How to Get Tickets For the Eclipse Premiere

eclipse-posterOK, time to break this down so folks understand what they are getting for their money. First the official Summit statement, then we’ll break it down for you.

The official premiere of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is on June 24 at Nokia in LA Live during the Los Angeles Film Festival also known as the LAFF.

Passes go on sale May 10th, and can only be purchased via the LAFF site. Note the portion of the pass that gets you into Eclipse is non-transferable and name specific. This is what stops scalpers from buying them up. You’ll probably have to show ID. Please note that only the more expensive passes get you in to see Eclipse, but they come with other perks for the film festival.

These passes get you into the 7,000 seat Nokia where the cast, production team, and industry guests will be viewing the film. There are LIMITED seats. Expect them to be nosebleed and rejoice if they are better! Chances of sitting near any star is slim to none, those areas are roped off. Think of it like the movie Titanic. The Twilight cast and crew are Kate Winslet and the fans are Leo Dicaprio stuck in steerage.  Still a cool ship and a great experience, but we’re getting hamberger and they have filet minon.

These high end passes DO NOT grant you access to the red carpet. If  fans will be able to line up on the streets camping out and then line the red carpet is still TBD. It’s a new venue with new rules and security. When Summit knows the info is 100% certain you’ll get it. No one wants to say something and have to disappoint people if it changes.

These high end passes do not get you into the afterparty, autographs with actors, photographs with actors, etc.  Basically you are getting just the movie and other film festival perks.

All-in-all pretty cool because up until now, save for a handful of lucky people, no fans have gotten into the premieres of any Twilight movie.

I think that covers the basics for now. When we know more, we’ll let you know.


  1. FYI – if you buy a membership with Film Independent, you can purchase your LAFF Fast Pass NOW! This means that everyone with a Film Independent membership can buy passes right now, which also means that the passes to the Eclipse premier may be SOLD OUT by the time passes go on sale to the public May 10th. Also, you get a discount on the Fast Pass with your membership. Hope this helps someone!! I got my pass today before they announced that this was the OFFICIAL red carpet showing, SO STOKED!!!

    • Christine H says

      Thanks for the tip Lucy. I went ahead and got the tickets after joining Film Independent. I can’t believe I just forked over that amount of money but I figure life is too short!

    • jasperhaleyes says

      Does anyone know when Fandago/Reagal Movies will start pre-selling tickets? We live on the coast of NC! Thanks in advance for any info!

    • Hi, can you tell me if you get your membership information as soon as you join Film Independent and can get the tickets right away? Thanks 🙂

      • Christine H says

        Yes. I was able to get the membership and then the passes immediately by logging onto the LA Film Festival site.

  2. smooelover says

    MovieWatcher has a post on their site that pre-sales for Eclipse will go on sale May 14th. I can’t wait!

    Mark your calendars! Advance tickets for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be available starting May 14, 2010 on

  3. Yes! I talked to the LAFF this morning. With the price of a membership, you get the FAST PASS (at a bit of a discount) which gets you 2 tickets into the Eclipse Premiere on the Red Carpet along with all the other movies at the festival over 7 days. Yes…there are limited seats available…but if you have about $900.00…go for it!!!

    • Allie B. says

      Wait, so the 7 day film festival tickets are $900? Do you have any idea how much it’ll be for just the Eclipse tickets on the 10th?

  4. ok so what was with Kaleb Nation’s twitter saying summit had denied the ‘premiere’ was happening at LAFF then? *is confused* I’d have thought that as he is pretty tight with the lexicon it would mean they’d be aware of that.

  5. Stephanie says

    Is there any news for the uk?? Seeing as tho the main character is from here!! The states get everything first!! No fair:( the film comes out a week later here whereas new moon came out the same day!!!! Does anyone have any info??? Thanks 🙂

  6. Well as someone who has already seen Eclipse i can tell you its well worth it! It is without a doubt the best of the three. It was am amazing experience to see it on Tuesday (5/4/10) and it was worth the plane ticket from San Diego to Chicago. I cant wait to see it again!
    Depending how expensive it is i recommend seeing it at the premier.. although it is only a few days before the wide release.. so maybe not such a big deal after all. seeing it almost 2 months before totally worth the $450!!!

