FearNet: Why Bill Condon Could Be Good For Breaking Dawn

Bill-CondonsoloJen Yamato from FearNet analyzes why Bill Condon could be the best thing for the Twilight franchise.

“Though it’s not yet official, this week’s news that Dreamgirls director Bill Condon has pulled into the lead to direct the remaining two films in the Twilight franchise has given us plenty of food for thought. What makes the Oscar-winning razzle-dazzle specialist a shoe-in to direct Breaking Dawn over other rumored contenders Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant?

Oscar Cred

Catherine Hardwicke had indie film respect (Twilight), Chris Weitz had slick CG epic filmmaking under his belt (New Moon), and David Slade seemed like a perfect genre director to bring the franchise into horror-thriller territory (Eclipse). But while each of the previous Twilight Saga directors has been well-suited to their respective adaptations in different ways, Condon brings with him a very important element that could help the franchise go out with a bang: his shiny Academy Award statuette, won in 1999 for writing the horror-related flick Gods and Monsters.

Condon notched another Oscar nomination for scripting 2002’s Chicago, the film musical that effectively relaunched the musical genre in modern-day Hollywood. And even when he didn’t directly receive Oscar nods or wins, his films have (Dreamgirls earned eight nominations and won two Academy Awards; Kinsey earned one nomination; and Gods and Monsters earned actors Ian McKellen and Lynn Redgrave their own respective nods). He also co-produced the 2009 Academy Awards telecast — which, if we all recall, wasn’t that well-received, but hey — it’s the Oscars!”

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  1. hes done two musicals? Omg i can just see renesme jumping outta bellas womb tapping her toes and snapping her fingers in a west side story monologue! *roll eyes* i guess we will have to wait and see though, i just hope Summit goes for the best suited director and not an Oscar win! That would be cool to see Breaking Dawn get an Oscar but those Oscar peeps got rods or poles up their butts!

    • right? the shoulve kept Chris weitz! im not impressed with the eclipse released footage. and idk if im gonna like it. i liked Chris weitz he shouldve done the whole saga.

      • Why did you like New Moon? I thought it was so boring without energy. I thought Catherine could catch the *thing* from the books. Someone said it’s the spatial element and ‘beat’ that New Moon lacks. The cutting in New Moon is dull. Cameras are always ‘distant’: it’s like the camera person cannot go close enough. Cyatherine couldn create the intimacy. It should be a female director (Catherien) to film Breaking Sawn and Bella giving birth etc. I don’t trust male directors in Twilight, but a female one should have *the thing* to create intimacy. For me a moment to moment recount of events in a dull way is not as good as grasping the main point.

  2. AliceKikiCullen says

    I agree with u Amanda. They are stuck up. We need someone like Chris or David who know what they are doing and care about the fans and not waving thier stupid statue around. Twilight would never get an oscar, they hate teenage girls and fanstay movies. Lord of the Rings is one of the few fanstay movies that ever got the awards that earned it.

    • Stuck up…really? How could you possibly know that to be true? Work on some open mindedness hon- and here’s an idea- how about you and Amanda rent Gods and Monsters before you rant about what you think you know about this director. 🙂

      • I agree, how do you know that he doesn’t care about the fans? Do you know him personally? You shouldn’t write him off just because he has directed musicals. Chicago and Dreamgirls are two very dramatic musicals, full of emotion. Plus, he has experience in the horror genre.

        And as far as the structure of the Oscars go, Slumdog Millionaire and the Reader were very unpopular movies, yet they were two of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen.

    • Noah Brighten says

      Firstly very few movies win an Oscar, and while I don’t always agree with their choices, the films that are nominated are usually high quality no matter if I really liked the movie or not. Fantasy and Horror have a much harder time, because most films that come out in the genre aren’t that good. Lord of the Rings is an obvious exception, but it was also based upon one of the greatest literary works in fantasy history. They started out with a great narrative. They had an excellent cast, and worked well. Lord of the Rings wasn’t just fantasy, it was good fantasy.
      The Oscars don’t hate Twilight nor do they hate teenagers. They don’t judge a movie based upon how popular it is. They look at the structure of the story, the acting, the direction, the setting, and a number of other factors, but in reality it all starts with the story.

      Summit has to be very careful with directors especially Oscar winning ones, as if they have enough power, they WILL make changes to the script and could affect the story. Again, I stress that while some changes could deviant things from the book, it could help fix a lot of the issues with Breaking Dawn, that would otherwise be difficult to translate to the big screen. This may anger fans though. Stephenie may not allow it.
      They need to A. Nail the script… B. Find a director who will work with them. C. Actually care about the material.

