MTV Movie Award Nominations Are Out! Twilight in Most Categories.

MTV2010MovieAwardsVoting for the annual MTV movie awards has begun. This year in addition to the standard categories, MTV has added three new categories: Global Superstar, Best Ass-Kicking Star and Best Scared-as-Sh– Performance.

Here’s how the nominations panned out. We think we did pretty well on our predictions! BUT we think we can do better by using the write in feature that comes at the bottom of each category!

Best Movie: New Moon

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart (competing against herself in New Moon and The Runaways, and Dakota is nominated for The Runaways.)

Best Male Performance: Taylor Lautner (with competition from Rob in Remember Me,  well…this is going to be interesting.)

Breakthrough Female Performance: Woo Hoo! Go Anna Kendrick for Up In the Air!

Breakthrough Male Performance: Taylor Lautner is not there? Is it because they put him in last year against Robert Pattinson? Time to use that write in feature!

Best Villain: Neither Michael Sheen nor Dakota Fanning made it. Time to use that write in feature, again!

Best Kiss: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (However competition from Dakota and Kristen in The Runaways, Rob and Emilie in Remember Me, and Taylor and Taylor in Valentine’s Day)

Best Fight: WOAH! Daniel Cudmore and Robert Pattinson didn’t make it. Time to use that write in feature one more time!

Best Ass Kicking Star: Daniel Cudmore could use a little love here, use that write in in this new category!

Best Global Superstar: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson (Holy Way To Split The Vote, Batman!)

Best Song: In a shocker move, the category is eliminated!

So get over to MTV and get voting!


  1. Lavinia Cullen says:

    :X:X: thank you 🙂

  2. I wrote in The Best Villian (Michael Sheen) and Best Fight (Cudmore and Rob).

  3. teamjasmett says:

    i just keep voting! we NEED TWILIGHT TO WINNNN!!

    It need to get past the others and to the final vote!!

  4. how can MTV leave out best music!!!!! whats that all about!!!! thought MTV was music, or am i wrong!!!!!

  5. rhiannnon says:

    this is gonna be one hell of a show! i can’t wait!
    just in best kiss alone, you have robsten competing against each other AND themselves AND taylor!!

  6. Remember Me should be as Best Movie too

  7. So, can you only vote once?

    • teamjasmett says:

      im not sure, but i keep voting anyway! but maybe you can vote once a day? not sure.

      Im really worried twilight isnt going to make any of the deadlines.

      because you have precious, avatar, the hurt locker, etc. I dont personally like those movies, but some people do and they will do anything to get twilight out the running.

      everyone needs to vote, because its going to end up like another KCA!

      • I disagree. Twilight fans are very dedicated to this kind of stuff. Avatar and Harry Potter would be the biggest competitions BUT like last year we beat Dark Knight. I don’t know if the people who love those movies would be willing to vote everyday.
        Yea a lot of people love Avatar and will buy the movie but I don’t know if the dedication will be there well see.

        • it all depends really…stuff from new moon is only in 4 categories right now. and there not limiting how many times we vote a day so that might help. but just reminding yuh guys that this isnt the actual voting yet we are just voting on who should be in the nomonations(sorryy ii cant spell) lets hope all our voting helps

          • teamjasmett says:

            Yeah, the voting starts on the 11th may – but we need to get them into more cats, im voting every time i can 🙂

            so come back everyday and just vote as much as possible!! i know i am.

            I just really want them to win best movie! I think avatar and hp will be the biggest competitions too.

  8. Is anyone have trouble on voting for best male performance? I keep hitting the vote button, but it never makes a confirmation.

  9. I coudln’t get it to accept my write in for Cudmore and Pattinson for best fight.

  10. JustMe01 says:

    I think Remember Me deserve a little love too you know?

    We need to support Rob in other roles too not just twilight and the saga…

    • I totally agree…I actually voted him and Emilie for Best Kiss. Because the hallway scene was hot. I thought it beat out him and Kristen in New Moon(even the Italy scene). I also voted him best actor for Remember Me…because I thought he did freaking amazing.

      • Best male performance for Rob in Remember Me, for sure!
        But I had to go with Kristen and Dakota for best kiss. Definitely hotter than any Bella/Edward action this time around (though the kiss in Twilight would have been better competition. New Moon kisses just weren’t doing it for me.)

    • I agree to some point but I love the Twilight movies too much and I want them to know how much I appreciate them playing my favorite characters while the Twilight movies are in theaters and up for voting.

