New Eclipse Stills From Summit





  1. what is with that jasper hair? besides that, LOVE the pictures

    • OK?!!?!?!! just when I thought Jasper’s hair couldn’t get any worse… it’s going to be like a running joke now! What is this, vampire on hormone therapy? There is nothing frightening about him… at all.

      • I totally agree Jaz’s hair is awfull.Otherwise the pictures are great and Rose totally rocks!!

      • I was thinking the same… Why did they change it from Twilight? (I know, probably has to do with wigs, but still) It’s even worse now than it was in New Moon =S

      • mrs.blacktwilightlover4ever says

        ok wats up wit jaspers hair? and omg rose and alice and esme look so good and so does carlisle and jacob and all of em i cant wait for eclipse πŸ˜€

    • Yeah his hair is BAD. WTF.
      BTW everyone……..go to there is A LOT of Eclipse stills on the site!!!

      • I tried to visit that site and my faithful Norton Virus Protection program gave me a warning that this site if very unsafe…so I am hoping that Lexicon will give us some photos to view..I know we would all love to see more. Thanks for sharing anyways.

        • OH! Mine didn’t say anything about that! Guess I better stay off it than…..its a shame too b/c there are a TON of movie pics.

    • Wow I LOVE his hair now haha. Its cool even if it’s not as it was described.

    • What’s up with Jacob’s body?? Like WTF. Especially in the trailer when he’s shirtless, there is no muscle there whatsoever! It looks worse than Rob’s body in Twilight. I can’t believe Taylor would just let himself go like that now that he got the part. I’m so disappointed in him. Show’s how dedicated he is.

      • I thought the same thing, he looks a lot smaller

      • Although I’d hate to be so harsh with my words, I totally agree with you. Plus, isn’t he supposed to be even bigger than he was in New Moon? Guess we’ll have to wait until Eclipse to get the real picture.

      • I agree about the trailer, something seemed off. However the movies were only filmed two months apart, I do not think it would be possible for him to loose his abs and muscles in that length of time. It is going to suck for him to have to keep this his shape for BD, because I just don’t think is body was meant to bulk up the way it is (not saying that it does not look nice, because it does).

    • yeah that’s first thing I noticed too. And honestly, his hair was the best in twilight. Then in new moon it got…longer/girly? then this…!
      hes still hot though (:

  2. JASPER LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

    • Is THAT who is behind Carlisle? I thought it was some chick…. WTF did they do to JASPER??
      He looked so awsome in NM, now he looks gay.

    • tabcullen says

      haha i thought jasper was esme, despite her being right in front

  3. YAY!!! Although, why is Jasper’s hair long? He’s always had Justin Timberlake-esque locks.

  4. These are great!! I am loving the look of this film. Thanks for the pictures!!

  5. is it bad that i think jasper looks like a girl with the way his hair is???

  6. *breaths…now a lil yelp* OMG! the campfire scene!!!


  7. FINALLY!!! more Eclipse stuff! They sure are taking their time showing us things!!!
    Here’s my take on what scenes they’re from.

    1. Cullens: when they see the pack before Jasper does his fighting demo.
    2. Jacob and Bella at the bon fire
    3. This one I’m not too sure but maybe when Edward asks Jacob to test out the scent in Bella’s bedroom?

    • I was thinking that Cullen family scene may be right before the fight breaks out with the newborn vamps in the clearing? They all look to tense for them to be looking at the pack, no? specially Carlisle, he looks like he is about to pop a vein on his forehead! lol

      The bonfire scene, well that one no doubt is about the Third Wife story … Luv that they included that in the movie πŸ˜€

      And the third one Im on the fence, at first I thought it would be when Edward argues with Jake about kissing Bella, but then I thought why would Bella be carrying her school backpack when she just broke her hand? lol … sometimes they change things a bit on the movie so maybe they are talking about the scent in the room though in the book they discuss that over the phone…

