Taylor Lautner’s Date With a French Fan Part 2

There was a contest over in France to have a date with Taylor Lautner. Twilight France has been covering the story and they have part two of the experience up in video.

Taylor in Paris, Part 2
Uploaded by ambassadeur-de-star. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

If you missed part 1 you can catch it here. If you don’t speak French, throw the page through Google Translate and you’ll get a really good idea of the details.


  1. how strange that must be for celebrities to have to do those things. Taylor seemed to handle it with grace and charm, good for him.

  2. 08ertwilighter says:

    i’ve gone to the source *dailymotion*, and tried 2 methods of getting a link for google translate to work on, and neither works…

  3. howling snow says:

    Awk—ward. The whole thing was funny and awkward at the same time. I hope all three had a good time,but it was hard to tell.

  4. did u have to put this on here? i am burning with jealousy! grrrr! haha.. good for her though, not everyday a fan gets to go on a date with Taylor lautner now isit? lol
    I will meet him before i die, thats my life ambition! haha

  5. I could not stand breved Taylor, I would stand and weep for joy and hug him ^^

  6. The video originated from this website http://www.ambassadeurdestar.com which is, I believe, a sort of reality show on the Internet. One of the girls, Marta, is Spanish an can now brag that her first visit to Paris was with Talyor Lautner! The French girl, Jen, is happy the way Talyor comments the monuments in Paris. Guys over Twilight France are a bit sad that Tayor did’nt went into the jacuzzi… So are we! 😉

  7. it was like funny yet awkward. but i didn’t exactly know what they were saying……

  8. at least they weren’t ugly haha.

    the awkwardness must of been insane..

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