Poll: Which vamps do you want to see in Breaking Dawn

In most series books, there are additional characters in each new book, but I don’t know if any book has ever given its readers as many new characters as Breaking Dawn.  There are just so many of them!  Given that it’s difficult for Hollywood to do everything a book calls for, we’re not sure if all the new characters will make it into the movie.  It would be nice if they did and that’s what we’re hoping for, but we also know that you have to lose something from book to movie.  (Lauren Mallory, for example.)

So we pose this question to you: Which Vampire characters would you most like to see in a movie version of Breaking Dawn?  Because there are so many of them, we’ve grouped them into their clans, if they have one.  If there is a specific character in a clan you think stands out from the others, let us know in the comments.



  1. Cowacupacoco says

    I want them all 🙂

  2. Christine says

    I’m dieing to see what Tanya is going to look like. Plus she was in love with Edward… or trying to get with him so it would be nice to see all that.

    • mschicklet says

      Unless they leave out that reference in Eclipse.

      It wouldn’t really make sense in that case. But it’d be cool to see who they cast!

    • mschicklet says

      I’m too lazy to go get my copy… what were the names of the 2 vamps who wanted to take down the Volturi? They were funny 🙂

      I really really hope they don’t cut out too many characters. All the different vamps were sort of what made the 2nd half of BD so epic.

      • The two are Stefan and Vadimir.

        • I voted for the Romanian vamps because 1)they’re hilarious 2)it would be good to show that not everyone is afraid of the Volturi and these guys REALLY want to see them defeated.Plus, it gives the Volturi their backstory just as the Cullens were given one.

          The Denali clan are a given. They have to be included because they’re a very big part of how it all goes down in BD.

  3. Angie Fewin says

    That was really hard to choose….I know it’s tough, but I really hope they find a way to get them all in!!

  4. No FANGS required says

    I would like to see Bella be the jealous one for a change when the Denali clan comes to the wedding..Even if Edward claims he never had a love interest for Tanya..but still would like to see this in her..after all she is just human at the time.. 😉

    • M Cullen says

      🙂 If the Denalis are going to be in BD (keeping my fingers crossed) Just curious who would play Tanya? I can think of a few who would be perfect for the part but I also like it when they hirer new comers to play roles. Its a breath of fresh air to me :0

      • Cullen wanna be says

        We havent even seen Eclipse yet and already gearing up for BD..LOL Breaking Dawn is finally getting some positivity for a change. Gotta love the Saga and Stephenie for creating it. As for Tanya , yes I do hope she is included in the movie. Edward had a past just like his Cullen family , even if not much info is given to us to read about (depending on how much you would like to know about Edward, in my case the more the better..lol) but it was still there for us to ponder on. Cant wait to see how BD turns out for the fans.

        • Mimi Cullen says

          Wow..the Denali votes are really climbing too. Looks like Summit will have to try to include them into this film whether they planned to or not. Fans know what they want..lol

    • I agree! Edward is always jealous of the guys that want Bella, but we’ve never seen that coming from her so it would be really interesting.

      But I really think with the way the book plays out, they’d have to have most or all of these vampires. The whole point is that in order to stop the Volturi they need a show in numbers. If the budget is very big I don’t see why they couldn’t have some of the minor vampires in non-speaking background roles and the more important ones would be showcased.

      • Mimi Cullen says

        Good point you have just made…Agree with all on this topic. So eager for Breaking Dawn that I think I will read the book again for the 4th time..lol Out of all the books I have read in my life , lets just say that the Twilight Saga and Vampire Academy are my most read books…most treasured books as well. 🙂 I cant imagine life without a good story to tell so hopefully BD will be everything that we the fans hope it will be.

  5. Want to see the Denali clan. Seems like they would HAVE to include them. Garrett is another. I just love the Kate and Garrett side story. Also Garrett’s “patriot” speech during the Volturi invasion. Also Zafrina would be another I want to see as she was like the “odd” vampire that got so close w/ Nessie.

    • I definitely need Garrett and Zafrina. Both were extremely fun to read about and I’d love to see that translated on screen. I really hope they include those two along with the Denali clan.

