Poll: What are you most looking forward to in Eclipse?

News is slow today, folks.   I’m just going to come out and admit it!  But as I’ve learned over the years, Twilight fans love to share their opinions, especially when it concerns how things will translate from book to film.  I’d like to know which scene you are all most looking forward to seeing make that move from book to film.  Since I haven’t seen the film, I’ve made the choices from scenes I’ve heard the actors talk about – scenes that I know were at least filmed and will probably make the final cut of the film.  Kristen Stewart has spoken about the scene where Bella imagines a life with Jacob.  We’ve heard rumbles about Jasper and the newborns.  We’ve had hints to Rosalie and her bridal death scene.  We know Edward and Bella end up engaged.  Victoria has to die.  David Slade even tweeted about the tent scene.   So I’m pretty sure all of these moments will be in the final film.  Vote for the one you are most excited about and let us know why you chose that scene.  If there is another scene you’re crossing your fingers for, let us know about that one, too!



  1. Neither of those things. I want to see the whole scene of Alice Kidnapping her and the big bed in the room and the part where he comes home and he slides in bed with here. If they do do the kidnapped scene I want to hear Alices Line “This kidnapping thing is fun’ Oh and where she yells at Edward on the phone. This would all make me very Happy.

    • Twilight_News says

      I’m hoping for that, too. But since I haven’t heard anyone talk about that scene, I didn’t put it on the list. Sigh… when will June be here?

      • Flooffloof says

        This is the scene that I too am most excited about. I do beleive that it is going to be in the movie because of some movie stills I happened to see and thats the only scene that they could be from!! 🙂 woo hoo hehe

        • The stills that I have scene of the bedroom look more intense than the leg hitch scene. And Bella isn’t in her PJ’s in those stills either. I think they are from the night before they go “camping” and she is trying to seduce Edward and then they end up engaged. 🙂

    • Vampire-girl says

      I hope for that scene too Alice and Bella come across more close friends in the book -makeovers and such than in the films, although their friendship was good in NM, I also hope they put in Alice’s yellow porshe

    • I would love all that scene, since Alice kidnap her, she scaping with Jake in the motorcycle, the fight with Jake, the cameback, Rose´s history, everything…

    • thats a cool part but i cant wait for the fight between edward and jake over bell’s hand do you think that will be in the movie seems pretty important to me but who knows

    • Yes! My very favorite scenes in the series!!

    • You are totally right. That should make a great scene & I can’t wait to see it. Nice choice.

    • You know I didn’t think about that when I initially read this question but it is one of my absolute favorite parts in the book! In short, I totally agree with Jeremy:)

  2. this is really hard to choose.:) all of them are so looked forward to. :D:D:)

  3. Linda, Houston, TX says

    The tent scene depends and what part. If it is the all night discussion between Edward and Jacob then I want that, if it has anything to do with Jacob and Bella kissing, Whew, I can’t stand that part of the book.

    • Twilight_News says

      Technically, Jacob and Bella kiss outside of the tent near the tree line… so that isn’t the tent scene. And I did list it as chapter 22, which is Fire and Ice. That whole conversation between Edward and Jacob is what I was going for.

      • Charlotte says

        Kristen she had to kiss taylor so that will be in it. Love the tent scene in the book also big Jacob fan so love the idea of the possible future. I can’t wait to see all of it actually. didn’t like eclipse the 1st time I read it but after re-reading (several times) it’s now 1 of my faves.

      • Yes best part of the whole book. I really hope they don’t chop it all up. The tent scene is when you get inside Edward’s true thoughts about how he feels for Bella.

  4. I think I’m the only one looking forward to seeing how they portray Bella’s alternative life with Jacob… 🙂

    • Twilight_News says

      No, there are five votes for that right now. Well, unless you voted five times then you aren’t the only one!

    • Not only you!!

      For all those who love Jake we want more scenes of Bella& Jake. And not just the tent, but the kiss and when she (bella) realizes she´s in love with him.

