Nordstrom to Continue Twilight Line

nordstromclothsNordstrom jumped on the Twilight apparel craze in time for New Moon, and they are apparently sticking with it for Eclipse. According to Styleite:

“Starting on May 15th and in honor of the third installment of the Twilight series, Nordstrom’s will once again sell exclusive clothing inspired by the ladies of the series. According to WWD, “lace trim tops, miniskirts, striped and floral dresses, skinny jeans, cardigans and a plaid jacket” will go on sale, all quoting Bella and Alice’s style.

The collection, which will range from from $30 to $58, marks the department store’s second time teaming up with Summit Entertainment and Awake Inc. to cash in on the Twilight-craze.

And for those of you who feel wearing a Bella-style tee shirt isn’t enough to express your Twi-love, Nordstrom’s will also be selling life-size cardboard cutouts of the main characters for $33.”

Read the rest on Styleite.


  1. “Life-size cardboard cutouts”? So, I don’t have to try and steal them from the movie theaters anymore? SWEET!

  2. If they sold shirts in a size that would fit someone who isn’t a size 5 or smaller then I’d go and buy them there…

    • The Weasel says


      Looks like I’ll still be waiting on when Hot Topic will start selling Eclipse stuff.

    • Elizabella says

      Hi Christina, I am MOST definitely not a small size but I buy their tees and sweaters in XL and they fit very well. They are worth trying on.

  3. jane fague says

    Christina totally agree ..!! When are the retailers going to make plus sizes ?????

  4. Amen Christina! Teenyboppers aren’t the only ones who love Twilight. Us slightly older ladies who might have a few curves here and there may want to wear something Bella or Alice inspired too

    • I’m with Christina & Shannon. I am not a size “little girl” so it would be nice to have “Adult” sizes.

  5. woo! thats exciting. i would NEVER buy one though if its seriously that expensive. that is a little ridiculously priced….

  6. i bought two of the shirts last time and I love them. They were twilight related stuff that didn’t plaster the cast’s photos across my chest (I prefer logo stuff or just words rather than pictures). Worked for me.

    • I agree, the shirts are a bit more expensive, but they are a bit more subtle than what you get a hot topic usually (I have those shirts too). I like the white Team Edward shirt, nice but a little less flashy.

  7. Lily Cullen says

    “To cash in” = key words
    Way expensive.

  8. You like this gossip? Then check out Alex Meraz spilling the beans on Kristen Stewart, R-Patz dating Leighton Meester and much more!

    If your plus size and looking for twilight stuff go to torrid. They even carried bellas dress and jacket all the way up to a size 30/32. Even though they are owned by hot topic there clothing is made by different manufacturers and us better quality and won’t shrink I promise. I’ve bought a total of 17 twilight and new moon pieces from them there good quality.

    • Thats where I generally go… I have to wait though till they are on sale… I really wish I was about to get bella’s dress though… maybe I can get the smaller size still available… and then work my bum off to fit into it (I only have to lose one dress size…)

  10. FYI-You can get the life-size cardboard characters at Zurchers or any party supply store for $20

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