Twilight Saga Missing a Gaming Opportunity?

EclispeSmallAccording to Yahoo News’ Plugged In site:

“Hardly any big-budget movie goes by these days without an accompanying video game release — but the absence of a game based on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight property is causing publishers to miss out on millions, according to British trade paper MCV.

“Given how hot a property it is, Twilight could easily present a seven-figure exploitation opportunity,” analyst Nick Gibson told the publication, “especially if publishers look at taking it beyond retail gaming and considers network gaming.”

Gibson goes on to suggest such a game would perform well with the broader audiences of the Nintendo’s Wii and DS machines, and would be unlikely to be targeted at gamers with Xbox 360s or PS3s.”

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So here’s the question, given that Twilight is undeniably a predominantly female driven enterprise, is there a strong enough female gamer market considering that the industry given, current market trends and research, is male dominated?

Also given the vast ways in which the Twilight was marketed for New Moon, everything from make-up to Burger King sliders, would a video game have been a welcome item or one more forgettable piece of a marketing blitz?

And in case you are wondering what happened to student videogame developer Brandon, here is his website. TY to NollieMarie07 on Twitter for the heads up.


  1. I say this as a Twilight fan, and a gamer:

    Please, no. Just, no.

    • I concur.

      Really, what would one do in a Twilight themed game, run around and sparkle at the humans?

      Don’t get me wrong, I really am a big Twilight fan, but I’m also a gamer. The Twilight universe just isn’t conducive to a good game story line.

      • As a Twilight Fan, & a gamer, may I make a compromising suggestion??? Guitar Hero or Rock Band: Twilight Saga Edition. Wait until the soundtracks are out, then let us all rock out to them properly. I personally listen to the first 2 soundtracks on a daily basis & never get tired of rocking out to them. It’s amazing music… they could even go so far as to make the band characters like the Cullens vs. the Wolfpack or something. You can choose any character from Alice to Bella to Paul & everyone in between. Whatcha think?

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      I completely agree. The video game would just be pointless. I don’t know how you can really be a vampire in the Twilight series other than the fight in Eclipse, which would probably get violent. That’s about the only situation that, in my opinion, would make a good game, and even then it wouldn’t be good for most females.

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  2. I personally wouldn’t buy it, I’m not much of a “gamer” I play Mario and sometimes Rock Band with my kids but that’s about as far as I go I dont have time for it – LOL!

    I can’t even picture what the plot of the video game would be …I dont think it’s a story that can be easily adapted into video game…

  3. The Weasel says:

    I’m a huge gamer and I’ve pondered this thought many times with my friends. Different ideas of game play like starting out human and then turning vampire, choosing to be vegetarian or “bad vampire”, etc. I think it’s possible if done correctly, but given that most movie-tie-in games are not done very well, I doubt it would be. I’d buy it for the novelty, but that’s probably it.

    Also, I’m pretty sure it depends on which market trends you are looking at, but I’ve read recently that the gaming industry is not so male-dominated anymore.

  4. Jennifer says:

    NOOOOOOOO…please no.

  5. mschicklet says:

    DRTA but, umm, Twilight Scene It, anyone? I played it. It wasn’t *that* great but it counts as a video game.

  6. Would Summit be the ones to agree to it or Stephenie? Doesn’t seem like Stephenie’s kind of thing to do.

  7. The ONLY way, it would work even halfway as a game, is a “story” game, such as Pheonix Wright, or as any of the other graphic-novel styled games that were a craze on the PC, and have been reinvented on the DS and the Wii. Point and Click. A dating SIM, per say.
    There’s not enough action for an “Action” game. The Shooter genre is definitly out. Not enough adventure for a Platformer or Adventure game. Not enough depth for an RPG.

    In reality it isn’t that Summit and Co is missing out on a grand oppertunity to make more money with a game franchise, it is that the Twilight Saga would be excruciatingly hard to develope for a game, and if they DID do one, chances are it would end up like a hybrid of the Mary Kate & and Ashley franchise… in short, being horrible beyond imagination and have a dismal future as Wal-Mart bargain bin material. The Saga isn’t game material, and I think Summit, Stephenie, and anyone is being very wise to avoid such a tragedy.

