Eclipse Reshoots?

eclipsecropRumor surfaced today on the Lainey Gossip site also on Mandy’s blog that there would be partial reshoots of Eclipse happening in the Vancouver area shortly. Lainey Gossip is based out of Vancouver and has multiple industry connections there for mostly accurate information on Twilight filming (keep in mind that this site does contain strong language and what is at times considered not work safe items). Edited to include missing link

For those of you that know Twilight shooting history, you know that this is not the first time in the Twilight Saga franchise that reshoots have taken place. Catherine Hardwicke had to reshoot several key scenes months after filming in Portland had wrapped. Specifically Catherine shot the infamous meadow scene on a golf course in the LA area and the 1930’s flashback to Forks scene (Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed in period clothes) months after filming had wrapped. In fact at the time, many questioned why the scenes with Kellan, Nikki, and Peter could have just been reshot in LA rather than dragging everyone back to Portland.

We have asked Summit for a statement, when we get one we will amend this entry.

So, what do you think movie business as usual, or a matter of concern?

EDITED: Summit has directed us to Gossip Cop who has completely busted the story.

An ”exclusive” earlier today made big waves by claiming that “key scenes” in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse need to be reshot in Vancouver, and speculated that the development indicated production on the June release was troubled.
Gossip Cop looked into it, and we have answers.
First, regarding the implication that these reshoots were unexpected, an authorized rep for the studio tells Gossip Cop, “The reshoot was planned for months, like it is with the majority of films.”
Let Gossip Cop settle some other false rumors.
Contrary to the report, “creative differences” have not led Summit to consider bringing in another director for the reshoots.
David Slade is directing them, as he has the entire movie, and the studio is “very happy” with his direction of a film internally believed to be the best of the series.  As for the timing, speculation that there will be three rushed days of 18-hour shoots is incorrect. A Summit rep tells Gossip Cop that it’s a two-and-a-half to three-day shoot, and that “very little” has to be reshot.  But the biggest misconception concerned the specific scenes alleged to be those in need of a reshoot. The Summit rep confirms to Gossip Cop, “None of the meadow or action scenes are being reshot.
Asked to comment on today’s alarmist rumors, an authorized rep for the studio tells Gossip Cop, “Reports much like this one are ploys to drive traffic without any merit and without any support from the studio on what is actually going on or true.”


  1. No need for concern. When you’re editing, and you see a boom mic in the shot, you gotta’ reshoot. When the sound isn’t clear, you gotta’ reshoot (or record). When there’s an airplane flying behind a battle of elves in a Fantasy world.. Reshoot!

    That’s movies.

    • Irishgirl says

      Actually, those situations you listed aren’t really reasons to reshoot. All can be fixed with CGI, ADR, or adjustments in editing. A reshoot is normally done if the scene and all subsequent takes are completely unusable, if it is a new scene, or if it’s cheaper to reshoot than to do the CGI or ADR.

      I think this news can be seen both ways….as business as usual or a concern. Yes, it’s BAU to do reshoots, but when you combine it with the recasting of Victoria, the addition of a new editor, and Lainey’s statements about Slade and Summit’s relationship, it doesn’t sound like a good thing. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

  2. This is such a beloved book series that of course everyone gets nervous. The main concern that I have (and most might have) is we WANT the romance. The story to me is mainly about the love of Edward and Bella. The side distractions/notes are Jacob and Victoria/newborns. I have felt the movies don’t play up the romance. I know that everything from the book cannot fit into the movie. However, I think Summit gets distracted w/ alternate characters instead of focusing on he core of the books which is this love between Edward and Bella. If I had just watched the movies and not read the books, I would not understand why she is wanting to be with this vampire other than he is just a hot guy.
    I just hope they can pull more of the focus on E & B and not so much on building Riley and Bree’s character or something else.

  3. mschicklet says

    I think that if they get Catherine back for the reshoots, the movie will suffer.

  4. I went to see 100 Monkeys last night, and the rumor was that Jackson couldn’t do any meet and greet b/c he had some sort of filming/shooting today…maybe a reshoot for Eclipse?