      Yeah, Twilight Saga may not be Oscar material, but then again, Harry Potter didn’t win any Oscars either. Doesn’t stop me from watching it. 🙂

  3. I was born in the 80’s so I am a little more familiar with this director’s work than some. I saw Gods and Monsters and although I don’t remember much from it, I know that it was a great movie. I didn’t even know that he directed the second Candy Man movie which was a horror movie franchise that I loved as a kid and the second movie was my favorite. Although the movie freaked me out, it also made me cry. There was so much emotion in that movie along with the horror and I have faith that if they choose him to direct BD then he will do a great job capturing the most important parts.

    • You know finding out he directed Candyman 2, makes me feel better, he did a great job with the horror and the story and make emotional something that could had look silly on other’s persons hands and I also adored Chicago. I think he can direct the actors to give it all to their characters and create a great movie, so I give him my vote of confidence! You go Bill!!

  4. Lets just get on with it Summit!! Announce who ya got, its killing us already

  5. I really hope this is just a romor… We does Summit feel the need to change directors with each film? One of these times their choice is going to be a complete disaster. The last thing we need is someone trying to win an Oscar with these films. In order to be evn be considered he would have to butcher the story so much that none of us twi-hards would even recognize it. Please, Please just give us fans what we want to see! In return you will be rewarded with 2 more films making over 130 Million each.

    • the axing of Katherine was something that we aren’t sure on but the other directors being switched up has to do with post production and filming of the next installment…also sometimes they already have conflicting movies lined up.

      • Yolla, I understand that they may already have commitments but alot of that is due to not signing them to multiple films in the first place. I’m kind of glad they didn’t stick with Katherine as I dont think she had the CGI/Special effects experience required for the rest of the films (lets face it, the stunts in twilight are pretty cheesy). I think the NM director should have been locked in to do Eclipse and BD though when we had the chance.

  6. I just heard someone on TV saying that he shares a mutual friend with Bill Condon, and that Bill has said that he plans to bring out the “gay elements” that weren’t played up in the other movies. Umm … what??

    I know that there are two gay vampires in Breaking Dawn, and I hope that’s all he’s talking about.

    One other thing – who is the “invisible” character they are referring to in Breaking Dawn because it’s not Renesmee (she’s the other one their talking about)?

    • Who were the “gay” characters in BD? Cuz I missed that one.

      • Unfortunately my books have been loaned out so I can’t give you their names, but they were the two older ones who came to make sure that the Volturi got what was coming to them. Then when it looked like nothing was going to happen, they left.

        The word “gay” wasn’t used but it was implied.

        • And that’s what this director wants to ellaborate on? 2 bit characters that may have been implied to be gay? I’m scared already. Please god let them choose someone else!

          • Twilight_News says

            Before this gets completely out of hand the “article” in question was a spoof on a satire site and clearly labeled as such. Bill Condon is no more about to play up extra gay elements any more than he is about to play up extra heterosexual elements.

  7. cierra hatch says

    well changing directors is like a very smart idea..i didnt like it at first but i can see the difference soo im not going to question ..
    any way so i was imdb jus now and it says that bill condon is directing it has this been confirmed?

  8. Luisa Ardila says

    Yeah, or else… Summit, remember the fandom has the power here.

    • No, it really doesn’t…

      • Emma, we have more power than you might think… There is a reason why these rumors get floated out ahead of time. Summit would be fools not to take the pulse of the Twilight fan base on people they are considering before they commit.

        • Twilight_News says

          They are not going to take in the opinion of a fanbase that has no experience in the film industry, hasn’t interviewed a potential director, and doesn’t have direct experience working with that person. Were fan opinion considered, neither Catherine Hardwicke nor especially Chris Weitz would have been hired.

  9. they should have kept Chris Weitz(new moon director!) Idk why but i feel i might be kind of disappointed with eclipse. maybe i gotta see more but i’m not impressed with the recently released footage. I mean it just looks like the extended new moon. I liked twilight but it wouldve been better with Chris weitz doing it. he shouldve done eclipse. i dont think the book is dark at all. just more suspense. so david slade needs to chill with all this “horror” junk because the twilight saga is NOT horror. theres no genre that can cover the twilight saga. the twilight saga is its on genre.

  10. Another Twifan says

    Gay vampires? Whoever made that comment (original comment, not directed to user who brought it up here) does not know Stephenie Meyer. Why would a devout Mormon create gay vampire characters?

    Not to sound like a hater (huge fan!), but I don’t think we’ll ever hear “Twilight” linked w/ “Oscar.” Just sayin’.

    • As the “user who brought it up here”, I just wanted to clarify something. Firstly I don’t know what site or article Twilight News is referring to. I was quoting someone who was interviewed on Australian TV.

      Secondly, I had just taken the comment as meaning that he wanted to go more along the vein of Interview with the Vampire. None of the characters were gay in that movie but they were very “touchy”.

      Thirdly I wish I had never brought it up, and I will shut up now.

  11. i heard this on the radio, wish they wouldnt release this kind of stuff until it’s offical..radio said he would directing breaking dawn and he would be doing it in 2 parts.