      Needless to say I’m way to excited about this movie!! πŸ™‚

      • Ok… I say the 1st one is possibly when the vamps & werewolves are both chasing Victoria down the treaty border & then she skips into the ocean & the Cullens are not allowed to cross the line to go after her, except where is Emmett if that’s the case? The 2nd is obvious, the bonfire. & the 3rd is when Jacob shows up at Forks’ high & is waiting on the sidewalk when Bella & Edward show up for school. It’s the scene when he remembers what Bella was like after Edward left & the mind-read memories cause Edward pain. So excited to see David Slade’s take on the franchise. Love the pics! (Even Jasper’s girly 3-Musketeers hair) hehe

        • If the first picture is of them chasing Victoria to the border, then that was when Emmett “accidentally” crossed the border, and they almost got into a fight with the wolves. Could explain why Emmett’s not in it.

        • Scene #3 can’t be when he turns up at the school, because they are clearly outside Bella’s house. (You can see in on the left hand side, plus there is footage on the sneak peek of that scene being filmed)

          They released a picture a while ago that showed the scene of Jacob turning up at school. He was in a black t-shirt and was leaning against his bike in the rain.

          From the footage I’ve seen plus the line Jacob delivers to Edward, I’m going to go with the conversation they have about Bella being safer on the reservation.

          • Jacob actually goes to the school twice. 1st time to confront Edward and the 2nd time to “kidnap” Bella. The picture of him in the black shirt could be from the kidnapping time and this picture be from when he confronts Edward.

    • i think the third one is after Jacob kissed her and Edward is treating him. cause Bella looks a little worried.
      but then again it can be the testing bedroom scene πŸ˜€

      • I think not. Bella wasn’t so worried about Jacob in that scene. She was so pissed, she almost would have liked Edward to hurt him. My guess is maybe the confrontation after the Florida trip when Bella clues in to the happenings with Victoria(because Bella looks so worried), could have changed the locale from the school to the house in the movie.

      • I think we are all wondering about that one, when I first saw it I thought maybe its the argument outside Charlie’s house when Edward tells Jake he’ll leave him running with 3 legs, but then it doesnt make sense that Bella would be carrying her backpack when she just broke her hand – LOL

        • I’m not sure what scene #3 is, but I do know that it’s when Jacob is telling Edward “you have to consider the idea that I might be better for her than you”. And in the sneak peek it shows Bella standing next to Jacob and trying to gently explain something to Edward while Edward is looking annoyed. So maybe it’s something to do with Jacob’s suggestion that she spend time on the reservation for her own safety.

          All I know for sure is that Bella is wearing a reddish jacket and Jacob is in a black shirt when he kisses her (there’s a second of footage in the sneak peek of her pushing him away and him smirking at her.)

    • I love the stills and love Jasper to pieces but I dont love the hair that much, I mean we’ve gone from bad to worse with Jasper’s wig, Twilight was kinda weird hairdo but ok I guess, and NM wig was bad and now for Eclipse it’s really really bad… sorry Jas! I still love you though πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • 1. Has to be…Alice looks totally annoyed, so there must be some wolves around

    • Go to and search for The Twilight Saga Eclipse. There is a TON of movie stills.

    • EclipseLove10 says

      pic 1. Chasing Victoria. Emmett’s out of the pic because he crossed the border when he was pissed.

      pic 2. campfire scene. omg it’s going to be awesome!

      pic 3. unsure cuz that’s def. bella’s house not a school but you know how ms. rosenberg changes things. i think it’s when jacob is telling bella about victoria n edward doesnt want him to. also if she broke her hand she swings with her right (remember new moon when she hit paul). if that is the case then her hand is broke (her right hand is down by her side) and she’s carrying the bookbag with her good hand (her left. she’s facing TOWARDS not facing AWAY like in new moon and if you look at the discoloration of her sweater jacket then u can tell something is under there cuz her arm looks weird! the possibilities. squeal!