    • Twilight_News says

      Since they are in the Northeast, it’s more likely that would be an Airbender reshoot but possible

      • According to MTV they are doing reshots…

        “”The Last Airbender” gained at least one new actor in its final days of re-shoots, according to the tweets of Aasif Mandvi. He didn’t indicate whether or not the last-minute casting was for a major part, but it sounds like everyone had a good time.”

  5. I don’t think it’s a big deal and I’m not “whining” about it. However Twilight fans are allowed the freedom of speech and to voice concerns, or complain. Summit does not seem like the most respectable studio. With that said, I think it is wrong for you to publicly reprmiand Twilight fans for their so called whining on twitter. It’s quite frankly rude and whining abou the whiners. Please remember that there are teens, adults and some of the most dedicated fans out there. When I first started my love of Twi, I loved your site first. However after following on Twitter, you just seem like “know-it-alls” willing to tear down the fans that help you with your job in the fandom. I’m sure you are nice people but after 3 films Summit should realize that Twilight fans are on top of everything. They pay attention to every single detail. So to expect their to be no worries when Eclipse is shady at best, is just irrational. Not only that but you want the media to respect Twilight fans, how about they start with just respecting Twilight period. Don’t put it on the dedicated fans. How RUDE.

    • Twilight_News says

      Sorry that opinion on Twitter was what it was mine (Pel’s) like I said on Twitter I get the concern and worry but the when it’s taken to the histrionic conspiracy theory level of “this is why the premier location isn’t confirmed” and “now the movie won’t be out til Christmas” and get repeated and retweeted with no facts in evidence as has been done so many times before. I was at my breaking point. Routine concern I get, the intense over the top explosion I’ve just grown tired of. It’s kind of like the Boy Who Cried Wolf now. I waiting for the really serious thing to happen and for no one to take us seriously because of it.

      As I said on Twitter, as a generality as a fandom we have (granted in my opinion) over reacted so many times from the casting of Rob, Taylor, Chris Weitz, location move to Vancouver, etc. the list goes on and on, about issue that have become non-issues and issues that require beyond a layman’s knowledge of film that we are now being taken less seriously than ever by the media, and that is more unfortunate (IMO) than anything else with the movie because we are being labeled as stereotypical females, and we’re giving them more fodder for this.

      So even if( for sake of argument ) every single thing that Lainey reported was true 100% does any of that mean the movie is canceled, going to be a disaster, going to be out next year, that Summit hates fans, David Slade hates fans, THAT’s what I was taking issue with not ordinary concern.

      So when it comes down to it, it would be easy for me to be quiet or side with the crowd, but i took a moment to vent and I take the consequences of that I know full well that I did. I respect your opinion, you’re certainly entitled to your perception of my tweets, just stating what my point was for those who don’t follow us on Twitter. Thanks for posting.

      • JenniferS says

        I happened to like your tweets about the constant whining and wish it could go out as a daily reminder. Just saying…

      • Thank you, you made me understand your tweets better. I am no where near as involved in the fandom as you all are. I really only follow people on twitter and read a few sites and blogs. I will agree that people usually jump the gun and come to their own conclusions. I don’t, but I may have a silent “what is with all the shadiness?” moment now and then. So, then you take all the “laymens” like me that don’t know anything and Lainey’s article and I just think the “whining” is almost something to be expected. Not the irrational jumping to conclusions. But, you are right that this has happened time and time again in this fandom and I can see as a fansite that would get annoying. I fully respect you all. You don’t post all the gossip. I guess as someone that doesn’t whine but can see where “questions” arise, I was taken aback. However just like the whiners can whine you can call them out for it. Keep up the good work.

  6. I am not concerned at all. Basically they thought something could be better and they have time to re-shoot so they are. I think its for the better actually. The scenes they are re-shooting could have been awful but are now going to be great.

