Full Character Images from Eclipse

Eclipse Full Body Images

Some new promo images from Eclipse hit the internet.  What makes these unique is that they are full sized body images of Edward, Bella, and Jacob.  We’re not sure where these will be used, but the remind me of the window decals used in Burger King for New Moon or for stand ups in book stores.  Note to Hillywood: Bella is NOT wearing plaid in this picture!


  1. I don’t really like the look they chose for Edward…at all. Jacob looks jacob-y enough for me, Bella is ok too. And that’s my amazingly important opinion..yeah…

    • I agree. The movie Edward is always schlumpa-dinka looking and in the book you get the idea that he is always dressed like he belongs on the cover of GQ or Esquire. And does anyone really think Alice Cullen would allow Edward out of the house wear Chuck Taylors??? No way!

      • I always thought it was just me but yes, they do make Edward ‘slumpy’ for lack of a better word. i always thought from the books that they were all GQ cause Alice willed it to be so. Edward in khaki’s and sweaters and well…GQ. Whats up with that?

        • TwilightRocks!!! says

          Ok I have to disagree with you all- this FINALLY makes Edward look a lot LESS sloppy! I HATED the clothes they had him wear in both movies… except those tight pants 😉 but yea where is the iconic tan leather jacket? He finally looks like he is not a slob in this picture! But on another note- I think they have way too much makeup on him.

    • vampbball says

      Yup. I could see Edward wearing straight-leg, but skinny jeans? He might be emo on the inside, but he doesn’t have to dress like it on the outside.

  2. I love it! I hope we get more promo type pics soon!

  3. Bella is wearing Hollister jeans! This does not seem like a very Bella-like clothing choice – way too trendy! I love Jacob’s look

  4. Interesting that they’re trying to downplay the height difference between RP and TL — RP has to be six inches taller than TL! Just funny.
    But, of course, they all look gorgeous. Airbrushed to perfection. 😉

  5. It would be pretty funny to see these larger then life posters slapped in the side of a building. Its so in your face! Pretty good stuff if you ask me. Oh, and you didn’t but I still think its funny. In a “I LOVE TWILIGHT” kind of way. And if you don’t like it, oh well!


  7. Ever notice how in most photos, Edward looks hopelessly depressed for someone so hopelessly in love?

    • Neil , you are so very right. Why is that. Even in the movies he seems more depressed or even pissed off the in love. That’s not the Edward I was reading about in the books, that is for sure!

      • Even SM tried to tell everybody during the first movie that Edward smiles A LOT in the book! She actually underlined the instances in a copy of Twilight to show Rob and Catherine!

        I think Rob is interpreting the character that way, and no one is correcting him.

        • You are right. I wonder did Rob read the books? If he did then he should know better and should not be portraying Edward that way.Rob has a very ugly smile so maybe it is best that he does not smile

  8. katie banks says

    I’m for Edward all the way

  9. Why can’t anyone just enjoy them for what they are instead of dissecting every little detail, like what brand they are wearing (hint: they are teenagers, so yeah, they WILL wear Hollister!) Edward is a protector, so his look will reflect that ‘keep your distance’ persona I’m the worlds most dangerous predator yadda yadda. If it’s not someone complaining about her wig, it’s someone complaining about the engagement ring or what have you. Makes me glad I’m not in my 20’s anymore, I see them as characters, not mall shoppers. And what is wrong with Chuck Taylor’s? Just love the eye candy already!

    • Cullen wanna be says

      Thank you Bea…. From one fan to another…you said exactly what some of my peeps was thinking. Lets focus more on the fact that Stephenie was on bored when her novels was being filmed. And also I do believe she does let the film industry know what she thinks..so if she is happy than as a fan so am I. 😉 🙂 😉

    • Ladies I’m totally with you guys on this. I’m 24. I love the books and have won my share of twi-triva okay. If I want perfection I go to the source….the books+imaginationland!! It doesnt get any better than that. And like Bea said. Just enjoy the eye candy. hhmmm grrr…

  10. I noticed Jacob is wearing a shirt… any one else see a problem with this?

  11. Jacob they make him always look good…ALL the production people are so TEAM JACOB. BIAS.
    Bella looks high as always. LOL.
    Edward WTH?! LMAO!!!! He looks really “gay”.