      I’m actually surprised with the lack of votes for Nahuel. I mean, he needs to be in there in order for things to all work out. The main reason the Volturi went away was because Alice came back with another hybrid–Nahuel. The story wouldn’t make complete sense without him.

      • I agree, I’m so torn I can’t even vote! I really want to see Garret, Zafrina and the Romanian vamps…Their Romanian, right?

        But, Huilen and Nahuel are givens. The movie wouldn’t end right without them.

  6. I want to see them all! I really want to see the Denali clan and the Amazon clan as well, though.

  7. Huilen and Nahuel would have to be included unless they’re changing the whole plot. Denali would be needed (C’mon, The Cullen’s can’t be the only Veggitarians.) Unless they’re changing the whole plot there, too. Cuz’ without Irena there would be no Volturi issue. And Zafrina is needed greatly, Otherwize Bella wouldn’t be able to use the shield. Sure, Kate’d help, But Zafrina would be needed, too.

  8. LOVE the part in Eclipse when Bella got jealous her ‘gorgeous immortal rival’…lol!
    Absolutely MUST see Tanya and the rest of the Denali clan!
    But Zafrina is quite essential too and so are Huilen and Nahuel.
    This Breaking Dawn stuff is fun! 🙂

  9. Where’s the “All of the Above” choice? Or at least let me pick multiple clans!

  10. Where’s the “all of the above” choice? Or at least let me make multiple picks! Oi!

  11. As many as possible. All of them if possible.:-)

  12. kristi clark says

    all of them are pretty much needed. they all made the plot of the story go on. without one of them, it would be like a chuck of the story was missing. they stand together to protect Nessie. I hope they can get all of them in there, without them all… it would be a little sad. i adore all of the vampires.

  13. I think it’s too late to bring in the Denali’s at this point. They’ve been non-existent so far. I dont think they’ll be in BD. If they were that important to the movies they would’ve been mentioned already…Laurent was introduced and killed without any mention to his connection to the Denali’s. In the book, yes, they’re SUPER important to the story…but I think they’re going to go with something else in the movie.

    • It may not be too late. In Eclipse, Carlisle calles them to see if they’ll help with the newborns and they turn him down because of Laurent.

      They probably should have been introduced earlier but if he makes the call in the movie, then a quick flashback to the wolves killing Laurent would remind people what they are talking about when they refuse.

      • M Cullen says

        Agree with You …and thanks for pointing this out..Hope Summit is reading these comments today 😉

      • You’re right…if they ARE planning to go with the Denali’s in BD then they’ll be at least mentioned in Eclipse. So I guess that will be the telling sign. I don’t think they’ll make and actual appearance in Eclipse though, I don’t remember seeing anything about Denali vamps being cast..but I could be wrong.

    • If anything I think maybe they’ll just have the Volturi take the place of Irina in discovering Renesmee on their own and just mention or include the Denali with the other vampires.

    • Twilibrarian says

      It’s Irina who causes the problems with the Volturi when she sees Renesmee and thinks she’s an immortal child. The Denali clan is essential to BD. All are needed as witnesses, but since many have no lines to say in the book, they could be cast as extras.

      • Yes, she is…in the book. And she reports them to the Volturi because she still holds a grudge over Laurent. Point is that in the movies, so far, no ones ever mentioned them out right, especially her connection to Laurent, so technically they could go with something else. I’m not saying they should, I’m just saying they could because of their absence in the movies thus far.

  14. It was really hard for me to choose just one. I’m of course exited to see the Denali clan…particularly with Tanya’s fascination with Edward, andpotential tension with Bella. But I was a HUGE fan of Garrett, the way he stood up to the Volturi and really stepped in for Kate. I really wished we’d been able to get more of him. I’m also really excited to see the Amazon’s, how they’d look and seeing Zafrina’s powers in action.

  15. I’d love to see Bella in all her vampirific glory 🙂 I’d love to be able to see in her perspective that very first time she opens her eyes as a vamp. SM’s description was really good.

