MTV Movie Awards Voting Starts at Noon Today!

MTV2010MovieAwardsVoting for the annual MTV movie awards starts today at noon. Last year Twilight pretty much walked away with it all. The only categories where Twilight didn’t come out on top were in the Best Song From a Movie category where Miley Cyrus beat out Paramore , and Breakthrough Male Performance where Robert Pattinson beat out fellow nominee Taylor Lautner.

Here are our predictions of who is going to get nominated let’s see if we are right at noon today.

Best Movie: New Moon

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart

Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Breakthrough Female Performance: Ashley Greene

Breakthrough Male Performance: Taylor Lautner

Best Villain: Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning

Best Kiss: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Best Fight: Daniel Cudmore and Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattinson

Best WTF Moment: The Edward and Bella the Alice vision

Best Song: Lykki Li-Possibility

TY to Novel Novice for reminding us that this started today!


  1. Lorrainebow says:

    Yeah, I think this is spot on, especially the WTF moment!

  2. i hope we get all wins this year. i can’t wait to vote at noon

    • It’s kinda hard to walk away with all the awards when there are multiple persons from the same franchise nominated for the same category. IF both Rob and Taylor are nominated for best actor, only one can walk away.

  3. Last year the MTV movie awards were such a treat for Twilight fans, I hope this year will be as amazing! I hope your prediction of the best song won’t be correct, IMO there are better songs on the soundtrack. I would pick Rosyln, but since Meet Me on the Equinox is kind of the theme song, like Decode was last year, I think they’re going to nominate that.

  4. They all have to win! especially the WTF moment!!! xDDD
    When is swa it i was really like “What the F…?”

  5. We lost at the kids choice for good reason because kids shouldn’t watch or read Twilight BUT PEOPLE WE NEED TO WIN THESE SO VOTE EVERYDAY !!


    • teamjasmett says:

      Im going to be voting several times a day, let alone one lol. we have to win this!

      Rob has to win best actor and tay has to win breakthrough.

      Ash has to win breakthrough too and kristen needs to win best actress!

      aswell as the best fight, kiss, wtf, possibilty (makes me cry every time)

  6. people VOTE KRISTEN AND ROB HAVE to win best kiss !!! They can’t go without a kiss this year because they did it last year haha …

  7. Lavinia Cullen says:

    I hope it will be like u predicted! and let’s get our fingers crossed

  8. New category for Twilight franchise to win! The best WTF moment!

    – love that even Chris W. Can even admit to that, I hope he is there to accept!

  9. i hate hate hate to say this, cuz i love taylor(even though i am team edward) but i am 99.9% positive the kid from the “blind side” is gonna win breakthrough performance. i think “the blind side” will be the biggest competition for “new moon” this year.

  10. I hope they win all the prices ;oD I think it’s awsome that the SWEDISH STAR Lykke Li is nominated!! I’m proud of her :oD I think becuse of her breakthrough in New Moon, she puts Sweden on the map in the Twilight Saga-“world” ;o)

    So, GO LYKKE LI! Ofc I want that all of them should win, but u know what I meen :o)

    Love from Sweden!! <3333

  11. Sorry for the bad spelling, saw it now ;o) I’m just 13 so… lol XD

  12. teamjasmett says:

    I cant wait…

    but i think everyone should vote robert for best actor and taylor for breakthrough – that way thye have one each.

    also robert and kristen have to win wtf moment, best kiss and twilight has to win best fight.

    possability needs to win and new moon overall just has to blow down the house!! i just hope avatar isnt a nomination, because alot of peeps will vote.

  13. I still can’t believe that Miley beat Paramore last year. Ugh! Anyway, I LOVED that awards show last year. I felt like a kid again. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see that first trailer and was squeeing out loud from excitement when it came on. And I’m proud to say I’m in my 30’s!!! 🙂

    I hope we dominate again this year and hope the show is exciting as it was last year. Minus the stunt from “Bruno.” LOL! So, let’s make it happen Twihards!!!!!!!!!

  14. seriously!! we have to make sure that the song wins this year! along with the other categories..i mean practically speaking we cant bag all the awards but the WTF should be ours! and the breakthrough performances…..and the best actor/actress…and the best kiss…..and the fight scene….and the best movie……..also the best villian….oh hell! so much for practicality…so let’s just pull up your socks and get voting people!!!!

  15. Bummer…I can’t vote from my phone! But both Kristen and Rob are up for best kiss in their other movies too! Remember Me and The Runaways!

  16. NOOO best kiss Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift! <3

  17. I voted… woot… my picks better win too.. or i’ll think the voting is rigged and we’ll all have to stage a massive, violent jihad-type of protest…. GO NEW MOON GO….. Team Alice rocks!!!!

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