Win Tickets to Eclipse Premiere

Teen Vogue is sponsoring a contest where two people will win tickets to the highly anticipated Eclipse premiere.  The premiere will take place on June 24, 2010.  There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest, but check with your parents or guardian before submitting the personal contact information.  Visit the contest site for details on how to enter.  Note: You must live in the US to enter the contest.


  1. Hello there is plenty of fans in England!!!!!!! Why do we not get chance to enter anything good!! Not fair!! 🙁

  2. This contest is just for American…I can’t even try!!! Soo sad! :,-(

    • shona rooney says

      i think it is a disgrace our kids cant apply for this fans are all over world not just america!

  3. Brittanylovestwilight says

    I entered! 🙂

  4. I would enter but I have the worst luck. I never win anything or get to go anywhere. I am a lone rider on the Pitty Bus 🙁 That and I don’t read Teen Vogue, I’m too old to read it. If I did would probably be looked at as a pedophile. So yeah….no.

  5. I entered… You don’t have to be a subscriber to the mag to enter. It’s open to all CONUS residents

  6. Grrr discriminatory contest, that doesn’t allow residents of North America’s greatest country (aka Canada) to enter.

  7. How rude!
    You need to include all of North American (Canada) and all other countries in this contest. American’s are not the only fans.

  8. Does anyone know if you can buy tickets to the permiere?

  9. Every other country has had exclusive contest. We are allowed to have an American only contest for cryin’ out loud!

  10. Has anyone else noticed that almost in the middle of the cover page, right on Taylor’s shoulder, it says, “Little Miss Perfect”. Hehe… That made me giggle.

  11. Who won the New Moon one, anyway?

  12. Definitely entered everyone in my family and will make sure if they go they take me with them.

    sad that I live in England… :'(

  14. how come these sites dont work??? i want to enter!

  15. juanita says

    Why can’t Australian’s enter? I would love to go to the premiere of my favourite movie of all time! I love this movie so much, yet I am not allowed to go to the premiere, just because I don’t live in America. It’s not very fair at all…

  16. kelleeadelee says

    are you serious , im a proud aussie ( australian) and i cant even enter and me and my friends really want to go , next time set up a competition for all counrties not just america , and jeez they couldnt even include canada ( north america )

  17. two tickets….perfect! my friend and i are dddddyyyyyyinnng to go to the premiere……aaaaaaahhhhhh…..i really hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. When do we find out who won? Im dying 2 no who won