Kellan Lutz Clip From Meskada

According to MTV, Kellan Lutz is in “Meskada,” a thriller from writer/director Josh Sternfeld … The story follows a small-town detective investigating the death of a young child, killed during a home robbery.”

Here a clip displaying the…er…charms, of Kellan Lutz


  1. Hmmm I think I like both actors separately but I don’t feel the connection between them. Maybe it was just this clip. All I can contemplate is “hmmmm”…

    I like seeing Kellan in a human role like this though!

    • I thought the same thing. They have like zero chemistry. I absolutely adore Kellan, though.

  2. You can keep Rob give me Kellan any day

  3. Is it just me or has Kellan crossed over to the “beefcake” side?! No, I’m not saying he’s taking it all off- but in almost every pic of him he’s “missing” clothing. If he wants to be an actor-
    act, if he wants to model-model.
    Don’t get me wrong- I like the guy and wish him well, he seems down to earth and quite genuine but it’s hard to take someone seriously when they constantly send mixed messages…

  4. ahh the dimples.. gets me everytime 🙂

  5. I like seeing Kellan act shirtless….
    I agree with loulou. Keep Rob, give me Kellan..

  6. Seriously, I don’t understand how more people don’t love Kellan!! I know Robert plays Edward so he will automatically be admired, but Kellan is soooooo good looking!

  7. Kellan did a really good job in this clip, even though it was a little slow. the girl, I’m not crazy about. I hope his acting career takes off, he always comes across as a really nice guy.

  8. emilypruitt says:

    I didn’t know Undressed was coming back on the air…