Peter Facinelli A Hit In Bridgeport!

Peter Facinelli, who seems to spend every weekend doing a charity signing, was a smash hit in Bridgeport this past weekend at the Meadowbrook Mall.


  1. Olympic Coven says:

    So wish he’d come to Chattanooga. Uughh to be in living in the wrong part of the country.

  2. I took my oldest daughter and her friend and while the line was freaking long, it was worth it. He’s so-oo nice and takes time to speak w/ every fan while signing and taking pics.
    Thanks for coming to little ol’ WV, Peter!


    • WOW! Nobody comes to our little neck of the woods in West Virginia!! Woot woot! I wish I’d known about this!

      • Oh you missed it? That bites. It was crazy crowded. I got there an hour before it started and it took me 5 hours or so to make my way up to him.
        I’m from Morgantown so it was only a 20 min drive. I was shocked when I learned he was actually coming to WV. Stuff like this never happens here.

  3. I’ve been to one here in CA…after that I was sold on my love for both PF & Doctor C. I even started watching Nurse Jackie even though I don’t care for the show just to support Peter. He is totally down to earth and the sweetest man I have EVER meet. He hugged everyone and talked with every person in line. I would encourage everyone that gets the chance to go see him and pay whatever to support his various charities.

  4. Amy Rice says:

    I got there @ 9 am although he didn’t come until 11 and I seen him @12:30!! He kissed me on the forehead right before I left!!!! My book was signed Amy your due for a doctors appt LOVE Dr. Cullen!!!! I would not have missed it for the world!! He has always been my fave so I was completely stoked!!

  5. Kathryn Hasbrouck says:

    It was great. I still have the autograph I got for my son Logan. My best friend Silbia got to met you and I got to get a hug and you tried to hold Logan but he cried. Lol. Thank you for this great opportunity. It was worth the 4 and a half hours. Take care. I still remember it and will never forget!

  6. Kathryn Hasbrouck says:

    Oh I did a meet and greet in Bridgeport wv when twilight first came out. It was awesome!

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