The Larry and Kevin Meadow Revitalization Project

Larry and Kevin have given it a good deal of thought, and the meadow really could be put to far better purposes. This is what we have in mind. What do you think? We’ve even started forum discussion for it.


  1. Come on guys you have enough golf courses and that is your obsession, can’t we at least have us some twilight obsession???? πŸ˜€ Oh and we want Lori and Laura back, don’t make me call in the wolves?? ha ha!

  2. don’t you dare turn that meadow into a gold course!unless you want to see hordes of women more angry than elin woods!

  3. I bet Edward is really good at golf.

    • AliceKikCullen says

      Sure go ahead turn it into a golf course…unless of course you don’t want tons of 13 yr old fan girls with pitch forks, torches and various torture devices coming down on your heads….lol

  4. I am so glad my husband doesn’t know about this site… πŸ™‚ Can we please have our ladies back?! We can learn to share!!!

  5. I do allow my husband to golf. So he knows better than to say anything about my Twilight obsession.

    • Seriously! We let them have their obsessions, too! My husband is freaking out right now because baseball season is starting. I think they are just jealous because our obsession is better. hehehe πŸ™‚

    • Obsession? Now, now, it’s not an obsession. It’s a well thought out choice that we are entitled to have made after years of groaning through one sports season after another and losing the television to never ending ESPN. This is where we find our sanity in our world populated with significant others that are sports “fans”. The are the ones with the obsessions. We have our little retreat away from their obsessions. I would see it call our “Sanity” not our obsession.

      • I agree with you..Looks like all of us obsessors have something in common dont we? πŸ˜‰

  6. Sorry Guys, I love the books and all, but this is Freaking Hilarious!!!

  7. Does someone have some dynamite? I’ll blow up their lawn tractors and take out the back hoe while y’all distract ’em

    • You are cracking me up today…Reading these comments has been so much fun. This is one of the best April fools Day ever, Thanks Lexicon πŸ™‚

      • Honesty is my strong point. I’ve seen enough protests to know how it goes down. I wouldn’t want to see any more natural beauty destroyed by the eyesore that is a golf course.

      • Hey and you can get hold of me on twitter Coven_Cullen

  8. nissanmama says

    Substituting one obsession for another is no answer…

  9. What’s next? Jacob’s garage becomes a man cave?

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing! i don’t know about you but I’d “help” jake “redecorate”..lost in mental pictures yum πŸ™‚

  10. DON’T TOUCH THE MEADOW. is this an april fools joke or something???

  11. and its not an obsession. . it’s a complete lifestyle

  12. lmao nice april fool’s you guys. trading one obsession for another? niiiiice. lol sorry guys but we want the ladies back please, no offense. πŸ˜‰
    I think edward would be a pretty sweet golfer. the next vampiric tiger woods (but without the sex addiction and mistresses) lolol.

  13. Jazz Girl says

    Step. Away. From. The Meadow. Dude…. that earns serious punishment, messing with the meadow.

    Messing with Lori and Laura is one thing. Messing with the meadow…. Don’t make me go all Dance Studio Edward on your behinds….

    • This is my favorite comment of the day!

      “Don’t make me go all Dance Studio Edward on your behinds….”

      Classic. πŸ™‚

  14. We could play soccer on it..
    obviously all the players shouldn’t be wearing their shirts..if we have no edward, well, rooney or fabio cannavaro shitless in all their glory could be a temporary sobstitutes…
    Nice april fool!! ciao

  15. DaniBrook says

    HAHAHAHA Do it.

  16. I can see so many Twilight fans picketing this spot if they were to bring in buldozers.

  17. Literature says

    Agh, I guess the Twiight S.S. tracked me down. 0__0

  18. Lol. I’m sure that Stephenie’s shaking her head in disapprovement right now, seeing how addicted we are to her own fiction. I mean, I love the books an all, but this is just too funny. Maybe we should just all enjoy easter break and give the twilight universe some space. πŸ˜€

    • Never!!!! I can’t just put down NM for the…. Oh I lost count!! Anyway walking away is not an option…. Vive le Lexicon!!!!

  19. Literature says

    Twilight forever!

  20. Charlotte says

    Or maybe you could turn the meadow into a football field now that would be good and think the vampires would get something out of it!!!

    This is Hillarious have been waiting for something good all day!!!

    • Or they can turn it into a baseball field for Vampire Baseball… Think of it: The Cullins VS The Voltrui…
      *Team Jane*

  21. If the meadow is turned into anything except a meadow, it should be an outdoor wedding chapel for those couples TRULY in love!!! πŸ™‚

    They can play golf anywhere, but there’s only one meadow guys….

    Just give it up…

  22. AliceKikCullen says

    hey were is the new video!? It’s past 12! Lol.

  23. Ha ha, that’s awesome! I’ll be there with a video camera to watch that go down. Go ahead and try….

  24. go ahead, make my day..just try it…you will have to get thru me first LOL-

  25. Edward obsessie says

    Ok leave to meadow alone guys trust me. me and my friends will be waiting at ur houses with various torture devices and u do not want to kno what we can do with them…. So go ahead touch the meadow I dare u too
    “Mischievous look on face and luaghs wickedly”

  26. Ummm….this is HILARIOUS! And by the way that meadow looked like dead brown grass in New Moon so the the green of a golf course has to be better than that! And don’t tell me that it was winter when she went there alone cuz it was spring…there should have been some color there by that point!

  27. trees, sparkles and wildflowers, thats what it needs πŸ˜€

    • You forgot the black-eyed, hot-blooded Edward, from Eclipse, trying to seduce Bella in the meadow.

      Now THAT is what it needs.
      That’s what I’m talking about. Bowchickawowwow…