  7. considering catherine has been named as a possible stand-in director for the reshoots, i will say that there’s a huge “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” that must be uttered, and we as a fandom must hope desperately that either: the reshoots are fake, or catherine isn’t the one in charge of directing them! she got her mitts on TWILIGHT, and that sucked. chris improved things immensely. i had hope david would either keep it at chris’ level or improve things even more – but if catherine gets any say on any footage, all hope is lost. honestly.

    • If they are indeed filming some of the more romantic scenes, I wouldn’t mind if Catherine would direct. She’s good at that. Having said that, this is David’s movie, or at least this was David’s movie, and he should direct all of it. Changing directors wouldn’t be a good thing for the film, I’m really concerned that Eclipse is going to be a horribly scattered movie. 🙁

    • appreciate your opinion but I have to interject that just because you did apparently not like CH’s indy style for Twilight but seem to prefer a more glossy style in New Moon does not necessarily make CH a bad director. I don’t mean to pee on your pants but I’m getting so sick of all the hate for CH. Especially if it is just based on style preferences. Rant over.

  8. This wouldn’t be so alarming if Summit hadn’t replaced the original editor awhile ago. This news kind of makes me think that Summit and David aren’t on the same page at all. It’s possible that Summit wants more romance into the movie and that requires reshooting or even adding some scenes. I guess we’ll find out when we see who go to Vancouver…

  9. As long as they show Victoria’s head rolling around on the ground… it’ll be GREAT!!! Anyone who wants Bella dead, is my enemy!!!

  10. *sigh*

  11. If they’re actually reshooting to add more romance, then i’m fine with it. I just don’t want Hardwicke. No. Pleeease, no.

  12. Oh this is not good. Why are they reshooting? Maybe to add more Eand B romance or more Jacob and Bella romance. I dont know how they are going to work around the actors schedules especiallt Taylor because he is the new hollywood IT boy now and dont have time for reshoots.

    • Taylor’s schedule? Is he filming something? I thought his projects hadn’t started yet. Wasn’t he in France promoting Eclipse just a few days ago? I would think Rob is the only one of the three having problems to fit the reshoots into his schedule, Kristen doesn’t have anything right now.

      • Taylor isn’t exactly promoting Eclipse…he’s rather promoting himself at the moment (or he is being promoted by his family). But you’re right, he was last seen in France…as far as I know. I’m not exactly keeping tabs on the kid.
        We’ll see.

  13. just put up a report saying that Summit is reshooting some scenes but this has been planned for months. They said none of the fighting or meadows scenes are being reshot. David Slade is doing the reshoots.

  14. Summit wants to make the best Eclipse that they can. So in comes a new editor. In come some needed reshoots. Out comes the best movie they can make. I’m not worried, I’m HAPPY! I just wish we knew which bits they were reshooting… PLUS!!! Hey hey I remember hearing someplace that they show the footage to SM and she tells them if it passes her expectations…I think it was in the Twilight DVD extras…That she had a pen and pad of paper to jot down anything that would need to be changed…Remember that? Sooo maybe that happened and SM was like “YO! what happened to that?” and now they need to reshoot…I don’t know…Could be.

  15. I actually just became nauseous. Is that wrong?

  16. i dont care as long as they keep the love triangle and let Jacob and Bella kiss. Everything else can be bad

  17. Summit’s doing some damage control, I see. They’re pretty quick. I’m sure Lainey exaggerated a bit in her post, but I’m also sure Summit has disagreed on a lot of things with David and they’re relationship isn’t as good as they want it to look like. They changed the editor, for goodness sake. I hope Eclipse will be a good film despite all this drama.

  18. I am not worried per se I am just frustrted with the seemingly wacked up job that’s going on…

    different editors, reshooting, and LOCATION reshooting none the less, it’s just a tad chaotic – somethings DEFFO different this time around and it seems less organized, more frantic and THAT is a concern

    In the end I have NO DOUBT it will all come together, but I am certainly glad to NOT be part of the people putting it together right now – can you say STRESS migraines?

  19. Thanks for posting the update ladies 🙂 Maybe everyone will take a few calming breaths now.

  20. I agree that the update is very good news. Eclipse is my favorite book, and I hope they are getting everything just right.

