Hit Fix: Will Eclipse Make Less Money Than New Moon?

eclipsecropSo far the Twilight Saga movies are on the rise. New Moon beat Twilight’s box office total in under 14 days, but what will happen with Eclipse? Frequently, franchise movies aren’t on a constant build. For example the Harry Potter movies have had their ups and downs. Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone, the initial movie in the series, remains the best selling Potter movie followed by Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix. The Prisoner of Azkaban, third in the series, is the least successful at the box office.

Hit Fix examines the possibilities:

“One of the films expected to battle for the summer box office crown or at least place in the top five is the third “Twilight” feature, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”  The second installment, “New Moon,” broke the single day all-time opening record with $72 million, is currently the third biggest 3-day opening of all time with $142 million and ended up with $296 million domestic and $707 million worldwide.  And that was all in November when many of the franchise’s younger fans had school on Friday (although let’s assume many of them cut out early).  “Eclipse’s” June 30 release should find those young tween girls out of school and flocking to the theater. Adding more intrigue to the box office gross is that “Eclipse” will also be released in IMAX theaters which feature higher ticket prices.  So, a larger opening weekend is guaranteed right?  No doubt, but what happens after that?”

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So what do you think?  In our experience, Eclipse tends be the favorite book of many fans of the  series.  It certainly ranks as the favorite book of many of the actors. Will that fuel the box office?


  1. We will never know until Eclipse comes out. But I hope they make what Summit Needs.

  2. I think eclipse will do good. That is my second favorite book of the series so I want to see it for sure. I plan on seeing it in imax at midnight. Eclipse will do amazing never underestimate twilight fans:)

    • i agree… twilight fans are amazing ppl and we didn’t let remember me go down in flames and we didn’t let either twilight movie… don’t start underestimating us now….

    • ill see it 3 times within the first few days..

  3. I think it will do better than the first. I really think that this series is going to continue to rake in the numbers!! I canot see all of a sudden fans not wanting to see it; same goes for when the bring out BE – which I hope will be two films!
    cant wait!

  4. I think tha Eclipse will do better than both Twilight and New Moon. 1, the franchise has grown since the last two movies; 2, it does tend to be the favorite book (it’s my fav); 3, this movie has a lot more action, meaning it won’t be quite as hard to drag your boyfriend/husband with you; and 4, the biggest of all, it’s coming out in the SUMMER!! A lot more people will be able to see it the day it comes out because it’s not during school! I mean, I’m taking Tues/Thurs Summer classes just so I can go see it at Midnight on Wed. It’s gonna be big, and I can’t wait 😀

  5. I think it will do as good or not better than the others! why shouldnt it!! The fans will go2 see it, and even if it disapoints, we will all still go out and buy numerous copies when it is released!!! 🙂

  6. stephanie says

    I Think It Will make more money because every movie they make makes u want to watch the next film even more… new moon is going to beat twilight.. eclipse is going to beat new moon and breaking dawn is goin to be beat eclipse… i love every one so i will be in the theater at midnight the night it comes out.. team robert pattinson

  7. Addicted to Edward says

    The June 30 release actually backfires for me. As a mom, I was able to see both New Moon and Twilight several times in the theaters because I could go while my son was in school. With my son out of school, I will probably only get to see Eclipse in the theaters two, maybe three times if I’m lucky. So it won’t really matter if I like the movie as much or more than the first time…the release date will prevent me from seeing it as many times. Makes me sad. 🙁

  8. It’s really hard to judge at this stage whether or not Eclipse will improve upon New Moon’s box-office success. If compared to other franchises, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the third film tends to make less money especially as (in both cases) the release gap between the films is smaller meaning less anticipation, buzz and build up for the release itself. Eclipse may surpass the figures especially when one thinks of the continuous growth in the franchise’s supporters and if the reviews are more positive than that also contributes to its success. I am an avid fan of the books and films but even I am aware that Twilight may soon hit over-exposure and awareness and there’s always the inevitability of another franchise stealing the market.
    Only in June can we know for sure whether Summit had the right idea or not!

    • In my opinion Break Dawn has a great chance of not doing as well because of “over exposure” and there will be a bigger break so some may loose interest. I hope not, it is just a concern that I have.

  9. I think it will make more and people shouldn’t compare it to other franchises like Pirates or Matrix.
    We all know that the Twilight series is different from them there’s a story and A VERY GOOD ONE.
    Eclipse is one of the best book and with the action and it being summer ECLIPSE SHOULD PASS NEW MOON.
    And I’ve found talked to new Twilight fans just from watching New Moon on dvd last weekend SO THE FAN BASE IS GROWING AND I think if Summit does it right IT WILL MAKE MORE END OF STORY !