    Granted there are Twi-hards out there that are twi-hard enough to buy ANYTHING with Edward on it, but the other 90% would demand at least some sort of quality.

    • Agreed! I’ve always thought the Japanese-style visual novel would be the only way it could work.

      That said, I’ve considered creating a Twilight-themed mod for Left 4 Dead, too. What’s not to love about vampires fighting a zombie outbreak in Forks?

  8. teamjasmett says:


  9. I agree with “The Weasel” above… I don’t see the storyline lending itself to a very epic video game, but I would definitely buy it “just to have it.”

  10. dont think it would work..dont just put any garbage out there just to make a buck

  11. I am dissapointed Twilight fans. Why doesn’t anyone want this? Do you have that little faith in Stephenie / Summit? I have been hoping for a Twilight Game scence I read Twilight for the first time (wow that feels like forever ago). I read this article on Yahoo news last night and people didn’t want a video game because they think Twilight has no plot!!!!!! WHAT THE POOP!! THAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE EVER! Games are simmilar to books they are alternet realities (like fanfictions). How could a Twilight fan reject this offer?

    • Noah Brighten says:

      Movie/Book to games already have a notorious past, even with really successful movies/books. Anyone play the “Avatar” game? It was bad. Not horrid, but not really good. A few years back some game studio made a Lord of the Rings game, solely based upon the book series, and it was terrible. Guess how many Star Wars related games were actually fun? Not very many. The sad thing is, the movies/books above lend themselves to creating a good solid action/RPG game, and still came out rubbish, so when you try to adapt a book that doesn’t lend itself to a game genre, the creation could only spell disaster.

      Again, the ONLY way I can see this work is if it is a non-traditional story game, that either takes you through the plot of the film series, or a new story based in the Twilight world. I would vote for the later per say, as such a game would help flesh out more of her story, or at least give the core fan basis something else to chew on per say… However, if the fates that seem so cruel to movie/book-to-game adaptations, people might end up letting their dogs do all the chewing.

      • I agree on most video games from books/movies..they seem too contrived and follow the story too closely…They don’t seem to work well if you run around as the main character…but lord of the rings online is a really well designed and fun don’t get to run around as any of the main characters but you complete quests along the way to help the story along…I think a twilight game like that would work well…as long as you were just in the world of vampires and maybe met the main group every now and’d be fun…but if you run around as Bella or Edward or any of the other main characters it’d be lame super quick.

  12. I’m not a fan of the idea either. I think to some degree the merchandise and all that stuff has gotten a little out of hand. We have everything from graphic novels (which I don’t really think is necessary despite looking at it at Wal-Mart) to Edward shimmer dust and Werewolf packing tape. I have a Wii, but I don’t think that it can be done that well. Plus, many video games based off movies aren’t even that good of games.

    Another vote for Hell no!

  13. Danielle says:

    I think what this movie did was “stump” all the big wigs that do promotions. Since this is a girl driven movie as they say I guess they automatically figured we wouldnt want to play. When are they going to realize that us girls can fill a movie theater faster than men sometimes? Oh yeah, and making a Twilight video game…bad idea. I can play Splinter Cell, but not Diamond Sparkle. I prefer Edward as he was intended to be!!

  14. I would LOVE it. I’ve been wondering myself why they haven’t made one.

    • i was looking on the internet coz i wanted one nd found out they havnt made one yet :/ gutted apsolutely gutted!! x

  15. webkinzjr6 says:

    I love to play on the Wii and everything, and I love Twilight, but I would never buy the game. Ok, that is a little lie, if it had an amazing picture I might buy it. But I probably wouldn’t play it. What would the plot of the game be? Defeat the vultori… I don’t think it would be as good as they thik it would be.

    • webkinzjr6 says:

      ok, just to clear this up, I know that there is a plot to the books, and the movies. But the game would be pointless. The biggest thing they could make with New Moon is rescue Edward. Unless they are going to make it almost like a Sims game, then it would be no real plot, buecause they can’t fully catch the caracters interactions. Their is nothing that can be reinacted to a point.

  16. Team Jasper says:


  17. I agree with *Team Jasper*
    I am a gameer and a BIG fan of Twilight myself, but making a video game would overkill Twilight.
    They already have the Scene It game, dolls, and a Graphic novel. How much more can they use the Twilight name on things?