      • teamjasmett says:

        everyone should just vote for kristen and robs kiss, because its less votes on one and another from film might with with none of our favourtie people in 🙁

    • I voted for New Moon because I loved that movie more then Remember Me and The Runaways yea it’s better made but I WENT WITH MY FAVORITE THAT I CAN WATCH OVER AND OVER.
      I don’t know if The Runaways or Remember Me have enough fans to even get in the top five but could very well if the fans are divided.


  11. I’m kind of surprised at myself – I didn’t think New Moon deserved my vote in any of these categories. I was still voting for Kristen and Rob in most of them, but The Runaways and Remember Me were just straight up better movies than New Moon in the categories presented.

  12. Twilibrarian says:

    Have we forgotten a Best WTF moment from New Moon? Write in for Lautner, Stewart and Meraz when Bella hits Paul,he phases, she runs, and Jacob phases on the fly!

  13. Twilibrarian says:

    Under comedic performances: even though New Moon isn’t a comedy, Michael Welch was a hoot, especially with his “get some protein” deilvery as well as the whole barfing at the movies scene, as well as Taylor Lautner calling him a marshmallow.

  14. sammie_103 says:

    for WTF moment i think alice’s premonition of the vampire bella and edward running through the forest deserves the vote.

  15. I kind of think think the writing in your own nominee is a bad idea. People are going to just put things from New Moon as their vote…though I totally thought Rain in Ninja Assassin totally kicked a** so I’ve nominated him and Ninja Assassin for a lot of the categories…

  16. I find it amusing that Rob is up against himselt in Best Male Performance… that being said my vote goes to Rob in Remember Me, because he was AMAZING in that movie.

  17. yeah, i dont think new moon deserves some of the awards it will no doubt win, ive voted for films like star trek, district 9, and UP. i mean i love twilight and all but im not going to vote for it when those films were straight up better and had better performances than new moon.

  18. C’mon guys be reasonable, lots of the fther films eh harry potter and avatar deserve some of these awards slot more than new moon does…

  19. i too absolutely love twilight but looking at the competition, new moon is up against some very good movies and scenes..i mean no one will be more happy then me if new moon wins but objectively speaking, a few other nominations too are quite worthy…

  20. oops! i made a mistake!….*more happy than

  21. Guys, MTV movie awards are not about which movie was the best last year, we have Oscars for that. MTV movie awards are a popularity contest. The movie and actors with the largest fanbase win. No one takes these awards seriously, but it’s good that there is a show like this, it’s nice that movies that aren’t really awardworthy get some recognition too, because people worked hard to make them.

    • Yisel Cullen says:

      I agree with Maelina…all those great award worthy movies had their moments at the Oscars. This is for popularity and I don’t care if other movies were better made…I vote for New Moon in every possible category. We must show our love to these people that are taking our beloved books to the big screen and that were ripped apart by the dam critics. We love Twilight Saga no matter what and we must show our support by voting as much as we can!

  22. Robert Pattinson deserves Best Actor for Remember Me and MOST DEFINITELY for Global Superstar.

  23. I’m confused with MTV’s website. Are we allowed to vote as many times as we want, or do we only get one vote per account? Does anyone know because it doesn’t say it on the website itself.

  24. AND we should do what Lord of the Rings did. All three Lord of the Rings movies won for Best Movie three years in a row. We need to do this with Twilight (check), New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. One down, three to go.

  25. Remember Me was a great movie, now I’m undecided. It would be really cool if we could get all 4 Twilight movies to win Best Movie, but (although it wasn’t listed, you can use the write in thing) Remember Me was an awesome movie. Tough decisions… I’ll probably end up going with New Moon but…

  26. True Vampires Advocate says:

    … If your predictions are actually right … then that means I will not watch the ceremony again! If I want to see the leading actress all drugged up droping her award; the “newest” ( more like boring ) foreign actor that no one will remember in five years and most likely will end in VH1’s “Surreal Life” and the buffed sensation that also no one will remember in five years, then all I have to do is put on some old movies and problem solved! … Surviving to any of those filming nightmares is a sure guarantee of ending with brain damage or the biggest reasons why I’ll try to never ever take antidepressives! And I’m not even going to start with the books … Reading the old Garfield comics or even the nutritional info on my cereal is far more interesting!

  27. Ninja Assasin is cheey in my opinion, the action sequence could have been much better `

  28. i always regard the movie ninja assasin one of the best action films, ‘””


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