Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth Do Cat Food Can Art.

It’s all to promote recycling and the Keep America Beautiful project. According to the Baltimore Sun both Jennie and Peter made art out of cat food cans (Frisky’s cat food is a sponsor) and their creations are being auctioned on Ebay to support the charity. Jennie did a floral arrangement(bid here), and Peter made a motorcycle(bid here).

So what do you think of their creations?


  1. That is wonderful! And such a good example of “green” for Earth Day. Peter and Jennie are very talented.

  2. That is awesome. My question is, do they have cats that empty those cans or are they dumpster diving for them? Well, they are true cat people, yay! Knew I liked them for a reason. Cool art work!

  3. Twilibrarian says

    As an educator, it’s so good when celebrities set an example for their fans, especially those who have not yet reached adulthood. These celebrities have raised money through Vampire Baseball, collected blue jeans and prom dresses for the needy, and lobbied Congress for a sustainable water infrastructure for the Lakota Sioux, just to name a few causes!I am so proud of the social responsibilty from the Twilight Saga cast!

    Wouldn’t it be fun if the winning bidders allowed these items to be used as “Easter eggs” in Breaking Dawn? Motorcycle hidden at Jacob’s house? Flowers at Bella’s or Emily’s? It would be great fun for fans to search for them like the wolf images and “Golden Compas” in New Moon. Just a thought.

  4. Wow, Twilibrarian! What a fabulous idea! (We’re fellow librarians, by the way. LOL My penname is Obsessedtwibrarian.)


  5. Megan Mc Dade says

    They are so cool lol. Love Peters motorbike 🙂

  6. Golden compass??? Please explain. I didn’t know about a golden compass

  7. I actually won this!! I brought it with me to the last Mall Meet & Greet and had him sign it.. truly a great piece of art for my home! It’s an excellent conversation starter. I’ll post pics on my blog in a bit

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