MTV Summarizes Live Web Chat

If you missed the live web chat that went on last night with Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, and Bryce Dallas Howard, no need to worry!  MTV followed along and has a summary of all the best stories and info that the ladies supplied the fans. (And we want to take this time to give Matt Britton from Twilight Source two thumbs up for a job well done as the host!)


  1. I still like Rachelle as Victoria better than I like the girl with the manly name.

    • I agree Rachelle as Victoria was great and she is perfect for the role. I gave it a few days and times in watching it and looking at HD snapshots pics and even in a few flashes she is in Bryce as Vicky 2 not only looks like a poodle dog but acts like one with all the snarling, facial expressions and I could go on but I will be nice and not.

  2. Okay, I’m confused as to why everyone hates on Bryce Dallas Howard. I mean its not like Victoria really has any lines in any of the movies or the books for that matter and she practically looks the exact same as the other girl. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s messed up they just booted the first girl out but that was the company’s decision not BDH’s so I don’t understand why everyone completely bashes her all the time.

  3. And also, what’s the deal with everyone cracking on Bella’s hair. It looks perfectly fine to me… unless they are speaking of her real hair.

    • Danielle says:

      what a breath of fresh air! I agree, so much negative. I honestly think that Bryce is a more accurate description of the Victoria I envisioned in the book.

      • Everyone envisions each character in every book differently. I have always envision Rachelle as Victoria even before she was casted.

  4. Frankly, my issue with BDH is I have yet to see the proper amount of fierceness in her for the part. The eyes sell it foe me, and her eyes just have no real anger in them. Rachelle’s big scene in New Moon with the wolves was all about the eyes and expressions…and she pulled it off brilliantly. I have yet to see BDH show this type of emotion with the clips we have so far (actually I’ve never seen her display fierceness in anything she has done, including Terminator 3). THAT is the problem I have with her as Victoria.

    • Sorry, I meant Terminator 4: Salvation. Claire Danes was in Terminator 3 (and brought more energy to the part than BDH did).

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