    So if the gaming people ever read these comments, my answer would be NO…. DON’T DO IT….PLEASE NO!!!
    *Team Jane* all the way!

  18. Jennifer says:

    As a Female who loves games (even violent ones) this would work IF the moved beyond the characters and made it based on the Twilight universe as a whole. Maybe a RPG like Force Unleashed or the other Star Wars games before it. You could wake up as a newborn and make decisions throughout the game to determine if you are a vegetarian or not. There could be tasks to complete, maybe you could choose to make other vamps, fight evil covens, find a mate. There could be character cameos, like if you get so far you can be called to Forks to be a witness for the Cullens. That would be a small part of the overall experience.

  19. If it didn’t follow the movies or books exactly then it could possibly be a good game.

    • my thought exactly thats wat they did with harry potter it didnt folloow the story line exactlybut it worked x

  20. twiphilosopher says:

    This could be an interesting idea. Do a MMORPG for PC/Mac platforms, Vampire, werewolves, and humans could easily be character types. I could see it running something like World of Warcraft very easily. Whether or not it would catch on? Final Fantasy online, Diablo 1&2, and even Star Wars all have active gamers and seem to be sticking around. Imagine a game that allowed readers/people to live in/play in a world governed by Stephenie Meyer’s “rules”? I’d be down for giving it a go.

  21. Gennifer says:

    I’d buy it, even if it was just to try it out and then to have it after that. After all, I bought the toque, two terrycloth wristbands, four rubber wristbands, two t-shirts, a set of magnets for my fridge so I could drool over something other than my food, two copies of the first two books because I loved my copies too much and numerous posters and magazines just because it was Twilight. So it certainly wouldn’t be the first time and I’m really good about staying away from the backpacks and purses because I know I’d never use them.

  22. There is a Twilight video game for the Wii. It’s Twilight Scene it – narrated by Peter… it’s quite fun. However, an RPG? PLEASE DON’T!

  23. I love the Twilight Saga but as a game, probaly no. Maybe if they made a small Twilight expantion pack for the Sims 3, I WOULD buy that.

  24. Twilight Nymph says:

    I don’t know why, but a Twilight game seems more to me like one of those games where one would be doing lame missions. I mean I love the series and personally I would love a game involving the action scenes specially the ones to come from Eclipse, would be a a good game, but the rest of it, I don’t know. I mean what one of the missions going to be, Dazzle Bella or turn Bella into a Barbie (Alice) LOL. I don’t know. If they could make it action driven then by all means I would, but if not then yeah I wouldn’t be interested. I mean I’m not a gamer personally, so it would have to be good for it to get my attention or my brother’s for that matter, he’s the one with the 360.

  25. twiphilosopher says:

    I totally get what you guys are saying, but your operating under the assumption that the video game must follow the twilight saga story line. If the game were to be made into an Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) you would not be playing Bella, Edward, or any of the other characters encountered in the books. There would be quests, and the Volturi would likely be present as NPC’s (Non-player characters), but think of the possibilities of opening up the Twilight “Verse” for fans to create there own character – trying to feed without getting caught, avoiding werewolves (who could also be players much like World of Warcraft’s Alliance and Horde factions), ect. A lot of thought would need to go into making quest lines, and character stats, ect. But I really think if people looked beyond the idea of a game based solely on the storyline covered in the books they would see the opportunity to be an active member, so to speak, in the world where vampires do exist and indeed sparkle in the sun. It would definitely need to be a computer game, rather than a video game, but it might be worth some of those higher-ups to consider?

    • Noah Brighten says:

      Very true, and I think that would be the only real way of doing things, BUT, still when you consider that MOST MMORPG’s have a heavy story driven plot..aka the classic save the world/ end the world themes such as seen in WOW, EverQuest, and such, and to create such an arc in the Twilightverse, might not bode well with Stephenie. I could see something like “Second Life” where you simply exist as a vampire/ werewolf/ human in a world where the Twilight characters are real. HOWEVER, if they did that… other than the brand name, would it be different enough to make it stand out from all the other fantasy alternate world MMORPGs?