  16. All of them! Honestly characters like Lauren Mallory are very minor. The Cullens will need every face accounted for in their Witness to the Volturi for it to make any sense at all that they are standing against the Volturi. I cannot think of one to spare except maybe Amun and Kebi because they split halfway through, or Senna because she doesn’t do anything but follow Zafrina around the entire time. Okay, Alistair could go as well. (LOL now that I think this through, there are 3 or 4 that they could nix, but not really for the numbers they need.

    • michelle says

      alistair cant be left out cuz hes the one that tells bella that she is a shield. he also gives his backstory to the volturri. but the others…maybe.

    • I agree he has to be there, I need to go back and read breaking dawn again, but I think they are all of some significance to the plot. They may not be able to leave out very many, maybe the romanians! I don’t know I think they should all be in! As big as these movies are, they can afford to get some walk on rolls!

    • You know, in retrospect, all of these people that we “think” we need… the movies have been notorious for leaving out key players, so really anything that Alastair says, Tanya could say. Renata could become Felix. Know what I’m saying?

  17. Twi-Nana says

    I actually want to see them all, and they left Carmen off of the Denali list.

    After the Denali Clan, it has to be Garret!

  18. It’s so hard to choose! I really want to see everyone, but the Denali clan, especially Kate and Garrett are the 2 I am most excited to see!

  19. leanne23 says

    I really want all of them to be in BD movie. Summit should omitted or combine any of the roles as they have in the past. Well especially for the BD vamps. I want to see ALL OF DENALI. But it depends on Eclipse especially the LEG HITCH scene because that’s where Denali coven is mention in more detail. In Twilight the BOOK we know Edward goes off to Alaska and hangs with them for a week. And in New Moon the BOOK the Cullens go to Alaska to live for a short time with Denali. But the Summit idiots left those parts in the previous movies out so in BD if they aren’t at least mentioned(in the BOOK Carlisle has the phone call)in the Eclipse movie it will be DIFFERENT. It will be very odd and confusing to have them just SHOW UP in BD. Some peeps dont read the books and just see the movies like a friend of mine DID.

  20. I hope they show them all! at some point! it wouldn’t be as good without the huge show of support for the cullens from the army they massed to be “just for show” towards the Volturri!

  21. higgin704 says

    I picked the Denali clan, but i have to say that I think Benjamin is too important to the ending to not have in the movie.

  22. I’d love to see as many as possible, but I guess it depends on whether there are two movies or just one. They couldn’t possibly fit all the vampires into one movie, what with all the different storylines with almost each vampire.

    My hope is to at least see the Denali clan and the Amazons, possibly also Garret for his important speech at the ind of the book. And of course Nahuel and Huilen so the Renesmee story will make sense.

    But I honestly think that the vampires who are not essential to the overall storyline, will be placed in the background at the “battle” scene and won’t be mentioned at all, except for maybe like a voice-over from Bella saying “and more vampires arrived every day” or something like that, while we see different clips put together of groups of arriving vampires. But let’s cross our fingers for as many vampires as possible. 🙂

  23. Elizabeth says

    Can’t wait to see the Denali clan! But you forgot to put Carmen in the poll…. 🙂

  24. salsafied says

    I want to see all of them. That’s a really important segment of the book. It wouldn’t be the same without all of their allies there to support the Cullens. That’s why I think two movies are absolutely necessary to capture the richness of this particular segment of the book.

  25. Gina L. says

    I would really like to see the Amazon Clan. The description of them was so amazing. They didn’t seen to have any human traits really & I think that is going to be really interesting to see. All the other vampires seen so “human” and they were the only clan that were not refined in anyway.

    I don agree that they should have all the clans in BD. It just wouldn’t really have that great of an impact if there wasn’t such a big gruop of vampires to stand with the Cullens. We’ll see what happens.

  26. I really don’t know who could be sacrificed. As others have said- part of what makes the last third of BD so epic is the mass gathering of vampires. In fact, I think that’s even mentioned in the book that aside from the Volturi it was probably the largest gathering of “friendly” vampires in history. I think that if a couple of the nomads were left out (Mary & Randall, and Alistar, for instance) it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But the Amazons are a must (Zafrina helped Bella work on her shield… Kachiri came back with Huilen & Nahuel- who are also a must as that’s what ends up saving the day) Of course the Denalis (and Garrett b/c, as also previously mentioned, that speech)… They can probably get by without Renata & the wives and maybe even without the Irish coven (though I thought they were really cool) I think they need Stefan & Vladmir as well as Benjamin (which means the Egyptian Coven). (PS: It was Eleazar that told Bella she was a shield… not Alistair- but there are so many it’s easy to get them mixed up!)

