Alex Meraz, A Photoshoot, and a Trip Down Twilight Memory Lane


Just Jared has an article up covering a photo shoot Alex Meraz did with two other up-in-coming Hollywood actors.

“A trio of young gents are featured in the “L.A. Story” photo spread from the April/May 2010 issue of Da Man Magazine (with Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley on the cover) — Twilight werewolf Alex Meraz, Colton Haynes from the upcoming ABC series The Gates and artist/editor Eric France.”

Now, for those of you who have been following Twilight for awhile, we have a trivia question for you. Why did this story cause Pel to do a spit take. If you’ve  ever attended a Lexicon Movie Madness Panel at a Twilight Convention you’ll know why.  Hint: Paul Wesley and Eric France weren’t what caused the spit take. (In fact just to make it interesting, the first person who posts what Pel judges to be the bast answer on why she did a spit take will get a free copy of the Twilight Graphic Novel from us.)

Anyway, congrats to the guys and here’s to successful careers.


  1. Wasn’t colton haynes rumored to have been cast as Jacob?

  2. I did a spit take as well, several of them. Let’s see if its one of the following…

    – MTV is remaking TEEN WOLF?! Holy Lunacity!
    – Not only is he playing a football-playing werewolf, he’s playing a 15-YEAR OLD.
    – Not ONE, but TWO shows with flying fur?!

    And not so much a spit take as a sarcastic twirl:
    – Let’s jump on the werewolf bandwagon!

  3. There was a fan campaign I remember that was pushing for him to be Edward, at least I think it was him…I’m probably wrong…there were a lot of people rumored to be cast as Edward…

  4. Team Jacob says

    Wasn’t Colton Haynes considered for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight? Is that it?

  5. i haVE no idea. ah poo

  6. Adrienne says

    I can’t remember for sure, but when MTV first optioned Twilight I know they had Bella as a track star and a bunch of nonsense with night-vision goggles and whatnot. Did they have Jacob as the captain of the lacrosse team? And now they have the main character in Teen Wolf as the captain of the lacrosse team…

  7. I think he was considered for the part of Edward Cullen, possibly by Stephenie Meyer.

  8. Well before Robert Pattinson was cast a lot of fans really wanted Colton Haynes to play Edward Cullen. I am sure that Pel was one of those people.

    -So… Pel wanted him to play Edward Cullen.

  9. Jessica M says

    It wasn’t that he was really /considered/ for the part, so much as he was /rumored/ for it. There was this huge thing with the casting supposedly being announced at 12am or 3am or something. He was allegedly cast as Edward… and going to announce it in the middle of the night. o_O Needless to say, it did not happen. Bella’s Stove, anyone?

    And I only know this from attending TwiTour and sitting in on the lovely Lexicon panel. 🙂

  10. Wow. I was going to say the whole “Colton Haynes was a possible Edward” too, but that seems to be what everyone else is saying. So my answer:
    -They have a vampire (Colton Haynes) and a werewolf (Alex Meraz) in the same story, and everyone knows werewolves DO NOT LIKE VAMPIRES!! XD

  11. Colton Haynes was rumored to play Edward and he and Alex (werewolf) are in the same photo shoot.

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