Full Press Release: Stephenie Meyer Named as Producer

At this time we still don’t know if it will be one or two movies. The Lexicon staff is betting on two films, because we feel there is enough material as cited by Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg.  Assuming it is two movies, and assuming they film from late October 2010 until mid spring 2012we are figuring on a Thanksgiving or Christmas 2011 release on the first and a July 2012 release on the second.  Please note these dates are conjecture on our part based on previous experience and not insider info.

The other EXCITING news is that Stephenie Meyer has been named as one of the films producers. This would indicate a greater level of creative control, which most fans (we believe) would say is a good thing. See the full press release below.


Los Angeles, CA  April 28, 2010 – Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg, and will star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.   Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, and Stephenie Meyer will produce the project.

“Bringing Stephenie Meyer’s BREAKING DAWN to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity,” said Erik Feig, President of Production and Acquisitions, for Summit Entertainment.

Added author Stephenie Meyer, “I’m so thrilled that Bill wants to work with us. I think he’s going to be a great fit, and I’m excited to see what he does with the material.”

“I’m very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life on-screen. As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book – and we’re hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience,” said Bill Condon.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

Condon is well known for writing and directing DREAMGIRLS, KINSEY, and GODS AND MONSTERS, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999.  He was nominated for a second Oscar for his screenplay for the movie musical CHICAGO in 2003.  Most recently the multi-hyphenate directed the pilot episode for the Showtime series “The Big C” and produced the 81st Annual Academy Awards telecast, hosted by Hugh Jackman.

The third film in the franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is due in theaters on June 30, 2010.


  1. Very exciting…Breakind Dawn will be here before we know it!! Not soon enough…but at least we know the pieces are coming together!

  2. finally some news about BD 😀 now we just need the rest to follow and we can start countdown for BD 😀

  3. AliceKikiCullen says


  4. Pretty awesome…but is it confirmed that Breaking Dawn will be 2 films? and if so will he be directing both? Just a question 🙂

  5. Do we know if it’s one or two movies?

  6. brittanylovestwilight says

    Oh YES!!! Stephenie to co-produce?! Heck yes! I’m SO excited! I’m not really concerned anymore about BD being 1 or 2 films. With Stephenie Meyer OFFICIALLY on the team, I think I can safely say, we are in good hands. 😀

    • Yes, indeed! Thank you Stephenie and I pray God continues to bless you for your work!

    • I am glad that Stephanie is getting credit as producer. However I know that she was very involved in the other three films. Does anyone know exactly what power “producer” gives her that she did not have before?

      • This may be too long but I’ll give it a shot…

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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        A film producer or movie producer is someone who creates the scenes and conditions for making movies. The producer initiates, co-ordinates, supervises and controls matters such as fund-raising, hiring key personnel and arranging for distributors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the film-making process from development to completion of a project. In the first half of the 20th century, the producer also tended to wield ultimate creative control on a film project. In the U.S., with the demise of Hollywood’s studio system in the 1950s, creative control began to shift into the hands of the director

  7. YEAH for BILL!!! I’m so excited that he’ll be joining the team! With his writing background, hopefully he’ll be able to fill some of the holes that M.R. reputably leaves in her scripts. I’m also so excited for Stephenie being a producer!!! That means she’ll for sure make sure the important details make it to the film! I’m suddenly sooooooooo super excited! Now Bill just needs to sign up for a twitter account so we can follow him during the process like we’ve been able to with D. Slade!

  8. damn it.. if Stephanie is helping produce, then she’s not doing what she needs to do… Writing a new book for the series…

    • I am very excited to hear this news 🙂 But on the other hand I was thinking the same thing that you were thinking 🙁 Just cant get enough of her writings especially with the Twilight Saga.

      • rather have her make it better than have her not be there. cuz this cud b so potentially bad its not funny at all. ty stephenie!..besides as much as i want to(and im sure we all want to)have cake and eat it too, some things must wait for the betterment of the franchise and this is a good call.

        • Cullen lover says

          I know Stephenie will make us all proud and very well satisfied in this. Someday we will get our closer on the Twilight Series ( keeping my fingers crossed for a fifth book) 😉

    • I think she still could work on one she wrote Breaking Dawn during working on Twilight, and if she decides on a new book I think it will be Midnight sun which is basically halfway finished.


