First Image of Jodelle Ferland as a Vamp

I was looking at the list of celebrities on tap for the Official Twilight Convention in Vancouver that is coming up on May 14-16 and found that Jodelle Ferland, who hasn’t yet attended a Twilight convention, has been added to the appearance schedule.  But what is even more exciting is that Creation Entertainment is running a photo of Jodelle that we at the Lexicon have never seen before – and trust us when we say that we’ve seen just about everything!  Since Creation Entertainment is running the photo, and given that her eyes are red, we have to assume that this is a publicity shot of Jodelle as Bree.

Stylistically, this shot is very similar to that of the other vampires.   We’re curious, though, as to what Jodelle is wearing around her neck!  We hope that in days to come the full image will be available and we can see her necklace in full.  Perhaps the necklace will have meaning to the character of Bree and is something that will be mentioned in The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.


  1. Cool photo! Can’t wait!

  2. very cool!

  3. Cool! Thank you for posting it! 🙂

  4. that is a great pic. thank you guys for posting i cant wait to see her in the movie she looks awesome 🙂

  5. What necklace are they speaking of? I am so confused right now!

  6. Stephanie says

    Cool. This is close to how I pictured Bree.

  7. she looks very pretty yet evil.

  8. Creation Entertainment is running this? So was it being shown at the convention? If so, I was at the Arlington Convention on Friday & didn’t see it. I is a very cool pic of Bree. Just watched the fianl trailer and I can’t wiat for Eclipse. It looks amazing.

  9. Her eyes don’t look read to me.

  10. WOW! I love Jodelle! 🙂 That looks amazing!

  11. She looks so cute.

  12. muuuuuuuuuuuuuuito parecida com a bella cara *-*
    linda ,linda ,linda , morrendo esperabdo eclipse :/

  13. isn’t she supposed to be stone pale?

    • Exactly! And in the book doesn’t she have a bob-style haircut? I know that’s a “small” thing but I think those small things are important…

  14. Nicole S. says

    I think that is a piece of her hair not a necklace. If it were a necklace then you would see another piece of it on the other side of her neck and the strand you’re seeing is the same color as her hair…

  15. wow!!

    I like Jodelle Ferland

  16. Someone pictured her as Jane and in this picture, she looks like my imagination’s version of Jane.

    • ITA….this exactly how I pictured Jane. I just reread New moon, and this is so much like how Jane was described!

  17. why oh why they decided not to cast her as Jane… she looks perfect… it’s not that dakota is bad, but she’s to fierce for jane in my opinion.

  18. Rosalie Hilton says

    Wow! She looks like a cute little vampire! I mean fierce cute little vampire! <3 She is perfect for Bree.

  19. It’s not a necklace.
    It’s one of the curls of her hair.

  20. still can’t believe that she’s the little girl that was in Silent Hill.

  21. It def looks like a flat leather cord peeps. Not hair. It has an edge to it.

  22. I was expecting her eyes to be more of a fierce looking red. Her eyes are red, just dark, almost brown.
    I had the same question as lauren: she is not that pale.
    But she looks just like how I thought Bree should look.
    Jodelle Ferland will do a fantastic job.

  23. I don’t get whats so important about Bree. She was only in a couple pages of the book. She has like the smallest part in the whole book. Whats the big deal. She dies. If Stepianie is going to write another book it should be the one on Edwards point of veiw or she could even do one on Alice and Jaspers life and how they met each other and the cullens. That would be way better.

  24. chichichobits says

    Wow this is a great shot and this is how I imagined Jane to look like exactly. Honestly I’m glad she’s in the movie she makes a great vamp

  25. Janice Fisher says

    I just finished the book of Bree Tanner, and really enjoyed it. It was very good, a little sad.


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