MTV Newborn Army Still

Xavier water

Here’s a new still from MTV!


  1. Woot…. wolf food is all clean and ready for eating.

  2. WOW!!! They look amassing

  3. Jazz Girl says

    Wow. So happy to see that they are actually focusing on the core of the story.

    • Its not the core or even the “soul” of the story. Reread Eclipse please.

      • Jazz Girl says

        Apparently the second sentence of my post disappeared…the one that said please see the definition of sarcasm.

        • Cullen wanna be says

          LOL…Well said

          • One thing about it … fans will always agree too disagree. We all mostly have read these books and we all have a difference of opinion of them. Looks to me like the story will be very much based on the book..I am well content with what I have seen so far.

  4. CantanteDiEdward says

    Where’s Bree 🙂

    • I was wondering the same thing she is not in the trailer either. They could have digitally deleted her to not give too much away then put her back in for the movie they do that alot.

    • I was think about this as well. I’m not positive, but she could be the one on the right behind Riley that you can barely see… I’m just guessing. 🙂

  5. Queue the Pirates of the Caribbean Underwater March…



    The land of the Dead lol


  7. There’s a guy next to Riley in the back that’s gray!! Why is he gray?!

  8. I think it looks cool and yes I would love more newborns but we have our hands tied as it is. It looks fierce so win for me.

  9. BREE?

  10. Are they not supposed to be like 20? I count 12, so obviously this is not all of them.. This is meant for those who are asking about Bree.

  11. I see a random blue face?!

    • Spidermonkey says

      Um, maybe the water was REALLY cold (which is probably is where they filmed), so one of them actually turned blue! And I don’t think he’s a Na’vi. Ha ha…joking. Actually I think they look very cool and menacing coming out of the water like that. Riley I imagined as a lot younger, but I think this guy is great visually.

  12. kristi clark says

    a] it looks like more people are coming out of the water.
    b] whats up with the dude with the blue/gray face?!!??!! something go wrong with him while he was being changed? haha.
    c] it looks amazing. i can’t wait for the movie.

    them coming out of the water its kinda freaky. im going to have to watch out in random bodies of water for now on. i can’t wait for the fight scenes.
    and the tent scene.
    [maybe that’s because im totally a Jacob fan.]

  13. Jennifer L. says

    WHOA. soo excited!
    who’s that avatar-like creature behind Riley?

  14. this scene reminds me of Pirates of the caribbean when they all come out form the water!! 🙂

  15. I’m Ok with the movie attracting the men, as long as they don’t forget the reason the movies are as huge a hit as they are.

    The base of the Twilight Saga Franchise is us, Twilight women, and we women want romantic Edward, bottom line. Action packed fight scene, sure, great, bring it on, but don’t you dare screw up that leg hitch.

  16. Hes not blue………even though thats the colour on the sure hes just a darker skinned guy, with white make up on like laurent!…and ofcourse the water is reflecting off his stoney skin! so thats why hes all bluey….:D

  17. Hmmmm….I didn’t know Eclipse was a zombie movie. Apparently scummit, slade and melissa rosencrap didn’t read Page 290 in the book.

  18. In the books all vampires are described as being devastatingly beautiful. Like even the ugliest vamp is better looking than most humans. I wish they had carried that over in the movies more…I mean in the first two movies it wasn’t that bad, but now with all of these newborns, it’s really obvious these are not what we’ve been led to believe vamps look like. It’s probably tough with casting but still…that bald dude?? and that girl with the green hat? why would a vampire even wear an Urban Outfitters-style hipster hat like that??? Blech. And like do they all shop at the same store??? Ugh I’m disappointed, sorry!

  19. I think they loof bad ass cant wait!

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