      • Twilight girl says

        I dont see any “COMPLAINTS” on here…only hopeful fans. And there is nothing wrong with that! We fans are the ones who make people successful in life right?

  9. OMG!!!! Jumping up & down!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the official word!!

  10. twiightgirl68 says

    Not happy with Bill Condon !! I mean WTF were they thinking ?? Hopefully SM will have a greater impact on this one !!! ;(

  11. This soooo made my day! Its nice to see Summit keeping us in the loop on some things, lets us know that they havent let the BD film fall to the wayside

  12. haha i’m glad i get to see it before we all died in 2012 HAHAHAHHA jk

  13. Good news! She will be able to show us what she really dream of! 🙂

  14. FINALLY! So glad to get some news about this, and Stephenie on as a producer??? Thank the lord! Work your magic girlfriend!

  15. Katie Limbeck says

    (screams!!!) YES OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WAIT!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  16. so exciting! I love OFFICIAL news! So glad everything is moving forward and that Stephenie is on board as a producer!

  17. Elizabeth Greene says

    I’m betting if they make it into two movies, they will shoot the whole thing at once and split it later. Rob isn’t getting any younger. Worked for Peter Jackson.

  18. Stephanie should have been a producer since the beginning. It always bugged me that the artist isnt present for the safe journey of her cult.

    • EDITED:Stephanie should have been a producer since the beginning. It always bugged me that the artist isnt present for the safe journey of her creation.

      Sorry…I’m watching a documentary on cult. lol

  19. YAYYYYY, so happy that Stephenie will be a producer!!!!

  20. Go Stephenie! I’m so excited!

  21. I am going to be a minority here I’m sure, but I think its not good news that she is a Producer on this one. There is a lot that needs to be changed to make Breaking Dawn successful as a movie (or 2).

    I really really wish she had been for the first 3, but Breaking Dawn is a whole ‘nother beast, and I think she should have listened more to her editors on the book, so not sure how the movie will be with her so involved…

  22. perfect!!!this news couldn’t be better. Co-producer is a perfect role for stephenie and Im sure Bill Condon will do a great job! Great news to wake up to!

  23. YAY!!! Finally some official news on Breaking Dawn!!! I love the fact that Stephenie is goig to be a producer! Now this will tide us over till we get more info on it (when filming, expected release date, etc.)

  24. I’m glad we’ve finally got confirmation on the director for Breaking Dawn. Luckily I’d seen both Dreamgirls,which he directed and Chicago(which I loved)that he wrote the screenplay for. So I have complete faith that he’ll do a faithful adaptation of the fourth novel. It’s the longest book in the series and the only logical way to tell it is to split it into two films. Most of the cast have all said that there’s way too much material for one film. So I’m sure we’ll probably here not to long from now whether BD will be one film or two.

  25. I’ll be a negative Nancy and say I’m not too thrilled that she’s co-producing the last movie(s). While I’m thrilled that there’s news about filming Breaking Dawn, I honestly think that with her [SM] having her hands even more into the BD movie means that some scenes I think should be written in aren’t going to be there (Edward actually being around & raising his daughter more-so than Jake and Edward being more than a puppet), and that some scenes that I think should be cut are going to be left in (Jake imprinting on a newborn baby). I can only hope that a certain Isle Esme sequence is more than a Disney-esque/1940’s fade to black.

    • Thank you!! You are the first one who wrote the exact thing I was thinking!! If BD is rated PG13 it sure won’t be getting that rating due to what happens on Isle Esme. Be prepared for a fade-to-black scene just like the book. *sigh*

      • Twilibrarian says

        Fade to black, with the waves crashing on the shore? Like in 1940? Ummm, well. PG-13. Let’s not turn our chaste Bella and Edward into porn stars! 😉 Wink!

      • Did you see Remember Me? Those scenes were pretty steamy and that was PG-13.

    • LOL. You are so correct about everything. I think it is one of the reasons she is going to be involved this time around because she knows that the fans are very disappointed about the father daughter relationship between Edward and Renesmee. She has the chance to fix this in the film and i think she is the only one that can make this right. Also i hope Mr Condon will take over writing the screenplay from MR.

