Poll: What are you most looking forward to in Eclipse?

News is slow today, folks.   I’m just going to come out and admit it!  But as I’ve learned over the years, Twilight fans love to share their opinions, especially when it concerns how things will translate from book to film.  I’d like to know which scene you are all most looking forward to seeing make that move from book to film.  Since I haven’t seen the film, I’ve made the choices from scenes I’ve heard the actors talk about – scenes that I know were at least filmed and will probably make the final cut of the film.  Kristen Stewart has spoken about the scene where Bella imagines a life with Jacob.  We’ve heard rumbles about Jasper and the newborns.  We’ve had hints to Rosalie and her bridal death scene.  We know Edward and Bella end up engaged.  Victoria has to die.  David Slade even tweeted about the tent scene.   So I’m pretty sure all of these moments will be in the final film.  Vote for the one you are most excited about and let us know why you chose that scene.  If there is another scene you’re crossing your fingers for, let us know about that one, too!