    • i think the last one might be the fight scene were bella has just told edward about jacob kissing her without her permission and she broke her hand edward says she is mine and that he will be fighting twice as hard as jake i hope because that is my favorite part in the book

  8. O que fizeram no cabelo do Jasper/Jackson pelo amor de tudo que tem de sagradooo ??? Rosalie divaaa absolutaaa, Edward uma delicinhaaaa, aaiii a cena da fogueiira na reserva ficou perfeiita essa fotooo…

  9. awesome pictures! I also think Jasper looks like a girl, but I’m not going to let that bother me! And yay for the campfire scene!!!

    Is it June yet?

  10. call me crazy, but i didnt think vampires hair grew. so r u telling me that edward has weekly trips to the barber? r u telling me that emmet shaves? jaspers hair is so god damn ridiculous, i hate it when someone freely decides to do something stupid like make jasper a girl, and alice a lesbian. ridiculous

  11. LOL, oh dear Jasper! Everything else looks awesome! Can’t wait until June 30th! But Jasper looks a little silly. But still can’t wait!

  12. Any guesses as to what scene is playing out in the 3rd pic?

    • I think we are all on the fence with that one Sharon …

    • Twilibrarian says

      It’s the return from Jacksonville scene, when Jacob tells Bella about Emmitt crossing the boundry line, soo to be followed by the “I am Switzerland” scene. Happens prior to them getting the ultimatum from Bella to work together on the Victoria problem.

      • So you think they changed the setting from the school to the front of Bella’s house? That could be possible, I mean they changed the marriage proposal from Bella’s room to the woods in New Moon, so it could definitely be a possibility

  13. What is up with Jasper’s hair? In New Moon they had him looking like Big Worm from Friday and now this?!

    • Hehe. I thought it looked more like Bettlejuice πŸ™‚

      • LOL!!!!!

        I wish they’d just used Jackson’s hair from the beginning, his hair is awesome πŸ™‚

      • Not stringy enough for Bettlejuice. But he was rocking those big curls in New Moon.

        I agree Ursula — the style he was sporting in Twilight was the most realistic style.

        • I think so too, I mean it looked ok IMO it looked realistic enough, but for NM it looked like he just got way to many curls with his perm! hehe but this one I really really dont like, I hope maybe it’s just this one picture and a bad angle and that it won’t be as bad when we finally see it on the big screen?

  14. I am in totall agreeance over Jasper’s hair! He looks like a girl. The only thing I can think is that maybe its wet? When curly hair is wet it is longer…hopefully…I guess only time will tell!

  15. Maybe its just me…. but I don’t see jasper anywhere? I see rosalie?

  16. LOL I thought that was Esme, not Jasper… >_< wooow I liked NM's wig a LOT was my favorite out of all of them…

  17. NEVERMIND… my phone didn’t show the whole picture lol

    • KSmithGray says

      if you’re looking at the site on your iphone it won’t show the whole picture. If you turn it sideways you can see more of the picture, but still not the whole thing.

  18. bellas wig looks great in these… yay. im worried about jasper though… eek.

    • It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. They should have styled it better so you didn’t see the hairline.

    • I thought so too Lindsay, the only bad pics I’ve seen so far of Bella’s wig were the on-set ones with her mom sitting by the pool and the graduation ones, and oh! on the trailer when Jake is telling her that he loves her, her wig looked a little frizzy there, but other than that I think that the wig looks fine on all the other stills πŸ™‚

  19. i love Jasper! But can they Please do something with his hair. Blonde and curly, thats all! It really cannot be that hard to do!

    I shutter to think the Twilight wig was the best they could do!

  20. Did anyone else notice that the Cullen’s seem to be all color coordinated? They are all wearing the exact same shade of blue… can anyone say Alice?

  21. Cool ..can’t wait….. can’t wait !!!

  22. I think the third pic is where Jacob shows up at Forks Highschool on the Motorcycle. To talk to Edward.

    • I think you nailed it. At first I thought it was the beginning of the tent scene (just after Jack carried her there) because of her back pack, but now I think that you are right and it is them at school.

