The families of Alphie and Pel HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!  Being a fan is one thing.  But this!  THIS is OBSESSION!

This site is closed until further notice.

You want your precious Lexicon back?  Stay tuned. We’ll let you know what we’ve done with Lori and Laura around 7 am.

Until then…

Figure out something else to do with your lives that does not involved sparkling vampires and pubescent werewolves.

Until we next update, try watching something really worthwhile like this poignant and sentimental video on real heroes and the pastime of champions.


  1. Hahaha… 🙂

  2. ha. ha. Nice april fools ‘joke’

    *rolls eyes*

  3. What the heck is going on?? oh wait! that’s right… ((wink, wink)) i get it know! good one ladies!

  4. Are u serious? What’s Going on!

  5. Haha…it’s a little early for us West Coasters!!!!!

  6. Haha. April fools.

  7. haha april fools! y’all (and the rest of us) love twilight way too much to just give up all of these bonds with other twilighters! that was a good one though!

  8. LOL Nice April Fool’s Joke!

  9. i love april fools day on the lexicon. 🙂

  10. april fools!! ….you know what I feel the same way!!

  11. Katrina J. says:

    lol gotta love april 1st.

  12. Dude! That scared me! That was probably the best April Fools joke I’ve ever seen! Phew.

    • Yeah, I’m with Susan on that one. My heart started racing! I can’t live without my Lexicon!

      Happy April Fool’s Day Lori & Laura, and the rest of my Twilight peeps here:)


    • switzy4ever14 says:

      dude I thought some psycho freak kidnapped you guys and was holding you ransom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t do that to me!!! lol shows you how gullible I am.

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  13. Happy April Fools Day to you, too!

  14. Megan C. says:

    Haha! what a great april fools joke 🙂 I love that they posted a video of the Masters, too funny

  15. Michelle says:

    it’s 3.36pm here, not ment to have april fools jakes after 12 pm guys :p

  16. Ecthelio says:

    HªHªHª this waz soooo funny!

  17. YAY Alice says:

    Silly Girls you should have waited till morning to post this as the west coast people are still in March2010 not April 1,2010
    look forward to see the site in the morning when I get to work.

  18. Ok now that I read the comments and realized it was for april fools I can understand and let out a sigh of relief. It still is to early for the West Coast. You guys are to much. lol

  19. Kelly Loves JB says:

    Bahahaha. Nice try,
    I actually fell for it for about 3 seconds.
    but then I realized that you guys would never say that.

  20. Too funny!!!

  21. Ronald McNabb says:

    Okay, you got me.

  22. As if we really were fooled…NOT! Cute…real cute…


  24. Very funny April Fools joke, I was almost fearful…..what would I do without my daily Lexicon fix….love those sparkly vampires!!!!!

  25. Meredith says:

    Omg, you totally had for a second! lol have to admit. but then I saw the post date.

  26. There’s a spider on your shoulder! April fools!

  27. SimplyJennifer says:

    The lex ALWAYS has the best april fools’ day jokes. I remember when the humans took over. good times…

  28. I liked the Volturi take over of 2008 better…. or was it 2007… either way I liked that one better…

  29. Ok–I was really depressed for a few minutes. Glad I read the comments…I totally forgot about April Fool’s Day. We don’t celebrate it at my house because it’s my son’s birthday. Hope it’s a great day for all!! 🙂

  30. Jennifer M. says:

    I really started freaking out till I got to the comments! LOL! Good one ladies!

  31. Adrielle says:

    Happy April Fools Day!

    To think I was still musing about what the Lex has in store for us this April Fools just now. I like the last couple of years’ jokes. Good old times.

  32. april fools is nearly over here….but i (like others) was wondering what was gonna happen this year. i remember when the volturi took over, it was the year i first joined the lex (2008) i was soo confused 😛

  33. great!! happy April fools day!!!!!

  34. Call me GULLIBLE!!! I fell for it hook line and sinker.LOL

  35. I think my heart skipped a few beats. That scared me. I have never fallen for an April Fools joke before, you guys are good!

  36. aw that was really cute haha! Good job! Happy April 1st.

  37. Not funny! This is why I hate April Fool’s Day!

  38. It’s still March 31st on the west coast!!

  39. hahhahaa – funny guys 🙂

  40. can someone tell me if watching that vid is even worth it before i waste my time? 😉

    Happy April Fools

  41. 😉

  42. leftcoastgirlie says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize it was a joke. Not even the 1st here on the “left” coast. I think the tears started to build before I got to the comments.

    Don’t tell anyone I almost cried because the Lexicon was closed and implied that my obsession was somewhat foolish. Because I was then going to defend my love for the fictional but perfect Edward. *sigh of relief*

  43. aliceandjazz says:

    Not even funny!

  44. Jessica says:

    Great April Fool’s joke ladies!!! It took me a minute since I live in California where it is still 3/31. hehe

  45. twihardalice says:

    i thought that was real..!! I fell for it..! Omg i wouldnt have known it was a prank until i read the comments! You guys rock!

  46. wow guys i nearly chocked with shock but great job!

  47. (heavy on the sarcasm!!) oh no…ahhh, no more lexicon. What will I ever do without my sparkley vampire and pubesent werewolf fix!?

    …you guys!!! 😉

  48. Brittney Cullen says:

    whoa…i get it i got scared there for a moment….where i live at it’s barley 10:30…so ya…

  49. KSmithGray says:

    April fools!!!

    Don’t ever close, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself

  50. Fiona Cullen says:

    HAHAHAH OME! I was really scared for a second, until I read all of the comments. My reaction was a mixture of confusion and shock… like:
    “What is this a fake ransom note? Did Lexicon get hacked.”
    Aww, anyway, excellent April fools joke it make me laugh out loud and feel tingly inside. =]:
    So will we be getting our precious Lexicon back tomorrow?

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