Bill Condon: Front Runner to Direct Breaking Dawn?

Bill-CondonsoloAccording to Mike Flemming at Deadline Hollywood:

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Condon has emerged as the number one choice to direct the final two installments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, I’m told. Summit Entertainment hasn’t signed him, but I’m told that after several strong meetings, they are negotiating. Condon was among a list of A-list directors approved by Summit and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.”

Mike is a colleague of  Nikki Finke, who was the person who previously broke the story that Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant along with Condon were in the running. Nikki tends to get things right, but she isn’t fool proof. Notably she got the Eclipse director wrong initially stating that Juan Antonio Bayora would get the gig.

Read the whole account on Deadline Hollywood.


  1. I really don’t think the guy who directed “Dreamgirls” and a bunch of made-for-TV movies will be able to pull off BD.

  2. Okay first I really wish chris would reconsider because I loved loved LOVED what he did with new moon! But breaking dawn is dark and I still think that tim burton would be the next best choice after chris. Tim burton stays very true to the books of what he’s working on regadless of how others (who don’t read the books in the first place) feel. I think that if tim burton did we would be watching the book on screen!

    • Couldn’t agree more, but I wonder if Tim Burton would ever agree to it. I’ll give Condon a chance, I guess. Remember what we were all saying about Chris before we saw anything from New Moon?? Now we all worship at his feet!

      • leanne23 says

        Sorry Ladies but Tim Burton is a NO GO. He is filming DARK SHADOWS in Sept/Oct. with Depp they have been planning this one for YEARS. He would have been a little odd but that could be good too.

      • not me i thought new moon wasn’t directed very good it was to flashy and not emotional enough it was like he was so worried about special affects and the sets he totally forgot why we love these books he just took what ever the actors gave him some of those scenes with Kirsten were strange were shes like its my birthday can i ask for something kiss me part i thought that was weird not romantic the way she raised her eye brow and said it in a mannish voice i would have been like cut you gotta do that again cause that was terrible dont get me wrong their were good parts but not enough to worship at his feet i mean come on

        • I agree with you on some levels. I think CH and CW have done a great on somethings and could have really improved in others. When it comes to giving an actor directions its a two-way street like a lot of things in life. The actor has to meet the director half-way. Directors can give all kinds of directions but its the actor who has to use them and perform. Direction=director and Performance/acting=Actor. Acting comes learning and experiencing. Even “natural” actors/talents have to learn and experience. Directors most go to schools like NYFA or AFI Conservatory or Northwestern Univ. and some learn hands on experience. THE SAYING “LIFE IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE” is true for EVERYTHING. CW admitted some of his mistakes with NM and very few directors even people do that. Yes it could have been better so could have Twilight or any other film out there. Nothing is PERFECT.

  3. mschicklet says

    LOL tim burton would screw it up so bad.

    I’m worried about this Bill guy but whatever, it’s not like what we think matters at all.

  4. leanne23 says

    I dont think so because according his IMDb and some other websites he is filming Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with Kristin Scott Thomas in the summer and Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? in the fall and his wrote this one and its been his list for a LONG TIME. AND he cant be doing both of these anyways so…I think not on Bill. I also agree with Solar Eclipse I want and hope for someone with more balancing live action with cgi experience. I dont think BD NEEDS someone or WILL GET someone with a oscar nomination. I think Summit should “nixs” that idea for someone with experience of live action/cgi experience. I saw this movie called Splice at a film festival. Check it out. The director did a great job on balancing live action with cgi. His name is Vincenzo Natali. He has my vote. The movie comes out June 4 in the USA.

    • leanne23 says

      🙁 Vincenzo Natali IS doing HIGH RISE next. He would have been good. He would have been a good choice.:( Splice is about “Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named “Dren”, the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators – only to have that bond turn deadly.”(IMDb) So sad I dont know who else because alot of directors are already working on LONG TERM PROJECTS. Good ones too.

  5. ANYONE WHO THINKS TIM BURTON SHOULD DIRECT BREAKING DAWN SHOULD BE SHIPPED OFF TO A REMOTE ISLAND AND STARVED LOL! (kidding of course) he would ruin the movie! His vision is creepy and all his movies look the same as the rest! Breaking Dawn is a great book that needs attention to detail and a heart for the love and compassion! Omg i got the bubble guts just thinking about all this! I wish we knew some concrete details! :/

  6. Ughh!! Tim Burton for Breaking Dawn!!! Give me a break!! Yeah then what part would Johnny Depp play??

    I don’t even know who this Condon guy is so can’t really comment. But Dreamgirls director?? Yeah, little scary. To be quite honest, and I know you all are gonna scream at me for this.
    I wish Catherine Hardwick would come back to finish it off. And if not her than yeah Chris Weitz.

    If Catherine Hardwick’d had the resources available to her that the directors have now since it exploded in to such a success, I think she could have done a better job. I loved Chris’s job on New Moon, but felt like it was very rushed, and some things just weren’t explained very well, so ppl who maybe haven’t read the books are sitting there thinking “what’s that all about?”…

    But being that it will probably be split in to two movies, he could probably slow down a bit and spend some more time on certain details. And he obviously does an amazing job with the CGi and Fantasy part of it.

    Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Eclipse and be begging for Summit to bring Slade back for BD?? So far I love what I see for Eclipse.

    • I agree with Melanie, I too would like Cahterine Hardwick to direct the last 2 movies. First and foremost; its a love story. I think she would rock BD.

      • I’d only be for Catherine if she signed a legal document stating she would not a) make Bella a vegitarian again (so not in the book) and b) invent new characters (Waylan, anyone? She even said she would have brought him back as a vampire if she had done New Moon. Thank God that didn’t happen!)

  7. Hmm… While we’re all dreaming & since our opinion doesn’t really count anyway (seriously, y would the Summit execs. listen to us, the people who made Twilight a huge success in the first place), I’m going to throw James Cameron out there. I don’t have to explain, his work speaks for itself. Just sayin’!

  8. I don’t know, I was hoping for a more experienced director for BD. There will be a lot of CGI and I don’t think Condon is familiar with it. But we’ll see…

  9. Catherine would be great, but I gather she had some falling out with Summit(???). What about Peter Jackson’s wife, Fran Walsh?

  10. if the movie is going to be split into two parts, does that mean there will be two directors? i know that Chris Weitz couldn’t direct Eclipse because he was doing post-production work. wouldn’t the same thing happen if BD were in two parts? maybe one director for the first part and another for the second?

    Where would they cut pt one off? Who would direct pt one? What about pt 2?

    • leanne23 says

      If it is filmed “Lord of the Rings” style they could get away with one director meaning filmed straight through with very small breaks for holidays and award season. LOTR was filmed for like almost 2 years. BD will more like be 6-8 months if filmed this way. The reason why CW couldnt direct Eclipse is because most directors like him are very hands on in Post production. And the fact it was release in November leaving no time for filming Eclipse as well. My guess on the split would at the end of Jacob’s POV. Part one being Human Bella and Part two being Vamp Bella. Part one could be IMAX and Part two would be a cool FUSION 3D

      • leanne23 says

        lol….experience. FUSION 3D is what AVATAR has and what James Cameron invented. it would be IMAX TOO. its expensive but COOL.

    • usually when they do it in two parts like that they film it all at once using the same director and break it during editing

  11. Mostly Silent Fan says

    OK – no one has mentioned how strong of a screenwriter Condon is. Although Rosenberg will once again be writing the screenplay, I think a director with strong screenwriting skills could do a good job w/what she provides. Twilight was a disaster b/c she wrote that script very quickly, adding bizarre things and leaving out key storylines (i.e. day the biology class was doing blood samples) – though I know Hardwicke made some pretty awful decisions too. Gods & Monsters is a great movie and he has a very stylistic approach to his films, which I think we would all agree Breaking Dawn needs. Realistically, the director is not in control of the CGI that everyone is concerned about – if they used the same team from New Moon, it should be fine.

    Summit needs to make a decision soon, whomever they choose – get those movies made!

  12. “Dreamgirls” was one of the most boring films I have ever seen. I really hope that Summit doesn’t end up signing Condon to direct BD.

    Team Weitz : )

  13. Kathryn Bigelow. She directed The Hurt Locker. She just won an academy award for best director. It had amazing special effects and she gets cgi. She is also the ex-wife of James Cameron. She knows understands a good love story. She gets it. I think she’d be fantastic! Look at her work. Also, just as an extra bit here, she was up against her ex, James Cameron, for best director, who thought her win was well earned. Something to think about…

    • I agree but she is going to be busy come June.Filming The Miraculous Year per IMDb.

    • In my opinion the only reason The Hurt Locker won so many Academy Awards was because it’s “supposed” to be based on the things the Army bomb squad live on an “everyday basis” on Iraq not because it’s by any means a good movie. I found it boring as hell and I even read that the actual Army bomb squad was not very happy of how they were portrayed.

      I don’t think this Bill Condon guy would be any good for BD. Dreamgrils, really? Come on Summit for just once please take into consideration our pleas. BD needs a director like Chris Weitz, James Cameron or Peter Jackson.

      Tim Burton, I don’t think he will be good for BD. I like many of his movies but I can’t see him as a BD type director.

    • i’d rather stab my eye with a pen than to ever have to watch hurt locker again. the academy awards don’t matter.

  14. All i know is that Renesmee HAS to be real,she NEEDS to be a real live person. It shouldnt be all CGI. The baby/toddler har to be real to project the heart and emotions that bella and edward have over having a little girl. Imagine how cute and sweet,sexy it’ll be to see Edward (Rob) holding and interacting with a baby? I really wanna see that. I just hope that they get people who can figure out how to make Breaking Dawn adaptable into film cuz lets be honest,its a tricky and tough could go either way:.

  15. I really don’t care ’bout who’ll direct BD, if the film doesn’t have a good screenplay, you could hire the best director & it would suck all the same. Summit still gets wrong with Ms Rosenberg as screenwriter.

  16. I was wondering if Steven Spielberg is doing anything this Fall? He’s never done anything I didn’t love. Well, a gal can dream, can’t she?