    • hmmm I dont think it is, in the trailer I think it is or maybe in the sneak peak they show this scene before Jake becomes part of it and its right in front of Charlie’s house…

      Im having a really hard time figuring out what this scene could be :$

    • actually I was wrong it’s not the same scene because they are wearing different clothes, but if you check out the Eclipse Sneak Peek at minute 4:24 Edward and Bella and standing in the same place where the still seems to be taken from, so I’m 99% sure all three of them are standing in front of Charlie’s house, but I still haven’t a clue as to what scene it could be – lol!

    • No it’s not at the high school. Look at the background, it’s in front of Bella’s house. It’s between the scene where Edward ask Jacob to come by to check out the scent or when Jacob is trying to talk to Edward after Bella broke her hand but why is she carrying a backpack?

      • I think those are the only two options, though at this point I’m leaning more towards the conversation about the intruder’s scent, even though that’s not exactly how it happens in the book, the argument in between Edward and Jake would fit as well, but Bella’s backpack seems outta place for it to be that scene LOL!

  23. Jasper is a freaking girl and im liking the sideburns on Edward πŸ˜‰

  24. Oh Jasper, NO!!!!! I totally LOVED his hair in Twilight, especially the baseball scene–perfect! Now it looks died light brown and like it’s grown several inches! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  25. Love the photos. Jasper’s hair, not looking too good. Did you notice, no scarf on Carlise.
    Though it would be hard to fight with. He always seems to have his neck covered, not so open as with this picture.

  26. The pictures look awesome.

  27. KaseyHearEdward. says

    Pics look good. But umm Jasper’s hair grew…Umm in the books it can’t… whoops….someone made a mistake…

  28. But I totally love the campfire pic and the Cullen clothes. Love the Alice-coordination. πŸ™‚

  29. So… I totally agree about Jasper’s hair… but no one mentioned Esme’s hair. It’s supposed to be caramel colored, not brown. It’s looked GREAT in the last 2 movies… WTC?!?

    All in all, I think Eclipse is gonna be great… Fingers crossed.

    • I’m hoping just the lighting in this scene that makes their hair look horribly colored. πŸ™‚

      • I was thinking the same thing. Her hair is dark in this pic! Whoever did the wigs was not paying very much attention to detail at all. Jasper’s hair is too long and too dark. Their hair doesn’t change, I would have thought SM would’v stepped in and said something πŸ™ Us twihards do pay attention to detail

  30. Twilight9009 says

    We have 3 new pics from the film and we are talking about…Jasper’s hair!? It does look bad, but I don’t care as long as they give us a good movie. So far it looks like the best of the three.

  31. I have to agree that Jasper’s hair looks bad, but other than that, the stills are pretty awesome.

    • Well..if you’re a Team Jasper kind of person, (which I am!)it’s a really big deal! LOL

  32. Okay, Taylor’s little bit of stubble/facial hair? Hahaha! Adorable. But I echo the cries of the majority. WTF is up with Jasper? I mean, Jackson has curly hair. Dy it blond and call it a day!! lol!! Hilarious.

  33. They’ve been known to change scene locations around from the books (ie: proposal in the woods, edward explaining why he left to Bella in Italy, etc) so I think the 3rd photo is Jacob confronting Edward after the florida trip. OR, dropping off the motorcycle to get Bella in trouble.

  34. i think they screwed up there but it still looks awesome. OMG!!!!!!!! i can’t wait till the 30th of June

  35. Jaspers hair is painful and Kpoo’s wig is a hot mess!!!! BIG hair tragedy this time around. And Alive and those VERY unflatteting pant and even less flattering pose they caught her in….Eewwwweweeeww

  36. Hahaha…Alice…not Alive…and yeah the pants, her posture in the pic…kinda gross
    Rosalie is looking absolutely beautiful though…much more like the way she’s DES rubes in the books:)

    • alice bella says

      i dont agree with u i think that alice looks PERFECT in the pic ……..and she will always look perfect everywhere

    • alice bella says

      i dont really think tat all of u are twilight “fans” because u guis just keep commenting bad things about them!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………some of u are twilight fans

  37. Yea we’ve been having problems with Jaspers hair WHAT’S NEW ? I’m over it.
    But I think everything looks good and I’m excited to see the new stuff that was added from Stephenie’s new book.

