David Walliams to Audition for Breaking Dawn? Our Take: We Doubt It.

160x120_starsnaps_david_walliamsSo this headline came up today: “David Walliams of Little Britain Fame to Audition for Breaking Dawn”. It all stems from an article in the UK TY Tabloid The Sun.

According to that article: “‘They [a nameless source] thought him suitable when they saw him play the evil charmer in the drama Capturing Mary.’

We’re going to say that this is either an April Fools joke run late,  a joking off-hand comment taken out of context, or just a total fabrication. The reason being is that Melissa Rosenberg is still working on the script and, more importantly, there is NO DIRECTOR signed.  So, unless we hear otherwise from a source more reliable than The Sun, we are going to toss this into the complete rumor bin.


  1. Agreed!!!

  2. Gauri Singh says:

    Well, I hope it’s true, I’ve seen him as a serious actor both on screen and in the theatre, he’d be brilliant!!

  3. So what part is he supposedly auditioning for?!

  4. Considering it was in The Sun…. I think that alone should throw it into question. I seriously doubt that it (the story) is legitimate.

  5. have no clue who this guy is

  6. I have no clue either!

  7. Nicole D says:

    Who would he be playing?

  8. I second everyone: Who is he? And whom is he rumoured to be auditioning for?

  9. David Walliams is a famous comedy actor here in England. He did this show called Little Britain with Matt Lucas. I’d be really surprised if this story is true though, can’t really see him in as any of the characters in Breaking Dawn :s

  10. daisyduck says:

    He’s a good actor and he’s done pletny of serious drama. It’s just that he’s most well-known for his Little Britain sketches.
    Even though I like him, I hope he doesn’t get cast because I think it’s too much of a distraction. He’s so well-associated with those Little Britain roles that I would be thinking about them when I watched.
    I have no clue what part they would be thinking of him for…

    Mind you, the fact that the article is from The Sun and it’s from an unidentified source makes me think it’s nonsense. They’re hardly known for their high quality, truthful journalism, are they?!!

  11. samantha ince says:

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