  27. Liliana says

    This was really tough, there are quite a few that I want to be sure to see. Eleazar, Kate, Garret, zafrina, and Ben are the ones I can’t wait to see though the new Volturi would be awesome as would nahuel. But all of them take a backseat for me because of Reneesme. I’m looking forward to her most of all.

  28. The Amazon clan! They r the coolest!!

  29. Would prefer all, but all probably won’t be included. So with that in mind, I’m looking forward to seeing the Denali Clan, especially Tanya (keeping my fingers crossed because there’s nothing like a little jealousy to spice up a story). Oh, and Garrett, and the Amazon Clan as well. Love them!

  30. Hmmm… this poll forgot to mention Carmen as one of the Denalis. Peter and Charlotte, Santiago, Afton, Sulpicia, Athenodora, Didyme(deceased), Corin, Charles, and Makenna were also vamps that were in the index.

    I wonder if Joham and Pire will be seen in Hiulen and Nahuel’s story.

    And I think it’ll be cool to see the immortal children. Tanyas’ mother Sasha gets destroyed for creating the immortal boy: Vasilii.

    And it’s sad that the movies excluded some of the characters’ past. We don’t get to see the vampires that changed Carlisle, or the vampire that changed Alice to save her from James.

    I wonder if Benito will be seen in the Eclipse movie. He was briefly mentioned in Jasper’s story. There was also supposed to be a girl named Sarah in Victoria’s newborn army, but I don’t think she was in the script…

    And it’s going to be so cool to see all of the Volturi, the Guard, the wives, and the witnesses. Gotta love The Twilight Saga vampires.

  31. I would like to see the Denali clan as many of you, and also Kate and Garrett, I like when Kate teaches Bella how to use her shield

  32. Though I like them all, Nahuel has to be in there or there would not be a story to tell. He is what puts an end to the almost fight and eases Bella and Edwards mind about what Nessie’s future holds. The Denali, Amazon Clan (along with Garret) are also an important part of the story as well, just not as important as Nahuel in my opinion. That is the main reason Alice leaves without saying goodbye, she was looking for a blind spot :).

  33. Ouch, too hard to choose. As we’re allowed only one choice, I decided i wanted to see most the Denalis(and as Tanya is from russian origin, pleaaaaase find us an actress who looks like a russian if you get what I mean – Almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones…).

    BUT the amazons (good luck to Lana Veenker lol), the irish clan (according to Carlisle, Siobahn is gifted, remember ?), the egyptians (Benjamin !!), Garrett (he made quite a good speech didn’t he ?), the romanian (i.love.them even if they are scary), Huilen and Nahuel (is it possible to not have these two ??!!), Renata (Aro’s shield), Chelsea (trying to break the “links”) ARE all essential to me.

    Mary and Randall ? The wives ? Why not ?

    I definitely don’t care about Alastair-the-coward 😉

  34. Lynn Aquin says

    I want them all. All of the above should be an option. Actually I don’t care if Alistair is there since he doesn’t really contribute much.

  35. This was almost TOO hard to answer. Each clan contains one or more people who are pivitol in the whole picture. Tanya, who is in love with Edward. Kate, with her “shocking” ability. Garret, the wild wanderer who has fallen in love. Zarifina and her “pretty pictures”….aaahhhh, who can choose??!! Oh and how can we forget the romanians with their onion skin?

  36. This is not a related topic, but I just read an article on People.com that was around the time that Stephenie announced the release of the “novella” in June. The first paragraph said that “fans were heartbroken when Stephenie Meyer said she would no longer be publishing Midnight Sun.” (or close enough, I don’t have exact wording) Has anyone else heard anything about this? I was under the impression that she still left the door open to finish it “eventually” when she felt like she was ready to pick it back up. “Heartbroken” doesn’t even COVER it if she’s not going to finish it EVER.

