LA Times: Why Eclipse at the LA Fim Festival Is A Good Idea

The LA Times breaks down exactly what is to be gained by having Eclipse debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF).

“The annual event, which announced its lineup on Tuesday, will feature the world-premiere screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the long-awaited third installment in the popular vampire franchise. It’s not exactly typical film festival fare, but organizers are hoping it will serve a larger purpose.

“If we program a movie like ‘Twilight’ that draws audiences that might not otherwise attend film festivals, hopefully we’ll expose them to other cinematic experiences that we think are inspiring,” said festival director Rebecca Yeldham.”
The article goes on to talk about how you can get tickets to the festival, which can be quite pricey. On the other hand, given how much money we’ve seen people drop on all kinds of Twilight merchandise, maybe $500-$1,000 isn’t too much to spend for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Now if you can’t afford this but were planning on going to LA to camp out and line the red carpet, but are worried on how this is going to work at this new venue, don’t panic. All the fansite operators asked Summit a series of questions ranging from is camping out allowed, how many tickets are there, to what kind of access will there be to the red carpet. So as soon as we know, you’ll know.


  1. Unfortunately for me I live too far (in Italy!), otherwise I would try to buy a ticket for the premiere…it a great one in a lifetime opportunity….

  2. Ughhh…..I am worried….I was all prepared for Westwood or Chinese theater…..I am completely out of my element downtown….limited parking….traffic..aghhhh!

  3. If I could get to LA from South Africa, I would so be there for the premiere. Once in a lifetime indeed…

  4. I agree with foreign twilighters. If i could get to the premiere from Greece, i would definitely be there…

  5. Don’t feel too bad. I live about 500 miles away from Los Angeles and I will not be able to go. Can’t afford the gas in my truck to go..LOL!

    But, I do love the picture they posted here. It’s the bedroom scene.
    Edward: “Bella, will you stop trying to take your clothes off.”
    Bella: “Do you want to do that part?”

    Love it.!!

  6. yes im so happy i was reading eclipse again last night and i was hoping that Edward and bellas night alone would be in the move and that they wouldn’t cheese it up and have him purpose in the meadow

  7. I’m just not sure how much more of that bad wig of KStew’s I can take!!!

    • You would think that since the Twilight Saga movies are in a sense more important (because of the massive fan base and amount of views that will see it) that Kirsten would have chosen to wear a wig for the RUNAWAYS instead of chopping of her hair like she did. Stupid move on her part.

      • I remember that Kiera Knighly wore a wig for Pirates 2 and 3, but it did not look as fake are Kristen’s does…

  8. I love this photo…..Eclipse is my fav book and I really can’t wait for the movie….30th of June is not so far

  9. I just got my pass to go to the Premier today!! They are available to the public… if you have the $$ to spend 😉 My friend and I were planning to go to Twi-Con Las Vegas, but since it got canceled, we’re using the $$ we would have spent on the convention to go to the Premier!! Much better use of the $$ if you ask me =D

  10. Is this our first look at the gold bed?? *squeel*