The Fansite Inteview: Jodelle Ferland, Tyson Houseman, Booboo Stewart

In about 4 hours the Twilight fansites have a phone interview with Jodelle Ferland (Bree), Tyson Houseman (Quil), and Booboo Stewart (Seth). We have some questions in mind, but if you have one you want us to use fire away below!


  1. Joanna O says:

    Question for Tyson: Can I get your number?

  2. Eneirit says:

    For BooBoo…… Would you go out with a 13 year old?

  3. i wanna know from Jodelle and BooBoo how does it feel to be a teen and part of the Twilight Saga? how has that changed them if its changed them at all? is it harder for them to do their schoolwork?

  4. I want to ask a general question… But If this can’t be possible… I would like to ask Jodelle about the makeup and costumes… How creepy are them?

  5. And I would like to ask Tyson and BooBoo: If you could choose and change your character with one of the “Cullen’s boys”… Who would you be?

  6. Kady Heatley says:

    Question for all:

    What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Rosalie Hilton says:

    Question for Jodelle: What is it like being so young and being a experienced and remarkable actress?

  8. leanne23 says:

    Did anyone inspire you during your performance and in your real personal life in general? Like for performance- past actor’s performance- example- Michael Sheen used the “Blue Meany” (sp?). Real life- Anyone other actor, family, famous historical figures etc.
    If you won’t an actor what would you do?
    Is there a director, actor and anyone you would love to work with?
    How did you get into your character? Preparation. We know Jodelle read the novella but did she do anything else.
    What was the audition process like for you and how long did it take?
    What was your favorite part about filming Eclipse? Doesn’t have to be a scene filmed since you probably CAN’T talk too much about the filming and what’s in Eclipse the Movie.
    Get details. I will try to think of more questions.

  9. Veronica V. says:

    Question for Tyson & Booboo: Will we see some action with the wolves talking to each other mentally?
    Question for Jodelle: How did reading ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ help contribute to Eclipse?

    • “Question for Jodelle: How did reading ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ help contribute to Eclipse?”

      That’s exactly what I like to know! 🙂

  10. Eclipse is many fans’ favorite book: it has humor, it has action, and it has clearly-defined story arcs for each character that are exciting and complete. How do you think the screenplay and final film will measure up to fans’ expectations?

  11. Q for Jodelle!

    How weird is it to act as a newborn? Did you have any trouble getting into the role?

    Thanks ^_^

  12. this is a question i’ve been holding for myself, but i mmight never get to ask any of the cast this so, please try to ask ALL THREE:

    Have you read FanFiction (given they know what it is) devoted to your character?

    If so, what was the story about? Did you like it?

  13. Crystal says:

    Questions for Jodelle: Do you like horror movies the best?
    What was it like to work with Kristen Stewart again?

    Questions for all: What are the pressures as a young actor/actress?

  14. Alice_the_Baseball_Vampire says:

    Question for all: Who was the most fun person to work with on the set? Why?

  15. Natalie says:

    I was on the Today Show website, and apparently Stephenie Meyer is writing a new book about the vampire Bree. Has anyone else heard about this?

    • It’s not a new book per se (new for release though), she wrote it when Eclipse was being edited, she elaborated on the life of Bree Tanner, it’s a short novel being released on June 5th, you can pre-order it at or Barnes and Noble 🙂

  16. Fanpire says:

    Questions for any of them:

    How did you get started in acting?

    What book in the series is your favorite?

    Had you read the books before being cast?

    What roles do you have coming up?

  17. Nathalie says:

    For Boo Boo…Was the scene in which you go after a newborn vampire and Jacob saves you filmed?????
    For everyone…
    Funniest thing that happened on set????

  18. Madeleine says:

    For Jodelle: You’re often cast for roles in horror movies and you’re really scary in that parts. how is it for your family or friends, are they afraid of you sometimes/in certain situations in daily life?

  19. cierra hatch says:

    for all of them ..did u ever get star struck wen meeting the rest of the cast someone u thought u would never been able to meet let alone work with

  20. Ask BooBoo if he’s looking forward to the Australian twilight conventions this month and we can’t wait to see him downunder

  21. Eric English says:

    Question:Tyson Houseman (Quil),

    1:Haveing been in the twilight series, what movies do you hope to be making 5-10 years from now, and as a fan, what can we expect to see from you?

    2:What would be your perfect movie role, (horor, comedy ect. . .) & what celeberities would you want to do the movie with.

  22. Crystals says:

    Q-BooBoo: Did it suck (how dissappointed were you) knowing that you wouldn’t be able to actually fight in the movie because Seth is in his wolf form?

    Q-Tyson: After reading New Moon (if you did), how did it feel to know that you don’t resemble your character as much as the others do in the movie?
    (NM p. 138…more burly. His white T-shirt strained over his well-developed chest…His hair was so short it was almost a buzz.)

    Q-both wolves:How does your mom feel about having her son shirtless and fantasized about by teenyboppers everywhere?

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