IPad Meet Twilight Graphic Novel

The folks over at Twilight France tipped us off to this one. Twilight graphic novel is in Top 100 AppStore apps (for IPad).  According to Twilight France (translation via Google Translate) “You probably do not miss the information in all the newspapers, the iPad was released Saturday in the U.S. (and in France next April) … And Twilight is already in the spotlight with a demo of the application of the graphic novel Twilight Volume 1 in English but in French ! This trial offers for free the first pages of the book and already ranks in the Top 100 on AppStore U.S. (at the 71th place)!  The entire book will soon be available (but its price has not yet been announced). “


  1. I downloaded the free version of this on my iPad, it looks really good.. Didn’t get the full one because I already have the physical copy, but if I didn’t have that one I would have totally bought it. Comics are amazing on the iPad! Still haven’t decided if I want to give up regular books yet though lol.

  2. The characters not suppose to look like the movie cast…

  3. wow these ppl annoyed me. Even i f iwerent a fan they would still annoy me. “That doesnt look like KristenStewart! Oh that must be Edward” No you fools read the f-ing captions

  4. Loves how the girl first thought James was Edward, then Charlie was Edward. Did she even read the original book? They are both essentially the same book, scene for scene, word for word.

  5. Who the eff is this girl? She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.. Don’t record something and post if you don’t know anything about it. “That doesn’t look like Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson!!” Duh. They’re not meant to look like the actors. This is about the book. Not the movie.

  6. Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary by the couple.

    Guess the guy is knee deep in Twilight world whether he likes it or not!

  7. i am planning to buy an iPad since it looks lighter than a regular desknote and i don not use much of the features of a laptop.~~;


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