    • An MMO wouldn’t work. Why? There’s no war going on. Look at every other MMO out there, there’s some overlying conflict that drives the story. You NEED a story (with conflict) for a game.
      If there was a war going on, then yeah it would work, everyone gets to choose, do they want to be a vampire or werewolf? Good or evil?
      Sure there are characters who don’t like the Volturi, but we never see any real action taken to overthrow them. Nor would the overthrow of the Volturi be enough of a story to carry an entire game.

      As for a Second Life style game, what’s the point? I’ve never really understood that ‘game.’ I don’t really like calling it a game either, it’s more of a simulator/chat room with moving avatars.

  26. Ummm… especially since the heroes of this story DON’T want to fight… I think that might be a pretty boring video game. “Press X-Y-Right-Left-Right to calmly discuss other option with your opponent…” Blerg.

    • Noah Brighten says:

      Well you might have to enter ABACABB to access the more violent side of the vampires. You get 20 Nerd points if you can guess where that code is from. 😛

  27. Dlphnmolly says:

    They should make a Twilight Expansion pack for the Sims. I would buy that

  28. Okay…this is going to sound really girly, but the only games I play that are Twilight related are the ones where you get to dress up the stars and do makeovers on them. LOLOL I’ve dressed Edward and Bella in all kinds of cool outfits!

    So…it’s obvious I’m not much of a gamer. At least the kind that these companies are targeting. I can’t imagine a plot for a Twilight game that would be interesting enough to get me to actually lay down $60 plus change for it.

  29. People seem to not realize that female gamers are considerably on the rise. Plus, I know guys that would totally play a Twilight related video game. I think it has a market and could be successful. You’re problem is that many Twilight fans are too snobby in their girliness to consider the idea, and that is why it’s not happening. Just the way that the graphic novel almost didn’t happen.

    • exactly walk into any games store nd especially for ps3 nd xbox 360 just about every single games in there is a shooting game or a some sort of game where your in a gang nd go round killin peole on the street and i kno i would love a twilight game x

  30. I am a huge gamer and a Twilight fan and I would not buy a Twilight themed video game. First of all, while it makes a great book, it would make a very bad game. Also movie tie in games suck and are not bought by hard core gamers. We all hate them. They are rushed to come out at the same time as the movie and as a result suffer. Sorry but whoever wrote the arrticle is just plan wrong. Please don’t make the Twilight saga into a video game.

  31. Dragon620026 says:

    Do not tell me they are making a video game. No! No way! just no. period.

    I’m a gamer and I love twilight to dead but a video game? No. Argh. No. Seriously guys, we gotta write to them and not let them do this.

  32. OH DEAR GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. nicksmom says:

    i would love a twilight game look at harry potter they made games 4 every book/movies and they started out not great but got better with every one i soooo would bye the games if the came out with them and i am really hoping they do

  34. not bein funny but youu couldd fight off the people that corner her in the alley till edward got there im pretty sure they could find a way of finding outt aboutt edward interesting then the whole protecting bella thing youu could play edward fighting off james nd thats just the first film god knows how interesting they could make the next games fighting off newborn armes nd stuff now how does that sound borin thas abit like saying the harry potter games were pointless they managed to make them fun and interesting whilst keeping the story line of the films so all youu haters up youurs (sorry just sayin) x

  35. Nathaniel T says:

    Just to set the record straight, I’m a guy (and I’m not gay). My girlfriend has been a big Twilight fan since the books came out and to be honest I only became a fan after I watched the first movie. After seeing Breaking Dawn last night, I began looking for any video games that might be out there (preferably action). Finding none, I thought I would leave my own opinon on this site. I feel that it would be interesting to see a video game that is about Twilight. I DO agree that if “playable character” was Bella, Edward, or Jacob, it would be a waste of money to create it or buy it. However, I think it would be very interesting to see if it is possible to create a game where, in the begining, to choose first male or female, then maybe whether or not to be a werewolf or a vampire (of course you could then facial details and stuff like that). After this maybe you start out as a human in Forks and then choose and surly to make it interesting you (as the character) should be friends with either the Cullun’s or “The wolf pack”. This is all my opinon of course so tell me what you think!


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