Another Image of Jodelle Ferland as Bree

Once again, thanks to the folks over at Creation Entertainment, we have another image of Jodelle Ferland as Bree Tanner.  What’s new about this photos is that it looks like an actual still image from the film and not a publicity shot like the last one was.  Sow what do you think?  Do her eyes look more like a newborn vamp in this picture?


  1. She looks soooo much like a vampire in this picture. Spooky!!

  2. MinaMinx says

    I alwat thought they would have a more vibrant red to them, this is burgandy in my opinion. Maybe they’ll brighten them in post production?

  3. She does look like a newborn vampire, I wonder how are they going to kill her? Are they going to show her head being ripped off, or since she is under 18 are they going to imply it. Who knows

    • Filming death scenes for minors is much different then filming, say, sex scenes. Age has a lot less to do with it in regards to what they actually show. I don’t know what David Slade filmed and his interpretation of her death, but what ever it was, her age probably didn’t restrict him all that much.

  4. I thought it would be a brighter red, not along the lines of a burgundy. Aren’t they supposed to be like vicious red flames? that’s how Bella described them.

  5. edwardfan says

    her eyes are amazing! it shows that victoria was sure that all of her newborns were thirsty before they attacked.

  6. Um guys…everyone is saying how their burgandy but click the picture so it goes to a seperate page with JUST the picture and its actually a bright red so..yeaah

  7. Elu_una says

    Also, concerning the brightness of the red, Internet image quality is not the best, and you have to factor in the hundreds of different kinds of screens used, all with varying color indexes. In addition to THAT, each of us processes color differently in our brains.

    And not to mention, that isn’t a TOMATO red they are using, but a deep red, which has a tendency to look darker. It looks more realistic than a cartoon bright red.

  8. Aw she looks SO cute… I’m already dreading the Vulturi killing her.

  9. very cool photo, but lots of people are saying, i thought they’d be brighter and more shocking. These are more like the Volturis…

  10. i.had.a.dream.last.night says

    After loading the image in another window, I’m probably the only one, but I imagined them darker… -nervous laugh-

  11. Really nice picture! 🙂

  12. Wow I feel old! I think she looks about 12! Which is kinda creepy as my kiddo turns 12 in a few months lol

  13. none of the vampiress haave those dark undereye “bruises” anymore! whaats with that?!

  14. silvertonguedevil says

    Am I really the only one on here that hopes they don’t put too much emphasis on such a bit part. I understand there’s a book coming out about her story but let that be another project. This seems to be turning into “The Bree Movie”. She does look amazing ( though I have to agree that the dark circles need to come back) and the red is just right.

  15. anyone else notice how much she looks like Malese Jow (Anna) from The Vampire Diaries? Or is that just me?
    It’s just me? Alrighty then…lol …slinking back to my rock now………….

  16. InLoveWithJackson says

    I really like how she looks. She looks really spooky, but she keeps that look of innocence about her that I think she definitely needs to play bree. when you look at the pic in better quality her eyes are a lot brighter, and i think they’re a good colour. any brighter and they would’ve looked fake. she just looks like maybe she’s a few months old, and wasn’t just turned the day before, which she wasn’t. so far from what we’ve seen i think david slade has done a really good job with eclipse and i can’t wait to see the finished movie!

  17. I think she looks awesome. I’m tired of people who say that they hope this movie doesn’t pan out characters who only have a small part.

    In order for the movie to convey more emotion – they are going to have to do this. Bree is an important character. In the book, Bella mentions that when she looks at Bree she can see what she will look like as a newborn. This scene conveys much emotion at the prospect of Bella becoming a Vampire.

    This is a key scene, it allows the viewers to understand the emotions Bella is going through. Also, I’d just like to mention: Riley has one line in the whole book: “Victoria!” and Riley only comes into play at the end of the book, with the stand off between Edward, Bella, Victoria and Seth. Yet, they are really panning him out in this movie, so much so he will be a very prominent occurrence.

  18. I think her eyes should be more… red! She drinks human’s blood…. I don’t know… Anyway… I love the books and I read them every night!!!

    sorry for my english 🙂

  19. who is bree tanner. what part of the book is she in what chapeter? i dont remember?!!

  20. TeamAliceGuy says

    Jodelle Ferland had very gruesome and painful “deaths” in Silent Hill (11 years old), Kingdom Hospital, and Case 39. She’s typecast in horror movies. She’ll be awesome! The eyes look tastefully understated. I’m ready for the Bree Tanner novella. David Slade directed “Hard Candy” too.

  21. am I seriously the only one who’s disappointed with the eyes? like, in twilight, they were always black. never really gold, ya know? it’s difficult, i get it, but they don’t need to be so dark all the time. the reds aren’t as super bright or glowy as i wish they could be. oh well, hopefully they fix em for breaking dawn.


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