Update on Foreign Publication of Bree’s Story

BreeTannerFor all the fans in countries other than the US who are anxious about when you might be seeing the book in your own countries and languages.  Here is the information we have been given from Little Brown:

We are still working with our many international partners to confirm on-sale dates and they will all be making announcements shortly.  The June 5th release date will be adhered to by our UK, Australian and New Zealand publishers with many of our foreign language partners such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany to either come out simultaneously or closely behind.


  1. YouAreMythicalAfterAll says

    This must come to Europe!!!

  2. confuzzeled says

    are they going to do a ebook version!?
    they really should!
    i got a nook so i can read on it and they everything else twilight on there.
    ugh i hope so!

  3. Yay! For once we get something at the same time as everyone else and it will be available mainstream – unlike my other paranormal books that I have to specially order!

  4. she has time to write this but she can’t finish midnight sun? sort of disappointing

  5. kinda agree with mememe Like ok so she started doing this during eclipse right? Not sure when she started midnight sun but like still theres an update dated june 08 saying its her next project and all this?

  6. Random character but I don’t care, I’m just glad a new book is out after two years of nothing. I do hope she releases the sequel to the host soon….

  7. YAY June 5th for NZ!

  8. Ask her to write a backstory on another minor character, let’s say what happened after Breaking Dawn to Kate & Garrett… she’ll probably get another novella. 😀

  9. ILoveAliceCullen says

    Yeesh I’m still anxious, where’s the Netherlands?
    I wannaaaaaaa know!
    Guess I have to wait. 🙁

  10. it’s going to be out june the 5th in Germany, too…woo hoo…but i’ll probably buy the american one anyway because it’s going to be way cheaper (books are very expensiv in germany…)


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