    • Edward is not gay. Hate to break the news to all of the so call Team Jacob people but guys with hot bods are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Rob/Edward has a very unique look. If Rob wants to be buff and all muscles he can be. He is a millionaire and he can hire the best personal trainers and chefs. Hate to break it to you Jake fans but your boy is 5″3.Boys with his looks and body can be found on any California Beach.

  12. The only I see wrong with it is they don’t look real. More like dolls. But other wise it’s great! Alice probably made her wear the jeans! LOL

  13. I’m irritated. They have Edward looking like a hoodlum from the fifties or something.

    • I wouldn’t say he looks like a hoodlum, but he does have a James Dean-ish quality about him. I think Edward (er Rob) looks pretty damn hot myself!

  14. I am loving the sneak peeks!!! Jacob looks good to me, Edward looks ready to go backpacking and Bella is Bella.

  15. too much photoshop…. this looks really bad.

  16. I like the photos. They have an ethereal quality to them, and it looks pretty cool. As far as the clothes go…
    Jacob-just looks like Jacob. We know he’ll be half-naked in the movie. The only reason he has a shirt on here is so they can plaster the pic everywhere and still have it be…appropriate 😉
    Edward-Don’t understand the hating on Edward’s clothes. Just looks like the standard teen wear to me-blue jean jacket, t-shirt, jeans. I never got the sense he’d look overly fashionable, since they’re supposed to be blending in with everyone else. He looks like a 17 year old guy.
    Bella-Well, the hair. What can you do? We know why, but don’t understand why they couldn’t have parted the wig on the side to look more natural. As far as her jeans go, how can you tell they’re Hollister? My 16 year old daughter couldn’t tell. Maybe Alice bought them for her! Heehee.

    Don’t think Edward looks depressed. None of them are smiling. I didn’t think he looked depressed in Twilight at all, and he was supposed to be in NM, so…

  17. They all look pretty good to me. And YAY that Bella is not wearing plaid. Hopefully we won’t see too muc of that in the movie. I would love to have one of Robward. 🙂

  18. Noah Brighten says

    Is it me, or would it be too much to have them pose… smiling… I know Eclipse is intense and all, but it would be nice to see the characters not looking like they are boring you down with the wrath of their eyes. 😛

  19. i think they look awesome
    jacob (taylor) kinda looks like he lost some muscle but still looks pretty hot
    bella (kristen) looks good too i dont really have a problem with the wig i think it looks pretty good so far, lets wait til the movie… and i LOVE her shoes!!!
    Edward (Rob) he does have that james dean vibe but i just cant stop thinkin of Blue Steel everytime i see this pix lol

  20. Why must she always scowl? I mean its EVERY picture.

  21. bella looks ok and jacob looks ok but edward does not look like him self

  22. bella is clumsy and would look sooo much better with jacob because jacob is soooo much cuter than edward

  23. I Love Jacob’s Boots!!!!

  24. Disappointing, sorry! Jacob should be wearing cheap black sweatpants, old sneakers, and that’s it. His body should be CUT.

    Bella’s wig is gross. Is she about to fly away?? What’s with the monotone clothes? The clothes are all wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I know she doesn’t care about trends and fashion. But still, this look sucks.

    Edward’s clothes are also all wrong. He looks like he’s in an Armani Exchange ad circa 1999. And Edward does not wear sneakers. FAIL.

    The wardrobe dept on this film has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

    And the airbrushing to the extreme looks cheap and gross. The whole thing is so disappointing.

  25. Oshin Daniel Lautner says

    Is it just me..or has anyone else noticed that Edward and Bella have exactly the same pose. Their legs, hands and torso are exactly in the same position. Wonder why that is.. on the other hand, Jacob has a totally different pose altogether, more sideways.
    anyways. TWILIGHT ROCKS!! And Taylor is BEAUTIFUL! <3 🙂

    • ok u got that wrong the twilight saga rocks and edward is angelicy beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! and so are the rest of the cullens……………………jacobs a loner


  27. ok so ed look so intense it makes my knees wobble bella looks well like bella and jacob looks as manky as ever

  28. Where can I buy just the Eclipse Bella & Edward full character images you have shown above? I have searched everywhere, please help.

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