Peter Facinelli, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and USA Today’s AmericaWants Twitter Campaign


Yesterday Peter Facinelli sent out the above tweet.  Now an article in USA Today fully explains.

“Yesterday, we announced “#AmericaWants” Twitter campaign for charity, and already, your tweets are rolling in by the thousands. Even celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Peter Facinelli, Alyssa Milano, Eva Longoria, and NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight have jumped on the bandwagon.

What’s at stake? The top tweet-getting charity will receive one full-page, full-color ad in USA TODAY — valued at $189,400!

Don’t forget: In order for your tweets and retweets to count, you must include ALL of these words: “#AmericaWants (insert full name of charity) to get a full-page ad in USA TODAY.”

Go here to get the contest’s full details, and don’t forget that every tweet counts! Good luck!”

So if you have a Twitter Here’s what you do. Send out the following Tweet  #AmericaWants Alex’s Lemonade Stand. You can’t just retweet Peter. According to the rules you have to tweet “#AmericaWants Alex’s Lemonade Stand” or it doesn’t count.


  1. Good luck, Peter! Tweeting away!

  2. Here is the full text for anyone wanting a quick copy-and-paste:

    #AmericaWants Alex’s Lemonade Stand to get a full-page ad in USA TODAY.

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