  37. There are too many to pick from. Each clan has at least one vamp in it that is almost required to be in the movie. I bet that they end up picking for each one the “important” vamp, because I’m sure they wont have them all!

  38. Kathryn says

    I hate that the poll was by clan because other than the Denalis I think there are only one or two from each group that absolutely need to be there. Zafrina, Benjamin, Siobhan (sp?), and Garrett come immediately to mind. I wonder if that’s how Summit will do it. Consolidate the groups down to one or two.

    And I think with the Denalis Carmen is the least essential. Tanya is the head of the group, Kate teaches Bella how to project her shield, Irina is the tattle teller, and Eleazar gives the Volturi backstory. All Carmen does is give him a romantic reason to leave, and that can be easily changed.

  39. switzy4ever14 says

    I had a hard time choosing. The Denalis, of course, are an enigma. I like Garrett because the American revolution is one of the most interesting periods in history, in my opinion, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the speech he makes in chapter 37. Benjamin is also a interesting character, as is Nahuel. (side note: how do you pronounce his name? I never knew).

    In the end, though, I chose the Amazon clan. They were just fascinating to me in the book. I had a very visual picture in my head about their wildness and voices and how Zafrina was the “mouthpiece”. I’d like to see how they portray them.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  40. I always liked Alistair, he’s the kind of vamp that isn’t happy with who he is. You know, Cullens are happy as veggies, the other vamps are proud to be violent or even Jasper’s brother and sister are ok living away from humans and feeding from them… but Alistair is a dark sad soul, always running, always hiding. No wonder Carlise is one of his friends or his only friend. I don’t know, I think he adds a different spice to the group. And the moment he goes away you can’t help to ask your self: is this story going to end badly?

    And I always imagined him played by Rhys Ifans who I love! hehe

  41. I really want to see the Amazons. But also seeing the Denalis are good. And all of them is much much better. 😀 Breaking Dawn would be dead boring without them.

  42. Twilibrarian says

    I chose Denali because it is a member of their clan (Irina) who starts the whole Volturi mess in BD. They also refuse to help with the newborns in Eclipse because the Cullens have joined forces with the Quileute Wolf Pack, and the wolves took out Laurent.

    I really think it is essential to have all of the clans represented if Bill Condon stays true to the book. The Cullens need every witness they can get to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not immortal. I am not saying they all need lines to say, but they need to be included. No CGI witnesses.

    Think of the battle scenes from Ben Hur, or more recently, Braveheart. Most of the extras were members of the British military. They were already trained as soldiers. All they needed was a costume. Same holds true for BD, and since we all know it’s going to be 2 films 😉 ;-), there is lots of time for casting, makeup, and costumes. None of the witness clans show up in the book until Jacob, Bella, and Renesmee are walking in the woods.

  43. I think the Denali clan is the most important to the basic part of the story, but the Amazons are a close second because of what Zafrina teaches Bella to do with her shield.

  44. You left the most importatnt new vampire off the list. Renesmee!!!!!

  45. I think that the Denali vamps are pretty vital. Also the Amazon vampires should be included. I hope they can keep most of them!

  46. I really think they HAVE to include them all, they are all important to the second half of the book! They are needed as witnesses to show strength agains the volturi. I think that alone is important..not to mention the Denali clan is extremely imprtant..maybe they are referenced in Eclipse, that has yet to be seen. I hope they are, if not, it can still be done when the time comes in BD. Then, theres Bella exercising her gift. Also important.
    It makes me feel better that Stephanie Meyers will help get it right since shes been names a producer, dont forget about that!
    What makes it to the screen has more of her say then (I would think) the past movies!

  47. This question is extremely difficult to answer…actually impossible to answer for me. Let me explain why.

    Denali Clan: Tanya, Irena, Kate, Eleazar
    These vamps are crucial to the plot. Eleazar is how we learn so incredibly much about the Volturi and of course Irina’s death is an extremely important event as is her sisters’ reaction to her death. They are a must for the film…I can’t see in my head how they could make it work without these characters. Maybe Tanya could be cut, but her sister Kate’s gift is important to the whole book.