      Noelia (from Argentina)

  5. The stories around the campfire told by the elders

  6. Team Switzerland says

    Leg hitch scene – highest point of sexual tension for Edward and Bella

  7. The tent scene and MORE Rob!! 🙂

  8. Victoria’s death scene… I know I’m not the only one waiting for them to tear BDH’s head off. I just may be the only one who will admit it.

    • Totally… I’ve got nothing against Bryce Dallas Howard, but I think Rachelle Lefevre was the perfect Victoria!

    • I cannot wait to see Edward fight Victoria. I hope they do an awsome job like they did in NM with Edward and Felix.

  9. I’m actually looking forward to something that was NOT in the book – which is way out of character for me. Usually I don’t like it when a studio changes things up. However, I loved the fight seen between Edward & Felix in New Moon and I am looking forward to the Cullens & wolf pack fight against the newborn army.

  10. Jacob and Bella’s kiss and him kidnapping her from school in his motorcycle. The leg hitch will be awesome to watch too, but since I’m totally team Jacob… Can’t wait for them to come to Brazil to shoot the island scenes… I might be waiting for them underwater…

    • Yes!!, that scene with the motorbike!!! Good choice! I completly forgot!, I want to see it 2.

      • Team Jake!! (Argentina)

      • Does anyone could tell me how exactly Rosalie died? I mean, I know there´s a chapter when she told Bella how it was (Unhappy Ending) but I read somewhere the fully story that she was raped: is that true?

        • Rosalie never went in detail what happened when she was explaining that night to Bella. But she implied that the men basically beat, undressed her, and gang raped her. Afterwards she was left for dead, bleeding to death, and that is when she was found and rescued by the cullens.

  11. I’d like to see the awkward dialogue between Charlie and Bella where she says Edward is “old school” and he says “I don’t know what that is. Is that some kind of technique?” and they are both embarrassed because she has to admit she is a virgin. Can’t remember if that line was in the book word for word but I came across a script that had it and thought it was too funny. (I won’t post script links, I know it’s against the rules.)

    Hoping for a bit more Charlie in this film.

    • Vampire-girl says

      I hope Edward goes to Jacksonville with Bella, in the trailer it makes it look like he’s stayed behind, be nice to see that portrayed with Bella saying goodbye to her mother

    • “Is that old school?” is not in the book. It is in the script. I just finishe reading Eclipse for (IDK) the 10th time. *Favorite Book*

  12. I’d like to see how they show Edward taking her to La Push and Jake taking her back…the lines that she feels like she did when Charlie and Renee “traded her off” for their visits when they got divorced 🙂

  13. I think Eclipse will have the same problem Breaking Dawn will have. There is so much information that it will be hard to get it all in. I hope for everyone’s sake they don’t leave anything important out. I am all for a 3 hour movie! hehe 😉

    • Me too!! Hey, they have done it before with Reds and other movies, I would sit for 3-4 hours and I know I am NOT the only person, I know every Twilight FAN would. BUT, as a money making standpoint, they won’t do that cause they can make double the money in doing 2 films versus 1. Bummer 🙁

    • I could honestly sit through a 5 hour movie. I said it before with HP and with LOTR and now with Twilight.. True fans will sit through it. So just do it.

      • I couldn´t agree more.

      • I´d also like to see the scenes where Jacob tells Bella: “You don’t see the fish trying to plant a kiss on the eagle. You never see that”. That was such wise and serious even for a 16 boy!

  14. I am looking forward to the tent scene. I laughed so hard when I was reading it so I cannot see them act it out.

  15. mabarberella says

    Eclipse? You mean Leg Hitch 2010?

  16. I’m really looking forward to the Rosalie and Jasper historical flashbacks! It will be fascinating to see them as humans and their transformations into vampires.

    • That’s true. Its going to be the first time where we see them NOT pale white. I wonder how Nikki Reed is going to pull that off. She is tan, but with that blonde wig? They also have to make them slightly less attractive…since when you become a vampire, you are physically attractive(bellas pro).