    • I am so excited. I wonder who they will get to design the wedding gown? It will be the most talk about wedding dress since Princess Diana

    • I agree with everything you wrote.

  26. gosh wow! I’m so excited! Breaking Dawn/Twilight Where my second favorite books of the series, I so can’t wait to see how this one is gonna turn out!

  27. Out of all the movies so far, I’m having the least doubts about Breaking Dawn. 🙂

  28. Yay! SO excited to see that SM will have her hand in this important movie. I might have been a bit nervous about Condon, but knowing Stephenie will be around is assurance it will be done right-including the all important Isle Esme scenes. It’s her material so she’ll make certain that it’s done tastefully and beautifully. 🙂 Just sooo happy we have some movement on this!!!

  29. I am glad Stephenie Meyer is going to produce. She will now be able to be more involved. So I have high hopes the final installment won’t be ruined. As far as fans upset that it is taking away from her writing. Give the women a break. I am glad she took some time off from writing to do this. It isn’t forever and when she gets back to writing she will come back refresh. I think she has a few things in store for us once all the movies come out anyways.

  30. silkoverglass says

    Hmm? Don’t think it will be split into two movies. Since they are only talking about one director and clearly refer to just the one Braking Dawn movie.

    • They can do it with one director. Peter Jackson did it with Lord of the Rings. They just filmed straight through, then cut it into 3 movies.

  31. Twilibrarian says

    I am thrilled Stephenie Meyer is a producer. That will allow her to have much more say in what’s in and what’s out. I didn’t like Chicago or Dreamgirls, but I have to trust the professionals when it comes to hiring a director.

    As for Isle Esme and the wedding night, remember Edward is from an old fashioned era. In reading the book, think of how he worries about hurting Bella. In a Comic-Con Twilight video, I remember Stephenie being asked about which was her favorite book. She answered “Breaking Dawn” and then gave Kristen and Robert a “look.” The audience went wild, knowing it was because of the wedding and Isle Esme. It was especially obvious by Pattinson’s reaction.

    Trust Stephenie to make sure “they” get it right. As I said in an earlier post, I would love it if there was the “sex” talk with all the Cullen men. It would help develop their characters, plus illustrate Edward’s true love of Bella by making sure he does things right. Remember, he, too, is a virgin. (In Eclipse, his bedroom, “Quit trying to take your clothes off,” and states his virtue aka virginity is the part of him that isn’t tarnished. They were discussing his soul.)

    Now, onto Jacob and imprinting on Renesmee. Reread Breaking Dawn and you will discover how Jacob explains imprinting when Quil imprints on a toddler, Claire. There is nothing icky or sexual about it. Quil is her protector, guide, and friend just as Jacob is for Renesmee. In nature, imprinting insures survival. Can you envision Jacobs’ face as he sees his beloved Bella’s child, knowing there is absolutely nothing he can do to save her life? And then the miracle happens, which he describes as a “million steel cables” holding him to the baby girl in the blond vampires arms. Unconditional love, period.

    So, there you have my analysis of this leatest Breaking Dawn information. Have a great evening!

    • But it won’t look that way on screen. No matter how they try it will look like a teenage boy falling in love with a baby. This will make sickos happy and could/will ruin the movie. They could re-work the timeline and ending of the script. Allow Renesmee to grow to an appropriate age and then have the imprinting. Since I love both Jake and Renesmee I really hope they do not keep this in the movie just as it is in the book.

    • I think the whole ick factor with the imprinting is that although nothing is going on now, Jacob is still thinking long term and looking at Reneesme as his future wife.
      Similarly, when Jake is with Quil and Claire in the beach scene, he tells Quil has he every thought about dating another girl until Claire grows up and Quil looks at him like he’s nuts. In the back of Quil’s mind, he too to is thinking of this toddler as his future partner. It does definitely have an ick factor. I wish Stephanie Meyer wrote the imprinting thing to only occur in adults to avoid all this.

      • I do not think that Jacob thinks of Renesmee as his future wife. When Bella mention “as a son-in-law” his response is “that is sick, I don’t think of her like that, she is just a baby” (paraphrased). Even after Nauhel confirms that she will be mature in about 7 years, Edward is actually surprised that the though never crosses Jacob’s mind.