    Irish Clan: Siobahn, Liam, Maggie
    Siobahn is very important becuase her “suspected” gift is crucial to the outcome of the book and Maggie’s gift is important as well. I believe we could possibly go without Liam and Maggie, but then Siobahn would be a nomad.

    Egyptian Clan: Amun, Tia, Kebi, Benjamin
    I think we can all agree that Benjamin is a MUST. And to me, Amun’s conflict with his role in the witnessing is an important part of the book.

    Amazon: Zafrina, Senna, Kachiri
    ZAFRINA is a MUST too. Zafrina and Nessie’s relationship cannot be done away with…it’s too important. And we can all agree without Kachiri assisting Alice and Jasper to find Huilen and Nahuel then you might as well hand victory to the Volturi.

    Romanian: Stefan, Vadimir
    No one wants the Volturi dead more than the Romanians and for that I love them and I’d love to see the Romanians brought to the big screen.

    I think Alistair is important as well. His insights while he is sulking in the attic give you a nice peak into the possibilities of what the Volturi are capable of should they succeed in their mission such as hunting down and destroying any vamps who have had contact with the Cullens and Renesmee.

    I must say this is the ONE and ONLY vampire I cannot and will not be deprived of…Garrett’s declaration towards the end is, for me, the most emotional and overwhelming event of the entire book, possibly the Saga. His speech brings me to tears everytime I read it…not sad tears, but happy tears because of how honest and courageous he is…he’d die to stand up for what he knows is right and I admire him a lot for that

    Mary and Randall
    I think unfortunately these two are expendables.

    Huilen and Nahuel
    This movie would make absolutely NO SENSE without these two…who in their right mind can argue with that?

    New Volturi: Renata, Chelsea, the wives
    Renata is a key character because she and Bella are the only shields and she is Aro’s shadow/protector. Unfortunately Chelsea and the wives (aka Sulpicia and Athenodora) are expendables.

    So that is my verdict. A few expendables, but for the most part, in my opinion, each vampire has his/her contribution and I believe each are important for plot reasons.

    • FYI…
      I think if they make two films, wouldn’t they get to keep more of the characters because they will have a whole extra film to introduce them to us??

      Because BD was long in more ways than one. Of course we all know it is 754 lovely pages, but it’s also very complex…lots of things going on.

      1. The night prior to the wedding
      2. The wedding
      3. Jacob’s presence at the wedding
      4. Isle Esme
      5. Discovering the pregnancy
      6. Jacob’s entire book (which I believe will be extremely tricky to transfer to the screen)
      a. Discovering Bella is home
      b. Discovering Bella is pregnant with Edward’s “mutant spawn”
      c. Jacob trying to convince Bella to abort or have “puppies”
      d. Jacob’s return to the pack after his discovery
      e. Jacob splitting from the pack
      f. Seth and Leah
      g. Jacob and Carlisle’s convo about the fetus’ and his similarities
      h. Bella’s first vampire act
      i. Jared, Paul, Quil and Collin meet Jake’s pack in the woods
      j. Bella being hot and cold and hot and cold
      k. Jake’s visits to Bella
      l. Jacob alone in his hate when Edward discovers he can hear the baby’s thoughts
      m. Jake trying to imprint at the park
      n. Edward asking Jacob for the very last thing he has to give
      o. Bella vomits a fountain of blood
      p. The delivery
      q. Jake sees Renesmee for the first time
      r. Bella’s transformation
      s. Her new life
      t. First hunt with Edward

      Okay I didn’t realize how long this list would be?!? You get the picture though…it needs to be two films people! I’m all the way to “T” and I’ve only gotten through Bella’s first book and Jacob’s book.

      I vote TWO!

  48. Larissa says

    I do hope that they are all in there. It would be so cool to see them all. Hopefully they will add them all.

  49. Cendrillon says

    Er…What about Renesmee!!! If Nahuel is on the list as a half-vampire, Renesmee certainly should be.

    And what about the non-vampires we’ve never seen before, like Phil, Sue, and J. Jenks?


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