta28 says:

    The wait is going to kill me for Breaking Dawn! I thought the Eclipse wait was long. I do agree with there being enough material for two movies. If you stop the first movie when she wakes up on the table and then begin the second from there it will work. Plus doing it like that lets you see the mature Bella(wife, mother, Vampire!) against the bella we have seen in the first two movies.

  24. *I’m sorry, I HAVE to post this*

    …AHH!!! My favorite book of the series…movie…ah! My Birthday! Forget my bday THIS year, I want to celebrate my bday for 2011, starting off with a midnight showing of “Breaking Dawn”…possibly the best bday surprise ever for me. 😀


  25. Yay! That’s my birthday=)

  26. Twilibrarian says:

    Two movies. Cliffhanger at Bella’s death, Jacob’s agonizing descent down the stairs to kill the “monster.” (We hear how he plans to kill them all.) Rosalie feeding that monster. Edward crying over Bella’s “corpse.” (Was he in time?) FADE TO BLACK, as Edward looks up as we hear Jacob gasp……..

    Note to Mr. Condon, Summit and screenwriter: Repeat after me, “No CGI babies! No CGI babies!”

  27. Oooh man that means ill b lik 25 seems like a long time to wait i love twilight and all but man that stinks i understand beauty takes time but really????
    we all read the books and know whats gonna happen
    so get a move on it keep the fans happy that should be the real goal

  28. Brumfondl says:

    I have always believed that the split for two movies would be at the end of Chapter 26 (Shiny). This is a logical conclusion to the story of Bella’s transformation from single human to married mother and vampire.

    The problems with the Volturi and the growth of/worries for Renesmee would easily fill another film, especially if filled with back story, etc, as they have done in Eclipse.

    However, as someone mentioned earlier, they may well want to end the first film on a cliff hanger so that it is not so self-contained.

  29. I definitely agree on there they will split it. I like that idea up there about showing her red eyes open.

  30. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait to see how they bring Renesmee to the screen. I agree with Twilibrarian: Please do not make her fully CGI.

    • I just don’t think they can pull it off any other way. New born size baby, but with the mentality and expressions of way older. I know people are worried about it looking fake in CGI, but they have a much better chance of sticking to how its described that way, and CGI has come so far, I think thye have the ability to make it amazing in CGI.

  31. coldoneplease says:

    I think the perfect place to split Breaking Dawn would be the scene where Alice has her vision. Imagine it, everything is great and happy, Alice is arranging flowers, then smash… the vase hits the floor. Everyone gathers around Alice “whats wrong whats wrong” you see a close up of Edwards face as he views the vision in Alices head. Bella says “whats wrong” and alice says “their coming” and Edward says “How many” they close up on Alice and she whispers “all of them” BOOM, screen goes black, then fade in “Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Coming …..”
    Epic place to end the first movie, at least in my opinion 🙂

    • That’s an interesting idea. But if you are going to do it there – I would say go to the end of that chapter and end with Bella telling Jacob “we’ve all been sentenced to die.”

      • zaiaku_kanJz says:

        hmmn..that would be cool, i think..i think that would boost people’s interest, eh?:)

      • If they do go with cutting it at about that time, I like this idea. However, I think that they will cut it earlier right after reneesme is born because its basically like two fully different stories in one book, so that way they can have a build up, a middle and an end thats exciting but not too much of a cliff hanger in both movies.

  32. twilghtbabe says:

    I think they should split this movie into two. There is defintely enuf material for two movies and I dont know if Im ready for twilight to end. WAHH! Plus dont be trying to cram all that good stuff into one long ass movie that I have to sit over 3 hours for in the theater. Sitting in a packed theater over 2 hours gets to be too long, plus my bf will throw a hissy fit

  33. zaiaku_kanJz says:

    well, i dont care if breaking dawn will be splitted into two movies…as long as all the original cast of twilight saga is present!!!!i dont wanna another bella, edward and jacob………
    hmmn…but honestly, i think that if the movie will not be splitted into two, the movie would be hanging, dont u think? and if it will be splitted into two, then…hmmmn..i think its fine…:)

  34. Amanda says:

    … only 560 days to go…

  35. I think 2 movies would be wayyyy better. The book is too long to be made into one. I mean they already had to cut off of twilight & new moon. In my opinion the oerfect “cliff hanger” would be bella opening her eyes after shes just been turned and there red because shes a new born 😀


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