  17. I was going to vote for the Leg Hitch scene, as it is my favorite part of Eclipse the Book, but I see I’m not the only one! Although if it doesn’t make the movie that’s okay too–I kind of have it perfect in my imagination already. 🙂

    • I’m thinking that it is. I don’t remember who said it, maybe the director, that the leg hitch scene is there. directors/melissa Rosenberg are ‘catering’ to fans of book&movie, we all crave the leg hitch scene. Such a little detail, but darn it we want it!

  18. definitely the scene of edward’s top the ten nites.. :)the big bed n bella’s wrath that could put grizzlies to shame.. ;)n of course the proposal…

    • I’m excited to see the ring..IN my head,(before the ring was physically created by store)i imagined delicate,gaudy, but intricately beautiful. I almost hope they don’t use the ring that the store had designed…Its..not right. Ive pictured something completely different.

  19. I wonder if they will do a scene with the part where Jacob is thinking about how hurt Bella was after Edward left, to make Edward miserable. I don’t know how they would do that on screen but I really liked/hated that part because it just shows you how much grief Edward has. It reminds me of the “burning man”. Which also reminds me of how sick it made me to read Book 2: Jacob of Breaking Dawn. Edward’s grief literally made me physicall ill, I felt like crying the whole time.

    • Yes, I would also like to see the scene where Jacob is thinking of how hurt Bella was when Edward left her AND EDWARD’S REACTION TO THOSE MEMORIES.

      • Umm… I think they did do that scene. I vaguely remember reading an article someone wrote (sorry, when I say vaguely, I really mean it!) where they were on set & they could see Bella & Edward & Jacob & Jake was in a black T-Shirt standing by his motorcycle & they were at the school… I really hope I’m not just remembering one of my many Twilight dreams (hehe). If they did do that scene, I hope they really captured the agony of Edward at the memories. Gut-wrenching just thinking about!

  20. I really want to see Bella punch Jacob for being so forward by kissing her without her permission…this would make me laugh so hard in the theatre =)

  21. OFF WITH VICTORIA’S HEAD ….. GO Edward.. Save my Bella.

  22. I´d also like to see the scenes where Jacob tells Bella: “You don’t see the fish trying to plant a kiss on the eagle. You never see that”. That was such wise and serious even for a 16 boy!

  23. I know I’m probably dreaming here since M.R. is the screen writer once again, but I LOVE how witty Bella gets when she gets mad. Such as after she punches Jake & is so mad at him she asks Charlie if he has a bat she can borrow. Maybe I’m just lovin’ the sass since that’s more like me. However, the sass has been a bit lacking in the first 2 films *sigh* so I’ll just throw my vote for the fight scene with the newborns. I’m so excited that since it is a film, we get to see the Cullens & the wolves really go at it with the newborns since we don’t really get to “see” that in the book cuz Bella doesn’t see it.

    • Agreed, I personally believe (sorry guys) that KS couldn’ve been more wrong for the part, since she doesn’t get Bella at all. And the screenplay doesn’t get her either. Too much focus on Edward maybe… but her and Jacob’s pickyness towards each other totally lack and will surely be missed when they have to make her hate for him when he imprints on Ness work.

      • You obviously haven’t seen any interviews with Kristen where she talks about Bella because she TOTALLY gets and understands Bella. And, sorry, but Kristen is PERFECT to play Bella!

        • Yeaah……. nope, she is not. I’ve seen some interviews, not many, cuz I do have a life, but even if she might have given u an impression of understanding Bela in an interview, she surely did a very poor job in the screen. That is in my opinion, of course, and people will have different points of view inevitably. What everyone should have, though, is respect for different views.

          • Lol, com’on guys. We are examining KS interviews to see what she feels about Bella? KS interviews….

            mmhmm. all i get from those are,”and its like,um.. ya know? i love the fact that she is so…but when she interacts with Edward..shes soo…and its amazing..but..its difficult to describe..meh meh..blah blah.” HORRIBLE in INTERVIEWS.lol.

