David Slade Addresses Online Rumors

Over the last week and especially this weekend, rumors have sprung up regarding the reshoots (known as pick up shots) in Vancouver. We’ve seen every kind of speculation.  It ranged from “the entire film’s in chaos, they are redoing everything” to “Rob and David were at each others throats over the filming, and Rob walked out after an argument causing a massive delay” and just about every other manipulation of those two items that you can think of.

No doubt in reaction to the myriad of rumors, David Slade (who has previously been notoriously silent on such matters) has commented on his Twitter. This is a very unusual reaction from David Slade who in the midst of other rumor intensive times merely Tweeted out pictures of flowers, fish, and weathered crew members; seemingly immune to it all.

Here is what David Slade had to say, even though it’s an old adage that you can’t be sure of tone of voice on the Internet,we think it’s pretty clear here.

“So strange, I go away for three weeks and return to all these upsetting completely fabricated rumours. Who makes this stuff up as news.

REAL NEWS: last 3 weeks have gone fantastic, pick up shoot felt more like a reunion. Rob, Kristen,Taylor the crew & I gave 110%”


  1. It must get on his and many of the people working on Eclipse’s nerves that rumors get started over NOTHING! Glad to know that things are going great! =]

    • Danielle says:

      Good for him! Its so nice that virtually no know on this film is affected by the press. They understand its part of the territory. What is sad is that the rumors start in the first place.
      I think they all handle the paps very well for such a young group of actors. Maybe they should give a few pointers to people in Hollywood!!

      • No FANGS required says:

        Agree with the both of you guys, Cant wait till June to see the finished product that they all (Summit,David, and the Actors) have worked so hard on to make us fans Happy. 😉

  2. Wow. I heard thru friends who worked with David that he was a bit hard to work with. Of course, it’s not fact because we all work differently with people. Someone else’s truth may not be our own. Still, I had not heard any internet rumors until I just now read this.

  3. Splick Cullen says:

    Can’t wait to Eclipse. Speaking of, Eclipse comes out during an a real eclipse that day. You think they’ll have Breaking Dawn early in the mornings at “dawn”?

  4. Bree castro says:

    If hes hard to work with its because hes a good director. From what I read and seen in interviews with him. He seems to take his films seriously, and thats how it should be. To make a good movie, its not about messing around. Its about making a good movie. People think movies are just for entertainment. Yes they are! Also though, they are a job too. Its an expensive job and well paying job usually. Though its a job, and those who work in it, such as directors, should be serious and make good movies.

    Also evne if rumors were true that it was hard to work with him. David has alot more film experience then all the case put together. Just like normal people with normal jobs, we have to listen to our boss and not argue about it. The same goes for actors, directors are thier boss. They need to get the job done and listen to the boss. Its job in the end of the day. And I know rob wouldnt go birsirk and argue with david. If for some reason it was true though, then it shows that rob needs to take his job seriously. Other then that, good for david. I loved his vampire movie 30 days and 30 nights. I love the twilighe series books and the movies. But whether rumors or true or not about on sent things, it shouldnt matter to us fans. They movies are getting done , thats all taht matters.

  5. Hmm. Think people are kind of keyed up over Eclipse? Hope that translates into enthusiasm, not just fears.

  6. Gina L. says:

    Crazy Stuff! It seems to me that people are just looking for something to go wrong. Like they want to see the Twilight Saga movies crash and burn. Well, that isn’t going to happen. So, stop making mole hills into mountains and let the director & everyone else involved do their jobs so we can see our(the Fans of the sagas) movie. Great job David Slade!

  7. THANK YOU, David! You totally rock!!

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt from being an avid Twilighter, it’s to take almost everything I read from so-called ‘sources’ with a HUGE pinch of SALT, have faith in our beloved Twilight cast and crew, and wait patiently to hear the right stuff from legit sources like Twi Lex and other proper sites. 🙂

  8. Marion says:

    I know that sounded odd when I first heard about so-called bickering between Slade and Rob. Like everyone has said,take what you hear with a fine grain of salt. Let’s just focus on the fun we’ll have when we get to see Eclipse next month. It’s going to be the party of the summer for Twilight fans.

  9. Did anyone see the new article Lainey posted? Oh my goodness, just stop already. She pretty much calls us idiots for believing that everything went fine.

    These were reshoots/pick ups, nothing to freak out over as it’s very normal to do reshoots. The fact that Lainey and Madison seemed determined to stir up dram is annoying!

    David Slade is a great director and I trust him to make an amazing movie.

    I’m so over the drama – especially on Twitter.

  10. i tried looking for the shoot while in Vancouver…..no sightings! 🙁

  11. I can’t believe how much everyone freaked out. Bottom line is – we will get our movie and they (David, Summit, cast & crew) are making sure it is perfect. Calm down everyone and be thankful they care enough to make it even better.


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