Facepunch Video Contest

Now that everyone has their copy of New Moon and has watched it over and over again, we’d like to issue a contest of sorts for those of you that are up to the challenge. One of our favorite scenes in the film is the movie theatre three way date scene. Many of you will probably agree that it was one of the most uncomfortable and yet funny moments of the film. The movie that Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to see is called “Face Punch,” which is a totally made up film title that Chris Weitz came up with after trying out several other bad movie titles that were actual films!

Here is our challenge to you: Make a trailer for the fictional movie “Face Punch.”

We do have a few rules and guidelines.

1. The video must be between one minute and two and a half minutes in length. Any video longer than two minutes and thirty seconds will be disqualified.

2.  The video should resemble traditional trailers of various scenes and not be one long, continuous scene.

3. The video can use dialogue and references from The Twilight Saga: New Moon but it cannot be the actual recorded sound from the film.

4. The video must be posted on YouTube on your own channel. We will not host your video for you.

5. You must send us a link to your YouTube video to facepunchcontest@gmail.com.

6. You must send us your video information by May 5, 2010. Winners will be announced May 7, 2010.

We will choose three winners from the submitted entries to receive one of several prizes. Prizes include an autographed New Moon poster, an autographed Wolf Girl tote bag, and an autographed Volturi tote bag. The first place winner will get their first pick of the prizes. The second place winner will get to chose next. The third place winner will win the item not chosen by the first or second place winner. There is only one prize item per winning submission.

Remember to have fun with this and make the most of your two and a half minutes. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

If you have any questions, put them in the comments because chances are someone else has the same question and that will make it easier to answer.


  1. Can non-US citizens join this contest?

  2. What an awesome contest this will be!
    It’s way beyond my abilities but I can’t wait to see the end-results. 😀

    Admins: Whilst you’re at it, howzabout a similar thingy for ‘Love Spelt Backwards Is LOVE’ too??? 😉

  3. GAHHHHH….Eeep 😀 Mine’s going to be awful, but hey-ho; I’ll try anyway 🙂

  4. so since its a fictional film we can make up wht its about? and i know u can’t use sound from new moon, can we use clips from new moon and other films or do we have to record videos ourselves?

    • Twilight_News says

      you can use whatever else you want to use to make the trailer and it can be about whatever you want. For all we know it’s a movie on Sumo wrestlers

  5. Oh, if I had the time I would love to do this. One of the funniest scenes in the film.

    “LET’S DO THIS!”

  6. Brittanylovestwilight says

    If I was home with my friends, we’d be allll over this. We do this sort of thing all the time! But no…. we’re in college. sad.

    hahahaha! would have been fun!

  7. fictional Movie quote of the year “Both of you put your guns or I’ll blow both your #$@$ heads off!!!”

    Woot… let the shooting begin.

  8. Twilibrarian says

    “Face Punch” AKA “Rocky 1,000,000” starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky and Robert DeNiro as Jake LaMotta. Takes place in a retirement home for aging boxers. Since Betty White is so hot right now, cast her as the voluptuous nurse Jackie! Let the shooting begin! Music by Henry Mancini

  9. That is my most favorite part in the movie. “Put your gun down or I’ll blow your freakin head off.”
    ROTF!!! I can’t wait to see the winning film.
    I think the “Love spelt backwards is love” would be funny too. Good luck to all those making the film!!

  10. Sounds like fun!

  11. Who all has autographed the prizes?

    • Twilight_News says

      Currently Alphie has them in her possession and an other series will be sent to us. As of right now we will confirm it’s volturi and wolfpack, but we are waiting on a shipment of something else, don’t want to say what on the off chance it doesn’t materialize.

  12. Is it okay if we use music in the trailer?

  13. MacKenzie says

    I made one 😀 Sent it in, too :] Can’t wait for the winners to be announced!

  14. Twilight Freak says

    What information do you need included in the email? For example do you need our name, number, address?

  15. I love what you can overhear in New Moon:
    “-Put your gun away, or I’m gonna blow your freakin’ head off.
    – No, YOU put your gun away or I’m gonna blow your freakin’ head off.
    – No, BOTH of you put your guns away or I’m gonna blow both your freakin’ heads off.
    -Let’s do this!
    [Gunfire and Screams]”
    LOL Its so sad how accurate this is to lame action movies. My BFF and I were practically rolling around on the ground laughing at that part in the theater. Nothing like a chick-flick that makes fun of action movies.

  16. One question, I might say that the movie is either “face punch? because the movie they see (Jacob Bell and mike) is terror … but “face punch” I do not think that is

    please answer to the question to be rapid
    from now thanks

  17. I do not understand the topic of the short one, on which it has to treat?

  18. Hi! I´m from spain and I want to know if the vid must be in English or it can be done in any language

  19. hey, im just wondering..does it has to give the idea of a sumo wrestlers movie? i mean, do we must use something related abous wrestling and such?
    thanks 🙂

    • i dont think so..i mean, in the movie, it didn’t sound like they were sumo wrestlers. it sounded like they were people killing other people with guns… so that’s wut im doing 🙂

  20. hmmm..I’ll do this. But i don’t get wut it means by “you can use references and dialogue from New Moon, but cannot use the sound recorded from the film.”

  21. Hi! I just want to know if I can do this video in Spanish.
    Thank you

  22. Can be the video about another thing apart to the movie?? I mean with the same name, but another business??

  23. paandoraa says

    who is the poster autographed by?

  24. paandoraa says

    can the video be in spanish, or i have to do it in english… or do i have to use subtitles?

  25. ed amaral says

    so let me get this strait we can use clips from other films?

  26. Shpanna says

    If i still lived in Michigan my best friend and i could have made a great video. but im not, so she, and some other peoples, made one. I really vvant to move back. =(

  27. Will the winners videos be posted?

  28. the most memorable movie quote that i could think of is the one on Forest Gump :”*


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