  38. Awesome pics.

  39. Looks cool, but Jasper looks more at home in the 17th century, Bella’s hair is a bit strange looking and Edward looks too heavy for the book’s description πŸ™
    Hopefully these scenes will look better in motion.

    • Also a bit disappointed that the hair department keeps forgetting that Edward is supposed to have “bronze” coloured hair.

    • Too heavy? Come on! It’s Rob! We don’t need any more actors in Hollywood starving themselves or taking steroids to fit what they think is OUR definition of beauty. GIVE HIME A BREAK! HE LOOKS GREAT!

  40. I am on my roommate’ computer wanting see these and what do I find blah seen these in the sneak peek give me a NEW picture never seen before. and What happened to the actress who played Esme in the first two movies? Did they get rid of her too?

    • No… it’s still Elizabeth Reaser. I agree she does look different though. I think she has put on some weight (which is tough for a vampire to do πŸ™‚ )

      • Stop with the weight comments people. They look fine. It’s just the angle. No one looks good when you shoot them from below, and all of our fine actors look pretty awesome in that pic.

        • alice bella says

          ALLof the cullens look gr8t in the picture ………so just stop commentting things about them …….CANT WAIT TILL JUNE !!!!!!!!!!

  41. OMG they’re all beautiful!!!

    But..what the heck did they do to Jasper’s hair???

    Is he letting it grow out?? LMAO!! (That’s a joke.)

    Other than that, very nice pics.

  42. TwilightRocks!!! says

    Finally! Edward is nicely dressed in this one! I HATED the way they had him dressed in the first two- he looked very sloppy and in the books he WAS NOT sloppy! I also HATE Jasper’s hair in these pictures and in NM. Twilight got it right with his hair. Eclipse is my favorite book and Im looking forward to the movie but I do think it will be distracting thinking about Jasper’s hair during the movie. I know during NM it distracted me. We shall see!

  43. Wow – Edward Cullen is looking mighty fine in that last picture.

    And just when I thought Jasper’s hair couldn’t get worse. I hate that. Why didn’t Jackson step up and tell the hair peeps that was awful.

  44. Funny that the vampires’ hair changes with each movie yet their hair is not supposed to grow anymore after the conversion….hmmmm…..

    And Esme’s hair is SO DARK! Not “caramel” colored at all.

    • yes.. I’ve been wondering about esme’s hair for quite a while! Jasper’s hair is absolutely awful in this photo which is a bigger deal .. but when did Esme’s hair color COMPLETELY change?

    • alice bella says



  46. Bella’s wig isn’t at bad as I thought it would be….if they could have made it messier and not parted in the middle it would have helped a lot. It’s a lot longer than in New Moon but it’s pretty. and Edward in a V neck sweater?? OK OK!!!!OK!!!That’s just FINE!!

  47. Lols, jacob’s shirt is a liitttlleee bit too small for him, to say the least…

  48. why is Esme’s hair so dark? that’s totally different than BOTH of the past movies, and Jasper’s hair… πŸ™ Other than that I so cannot wait until this movie comes out πŸ˜€ Midnight showing June 29th πŸ™‚

    • That’s what I first thought too….Isn’t Esme supposed to be “carmel colored”? What’s with the Dark Brunette all-of-a-sudden?

      Yes…I agree Jasper’s hair is strange, but I’m not going to dwell on it too much when it’s roughly the right color, it’s Esme’s hair I’m concerned about in these stills.

      • Honestly people, Jacksper’s hair really isn’t bad. I agree it should not have grown out, but as far as the actual appearance, it doesn’t look that bad. It does look a little funny in this still, but if you watch the behind the scenes footage, it looks much better.

        Really I didn’t think it looked that bad in Twilight or New Moon either. I don’t get what all the fuss is about.

  49. I agree, his hair looks awful. But I have to say, I like Edwards clothes in this one, more casual than before!


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