            For myself, i feel like she has a good grasp on who Bella is. Honestly, with Twilight, acting with everyone was sub-par..but New moon was better, RP especially has grown as an actor,(nod to his advanced roles in various movies). Now Eclipse..THIS movie i feel is offically going to set the tone for the rest of the movies. I am however nervous for BD. It could quite possibly be a disaster..I mean, Renesme?HOW???

  24. Heidi's Mom says

    1. Leg Hitch
    2. Jacob’s declaration with Bella hitting him and the fun dialogue that follows (Edward, Bella, Charlie, Emmett)
    3. Seth <3

    • forgive me, but what scene are you referring to when you say leg hitch?! its just not clicking in my head.

      • The leg hitch scene is after Edward has Alice kidnap Bella, the night he comes home he puts Bella in the bed (because she is sleeping on his couch) and when she wakes up they start kissing. But instead of pulling away like he normally does he slides his hand down, grabs her leg and hitches it up on his hip. So she thinks the bed has a different meaning and she gets excited…only to find out that Edward still has too much self control. 🙂

        • awwww! I see, I had never heard it referred to that way. Thanks!

          • lol. it took me prolly 2 mo. to figure out what ppl were talking about at the time new moon was being made. “ooh, whats the leg hitch, that sounds cool, but id like the scene that has Edward like..hitch her leg over and..OOHH………leg hitch…got it..”

  25. i am so looking forward to bella agreeing to marry edward. think about it guys it IS the “big bed” scene. she is pleading with her hormones remember?!! i had to read that 20 times, good stuff! made me really lok forward to the honeymoon…only to be left outside in the dark!!! bummer! i also really hope the “I am switzerland” quote makes it in! anyhoo, very excited for eclipse!!!!

  26. jess.hale says

    Totally wanna see Bella with the bat, trying to get jacob for kissing her. And jaspers first encounter with alice…. Love it

  27. Im just totally excited to get to see more of the Cullen family. I had a dream once where I was best friends with Alice and it was awesome!!!

  28. I hope they put in the scene when Edward tampers with her truck so she can’t go see Jacob, and Edward says, “If you don’t want me to spend the night, close your window”. Bella stomps inside and slams down the window! Then she opens it all the way up. She’s so in love with Edward! Little scenes like this one just make the story so real. They skip the good stuff in the movies!

    • Speaking of skipping the good stuff.. One scene that I would have really like to see in Twilight was the blood typing scene in Biology class. I was way disappointed about that.

      • I agree, me too.

      • Only 74 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I would have liked to see that too,now that you mention it. But mainly to see Ed pick her up and carry her,,holding her out and not touching his cold body…But at the time, Twilight wasn’t great with wires..So, it might have messed it up for me.

  29. elspethgordie says

    I am looking forward to Jasper and Alice’s first meeting, where she hops off the stool in the little restaurant and says “I’ve been waiting for you a long time,” and He replies back with a tip of his hat, and “I’m sorry, mam’ma”–I love Jazz & Alice

  30. 1. Bella trying to seduce Edward during the sleep over at the Cullens and then him giving her the ring. 2. Bella breaking up with Jacob near the end, if they put that in I think it will be sadder than New moon was, Bella cries her eyes out and Edward comforts her! 3. The part where JAke the wolf is houling when he’s being brought to the house after he gets crushed by one of the new borns, then him as Jake cussing. LMAO!

    • What’s it going to be rated? It would be lying if he was “oh crap,darn it all, shoot..” But would it be allowed for younger audience?

    • Do you guys think that the CGI is going to be different..like the wolves will look slightly different b/c of dif directors?

  31. I am most looking forward to seeing Jacob and Bella’s kiss- I hope the movie shows the passion/intensity of the kiss (and realization of her love for jacob)as it was descibed in the book. I am also looking forward to the bonfire and tent (space-heater) scenes. I guess anything with Bella and Jacob will quench my thirst for Eclipse.