  32. I think SM is standing in as co-producer because Breaking Dawn is going to have very mature matters like Bella and Edward’s wedding night and Jacob imprenting. IMO SM wants to make sure it’s done in a tastful manner. Also, anyone who has read the books knows there is nothing wrong with the imprenting issue. He (the wolf) becomes whatever the girl needs him to be.

    • …”he becomes whatever the girl needs him to be”…yeah until she is older and then they become mates.

  33. I like Steph but I am unhappy with this news. She is being controlling and I assume it’s so she can force things to be just her way. However, the movie really needs some changes. It is going to look so gross if she forces them to have Jacob imprint on a baby Renesmee! It’s already hard to swallow in the book but on screen it’s just not okay to show. Perverts may like it and use it to justify their evil behavior. I’m very worried about this news.

    • I totally agree with you about the imprinting. Its easier to take in print because it was built up and presented well, but they won’t be able do that in the movie.

      It makes me think of The Time Traveler’s Wife. It never occurred to me how creepy it was for an adult man to hang out with a child (where he appears naked even) in a field until I saw it on the “big screen”…

    • I totally agree with the whole controlling thing!

    • Twilibrarian says

      You just don’t get the whole imprinting thing, do you. It is not perverted, nor will it attract perverts. Jacob will be whatever it is that Renesmee chooses for him to become for her. As a child, he is her protector and guide. As she ages, she may or may not choose him as a mate. Jacob has no control over the imprinting, and will do whatever Renesmee chooses for him to do. Nothing perverse at all. It’s called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

  34. I’m happy she’s producing. But very disappointed that bill condon is directing. I wanted Chris Weitz to do BD.

  35. missbluejuju says

    The director? Meh. We’ll see.

    Stephenie co-producing BD? Um, no please. While I think that it would’ve been great to have her produce the other movies, I want her far away from this one. This is probably going to sound really b*t*hy, but yeah, she did enough damage writing the thing to begin with, IMO.

    (Obviously I’m not a fan of BD. That’s just me though.)

    • Sorry you feel that way. She is the author and authors don’t cater to fans. She wrote the story she wanted to write and she was please with it. Those are her characters she created them and she has the right to write what she pleases. I admire her. She is a very strong-will lady who fought for what she wanted and got it with BD. No one has the right to tell her what she can’t or should not write.

      • missbluejuju says

        I’m glad that she wrote what she set out to write.

        I just didn’t like how it turned out.

        TGFFanfic. (And TGF-the universe she created for the fanfic writers to play in.)

        No need to white knight.

    • I completely agree with you missbluejuju!

  36. I’m so excited! I really hope they do it in two movies!! Don’t really want to wait that long to see it but I don’t think one movie can do it justice!!!

  37. I’d like only 1 movie, don’t think there’s enough for 2 without dragging BUT …

    BD has all this chapters from Jacob’s view. What if – now that they have SM on the team – they also integrated Midnight Sun? That would make a filler for 2 movies.

    • HOW do they integrate Midnight Sun into Breaking Dawn?

      • Flashbacks! e.g.: Wedding: Edward remembering seeing Bella for the first time. The hole “conversion” scene. After all Bella isn’t moving a muscle according to the book. Yes, they’ve to convey that she is burning and in pain, but you cant’t do that for too long. Isle Esme: Edward beats himself up for hurting Bella: Flashback how he endangered her live before. Finding out about Bella beeing a “Shield”: Flashback how it aggravated him not beeing able to read her mind, and so on. Certainly you couldn’t use all of MS but after all the movies never focused on Jessica’s not so stellar nature or that Edward helped getting Angela and Ben together (who isn’t even in the movie. MS fills/clears some holes in the story, it could do the same for the movies. And after all it is a bit curious that the story is told from Bella’s view, Jacob’s but you never get it from Edward’s side. For me it would round out the final movie/s.

  38. If Stephenie Meyer is a producer, she stands to reap a incredible amount of money if the film is successful because as a producer, she would get a percentage of the gross not a fixed payment like the actors and writers. Hence, I think that although Breaking Dawn was terrible and the films should have stopped at Eclipse, it’s in her best interests to make the film as good as possible.


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