  7. So I’m just a little confused. My friend and I bought our passes yesterday (Yay!) and the girl on the phone told us that we’d be getting an email that served as an invite to the premiere that we needed to RSVP to in order to confirm our seats. That we DO have the seats, but we just needed to RSVP. And that at that point our seats would be about in the “middle”. She also told us that the passes DO include access to the red carpet. (How can these passes NOT include red carpet access??) So we are wondering where you found out your info and the girl we spoke with was wrong?? Please help! Stressing over here!! Thanks!

  8. I have spoken to 2 different people in the box office now and they have both said that when you have the Fast Pass it gives you access to the red carpet for all the movies that are premiering during that week, including Eclipse but after reading this I wonder if they know what they are talking about and I wonder who is right.

  9. I just figured I would give a heads up to people so they aren’t as disappointed as I was today. I was planning on buying my passes at 12am on May 10th when they were going on sale. I went to the website today just to look again and the tickets into the premiere were no longer apart of the VIP access passes. I was just about in tears 🙁 I didn’t know about other people being able to buy them beforehand so I was quite sad for me. Hopefully anyone who got tickets has a great time and actually gets to see some stars because I probably wouldve been pretty peeved if I paid $1000 and all I saw was the movie 🙂

    • Is it possible that they just took it down from the website until they go on sale? Is it really true that all the tickets were sold even before they went on sale? I know that people could buy them through film independent, but maybe they just took that info down for the weekend and it will re-appear on Monday? I am trying to remain hopeful here.

      • Actually, anyone was able to purchase the tickets presale, I have no affiliation with any group and was able to call on May 6th and purchase the passes, and I even got a discount by using the coupon code that they gave online. So if I was able to buy the tickets to get into Eclipse, then Im sure everyone could, so they probably did sell out already. Im sorry.

      • 5SBcKm I’m not easily imrpsesed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  10. Seraphina says

    My birthday is on June 25th. A day after the premiere. My friends and I were going to celebrate by going to the Twilight convention in Chicago where I live, but it got cancelled because of the premiere.
    I wish I had the money to dish out for tickets, but times are tough right now and its just not possible.
    Ah, well.

  11. So I went to the Nokia/LA Live today when I took my mom to eat at the Original Pantry. I was not able to get info about the Eclipse premiere, but I asked about prior camp out/red carpet events. They said that usually the camp out is in that huge plaza right outside the Nokia…it looks pretty safe to me. 🙂 There’s bathroom facilities a subway nearby and a Starbucks. There’s also a couple of parking spots in the area that range from 5 to 15 a night. I bet hotel spaces are going to be pricey….but they told me that there’s some cheap ones in Little Toyko. I hope this helps those ppl who want to come to the camp out. Honestly, even if I had the money, I wouldn’t buy the ticket to see the movie. I’d rather camp out…at least that way I can get a few pictures and autographs…in the movie…u just get what everyone else will see just a few days after.

    • A girl at the box office told my friend that the red carpet will not be open to the public, only to the people with tickets to the premiere.

      • That would suck entirely….why would they do that to the fans….full scale riot….jeez all because we cant afford 1000 dll tickets? jeez…

  12. This sucks so bad!!! I am very dissapointed!!! I went to the Red Carpet Premiere of New Moon last year and camped out for 4 days. That was a great experience for me!!! How do they have 2 Red Carpet Premieres two years in a row and then all of a sudden u have to pay to be a part of it!!! To me that just sucks because there is no way that I can afford to go!! My 12 year old is also very dissapointed!!! The Movies would be nothing without the loyalty of the FANS!!! I would think that they would make it public just to show some thanks to the FANS but once again it’s about making a quick buck!!! It shouldn’t be that way!! We are still going to camp out this year and see what happens hopefully we will be able to see something!!!

    • I know…I was there too BAH! I was close to the front too, grr. This is becoming a tradition! I am sure there is no way they can stop us from being passionate lol. See you there girl!


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