    • What are you talking about? It was one kiss and it was not that intense or that passionate. It did not make her swoon or her blood boil. She spent most of that kissing thking about why she was kissing him. I cannot believe how people have taken one kiss and turn it into something overwhelming. She was not even attracted to him in that way and when she went to his house to tell him he had chosen Edward she did not have to fight a physicial attraction for him because it was not there.

  32. I hope they put the scene in which Bella cuts her hand and uses the blood to lay a false trail. Or when Bella goes to sleep in Edward’s room when Alice kidnapps her and Bells says when she sees the bed: “What the hell is this?” That is my favorite scene..! LOL

  33. Aw you forgot my favorite scene – Bella punching Jacob’s lights out. 🙂

  34. I’m torn between the scene of bella agreeing to marry edward and the tent scene. 😀

  35. Eclipse is my favourite book of the Twilight saga so it’s really hard for me to pick up a scene I would like to see on screen. However if I have to choose I would say chap. 20 Bella tries to seduce Edward and chap.27 when Bella and Edward are on the meadow …. These must be on screen…(for me)

  36. Noah Brighten says

    Seth vs. Riley and the whole final battle… 🙂

  37. The part when bella comes home after sneaking away to see jacob and finds edward waiting in her room 🙂 and I also really wanna see edward and jacob after jacob kisses bella without her permission <3

  38. I really really wanna see the engagement, but second is definitely the tent scene.

  39. I wanna see this to> Posted from Lana above> The part when bella comes home after sneaking away to see jacob and finds edward waiting in her room and I also really wanna see edward and jacob after jacob kisses bella without her permission <3

  40. I hope they put the scene where Bella starts to freak out about how close the graduation date is, when she knows she’s not ready. Edward tells her that he won’t let her do it because there is a sword over her head, and he explains why he doens’t want her to be a vampire, and she explains why she doesn’t want to get married. I think there is too much info passed here for them to not put it in the movie. But then again, M.S. hasn’t really cared about that in the past scripts, which is why people who haven’t read the books don’t understand Bella or her relationships with Edward and Jacob at all….

  41. Twilibrarian says

    I am looking forward to (and in no particular order): The tent scene, “I am Switzerland,” the Big leg hitch bed, the escape on the motorcycle, Seth vs Riley, Edward vs Victoria, Rosalie’s and Jasper’s stories, the RING, the graduation party, Edward in the back seat of Charlie’s cruiser, Jacob’s kiss and FACE PUNCH!

  42. what i want to see is where Charlie attempts to give Bella a sex talk LMAO!!

  43. I would love to see the scenes of Seth, Edward and Bella at the cliff site waiting for the fight to begin. It would be cool to see Bella talking to Seth in wolf form.

  44. I’m looking forward to the tent scene.

  45. I’m looking forward to the tent scene because, A. Jacob gets to crawl into the sleeping bag with Bella and B. Jacob and Edward share some important information with each other and I think they each see how the other would be good for Bella!

  46. It has been so fun to read everyone’s comments. It makes me sooooo excited for the movie, not that I wasn’t before, but you know what I mean. These comments makes me want to go read Eclipse again to get ready for the movie, so I think I will! 🙂

  47. Eclipse forever! I’m reading it for the 5th time!

  48. Personally Eclipse & BD are my favorite books in the saga… So it is very hard for me to pick any one scene I want to see the most, because there are so many that are strong story lines that i think should be in and alot of them I know wont be because they can’t put them all in or they would have a very long movie(not that i wouldn’t watch it anyhow)…So I guess what im saying is I just can’t wait for the whole movie… But I am really looking forward to seeing more of The whole Cullen family, there simply just hasn’t been enough of them…So hurry up June and get here…

  49. With what you listed as the choices I am most excited for Bella agreeing to marry Edward. (Also Rosalie & Jasper’s backstories.) I hope they put at least part of the “kidnapping” stuff in there. And when Alice is trying to convice Bella to let her plan the wedding & when Alice shows her the dress she already picked out.

  50. Jennifer L. says

    can’t wait for June. >_<