How to Get Tickets For the Eclipse Premiere

eclipse-posterOK, time to break this down so folks understand what they are getting for their money. First the official Summit statement, then we’ll break it down for you.

The official premiere of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is on June 24 at Nokia in LA Live during the Los Angeles Film Festival also known as the LAFF.

Passes go on sale May 10th, and can only be purchased via the LAFF site. Note the portion of the pass that gets you into Eclipse is non-transferable and name specific. This is what stops scalpers from buying them up. You’ll probably have to show ID. Please note that only the more expensive passes get you in to see Eclipse, but they come with other perks for the film festival.

These passes get you into the 7,000 seat Nokia where the cast, production team, and industry guests will be viewing the film. There are LIMITED seats. Expect them to be nosebleed and rejoice if they are better! Chances of sitting near any star is slim to none, those areas are roped off. Think of it like the movie Titanic. The Twilight cast and crew are Kate Winslet and the fans are Leo Dicaprio stuck in steerage.  Still a cool ship and a great experience, but we’re getting hamberger and they have filet minon.

These high end passes DO NOT grant you access to the red carpet. If  fans will be able to line up on the streets camping out and then line the red carpet is still TBD. It’s a new venue with new rules and security. When Summit knows the info is 100% certain you’ll get it. No one wants to say something and have to disappoint people if it changes.

These high end passes do not get you into the afterparty, autographs with actors, photographs with actors, etc.  Basically you are getting just the movie and other film festival perks.

All-in-all pretty cool because up until now, save for a handful of lucky people, no fans have gotten into the premieres of any Twilight movie.

I think that covers the basics for now. When we know more, we’ll let you know.