    I suspect they are trying to do just that.

    That said, the main story and character arcs of each Twilight book/film are about the romance.

    Catherine’s editor, who I believe was brought in to help on Eclipse, got the pacing just right in Twilight, with drawn-out moments in each act (e.g., in the meadow), so the viewer has time to catch up and come to grips with the emotions at play. Removing those pauses wouldn’t have sped up the film, they would have removed its heart and left the whole more… confusing.

    It was very well done, with good calls by Catherine and editors. The first time I saw the film, I wondered about the pauses, yet on multiple views, they are my favorite parts (esp. B&E walking into the forest, before and up to my favorite line ever delivered in the history of the cinema, “A while.”)(It’s the pause immediately before that really makes it.)(See what I mean?)

    Chris made New Moon fantastic in so many ways, yet I think just 2-3 minutes /more/ of the film — drawing out those types of pauses — would have made the film *perfect*… and brought more fans back for multiple views (just think about how loooooong Titanic was, and how many repeat views it got).

    Still love it, just saying. Hoping we get a director’s cut someday, with extended moments like that added in.

    And I hope that they don’t leave those drawn out romantic moments from Eclipse — or that Slade is sure to get those filmed during re-shoots.

    • I respect your opinion and I hope respect mine. The editing in Twilight wasn’t as bad as NM except for a few things including the pacing it was like gone in 60 seconds and no I am referring to the movie but the pacing was off TOO FAST in some and TOO SLOW in others. I saw THE LAST SONG and I am more worried because the new Eclipse editor is the one and the same and the EDITING was the worst editing job I have seen in a movie in a long time. The pacing was way too slow and the whole film felt like multiple pasted job 3 second montages of “off Miley, on Liam, off Liam, on Miley, off miley on landscape” it was annoying. And the editing got the most negative criticism besides the acting which is also an editor’s job to make the actor look great. I am worried. WAIT AND SEE is all we do. Summit needs to reassure us ASAP. Especially now.

  21. darn my head is spinning. i probably should reread eclipse–it’s pathetic that all i remember about the book is the leg hitch part lol. just please, summit, please don’t bungle it.

  22. I hope they’re NOT thinking of bringing Hardwicke’s funky independent butt back!!! THAT WOULD BE A MEGA STEP BACK… MORE LIKE TWO STEPS BACK!

    • im sorry but hardwich did the best job so far in my opinion when i saw twilight it was so mystical with the tree shots the deer and all to me it felt more like the book new moon was funny but was missing that magical mystical type of feel

  23. I saw Twilight the movie before I ever read the books. I really liked it. The mood and coloring of the movie was fabulous. I liked the pauses the actors did. That got me reading the books. Then I saw New Moon the movie. Thought it was good. The pausing the actors did drove me crazy, though! Too much of it. So I think Catherine Hardwick did a better job at that. I think both movies have their good and bad points. I think it will be the same for Eclipse. Good and bad points.

  24. You know whats funny? I think overall Twilight captured the chemistry between Bella and Edward. You felt drawn in to why Bella fell for him. The books filled in what we missed out in the movie. New Moon, was more accurate representation of events in the book, but I think lacked the chemistry. It was already established. You had to know it existed already,
    Thats just the way I feel. I hope they are trying to capture both here for Eclipse.

    • I agree. I felt Twilight did the best job of capturing the attraction between Bella and Edward. I felt the pacing was off with New Moon, with some scenes just chopped off and edited to death. Don’t get me wrong. I loved them both, but I thought Twilight did a better job of capturing the mood of the story.

  25. I am getting nervous about actually seeing this movie. Every preview has shown scenes that are not in the book. The MTV award preview of Bella, Edward and Jacob in the school parking lot where Bella goes off with Jacob on the motor cycle was not only not in the book but anyone who knows the book or series and who understand the relationship between Edward and Bella know it would never ever have happened.It is a violation of the book basic premise. I can’t believe that Stepehenie Meyer would have allowed it.

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