    • The Twilight Saga has a good story? You’re kidding me right? Firstly, the Matrix started off with a great epic story, but got diluted with its sequels. The same issue happened with Pirates, but that didn’t stop either franchise from making a HUGE amount of money while pulling in record numbers of audiance. They both had over all good stories, with the number 2 movies of each, being the weakest.
      Do I think Eclipse will do better? I think so, because out of all the Twilight Saga books, it has more to offer the none-Twilight fans than any other book. It has more action, more wolves, more vampirey goodness. The whole book feels a bit more epic.
      The problem that I’m seeing though, is the paper thin plot of the book series, when taken away from the book world, is really starting to show onscreen. While the Saga never has to worry about heading down the roads of plotlessness such as 2012, TF2:Revenge of the Fallen, or GI Joe, I don’t feel its story has the drawing power to keep none fans coming, of which will become more important as the saga grows.
      In reality, I agree with state above this one… I’m afraid that Twilight will hit the over-exposure part, and that die-hard Twi-hards will eventually ruin the entire series, such as the young lass who wrote Universal Studios a hot letter for stealing werewolves from Stephenie Meyer. While this is obviously not the mentality of most Twilight fans, it does add fuel to the fire for those who already don’t like it.
      The sad reality is, a lot of the Twihards that got me started reading the books, are already moving on, finding better vampire romances to embrace.

      • I totally disagree with you. It was only four books. Once they start showing the previews on TV, everyone will start getting excited to see it. Breaking Dawn will be the biggest because it is the last book and the end of the series. It will shatter box office records.

        If you think it is not a good story, then why did you read it! Why are you worry about the movies? Why are you on here commenting about it? That is what gets me. People always having negative things to say about this series and trashing it and the author, should not have anything to say since it is so bad and you don’t like it. DONT READ THE BOOKS AND DONT SEE THE MOVIES! Go find yourself a book and a movie you like and stop looking down on those who love this series. The fans will stick with this series until the end. Don’t like to be mean but i am tired of hearing from people like you. STAY OFF OF THE TWILIGHT SITES AND GET A LIFE!

        • oh my goodness says

          Eclipse will make money, BD won’t be anywhere near as big…

        • AMEN!!!!!!!

        • AMEN! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

        • Ditto that!

        • Eclipse is my favorite book (next to Twilight, of course)! I hope in my heart of hearts that they do it justice. I think it will surpass New Moon in box office take.

          What I’m worried about is Breaking Dawn. Many fans of the Twilight Saga admit that Breaking Dawn is NOT their favorite book. I personally know MANY who hate it, like I do! I’m so afraid that Summit is going to mess that one up big time.

          I’m predicting that Breaking Dawn will not do as well as the previous installments.

          • I literally don’t understand why people hate BD. I loved it!

          • I also hated BD when I read it the first time. It almost felt like a chore to finish it (and I read the others in a matter of days). The second time it has grown on me, but I do not think it will ever be my favorite.

        • Noah Brighten says

          What gets me Gevans is the sad fact that you and many other Twi-hards equate critial analysis as “trashing” or at worse, call them “Haters”. There is a difference in reading the books and giving your own critical analysis vs. not reading the books and berating those who enjoy them.
          If I didn’t enjoy the stories, I wouldn’t be here. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to serious plot issues that only become more apparent as the story goes on. Breaking Dawn is a perfect picture of this. MANY fans, while enjoying, BD, felt that while it worked, it could have been much better. Personally I think Twilighters are selling themselves short. If you’re happy with mediocrity, that is all studios will give you. When fellow writers discuss analytically the highs and lows of the Saga, it isn’t because of they hate the series, hate Stephenie Meyer, or want to ruin Twihard lives. They are simply giving critical analysis. ALL writers get analyized. As a writer I know this for a fact. While I LOVE praise over my works, it is usually the one critical review that really helped me the most.
          I’m not attacking Twilight.

          I stand by my original statements… Eclipse will make money… Breaking Dawn… dunno…

          • I’m one of those Twihards who DESPISES Breaking Dawn. I think that last movie(s) will be the downfall of the entire franchise.

            The book stunk to high heaven. What should have been Bella and Edward’s “happily ever after” book, turned into a gorefest full of deceit on Bella’s part, Edward acting totally OOC, and an onslaught of weird vampires from all over the world to take part in a wimpy “unbattle” where Bella discovers her power to shield.

            The honeymooon was glossed over, and although I understand SM wasn’t going to write smut, she could have given us a little more romance.

            The birth….horrendous bloodbath that was totally unnecessary.

            Imprinting?? A stupid concept. SM’s reasoning is that if an imprint dotes on the object of his affection for decades, that person can’t help but fall in love. I say…stalkers do that too!! It takes out the whole “chemistry” thing between two people. Imprinting is a flawed plot line.

            I know people will probably jump down my throat, but please know that I’m a diehard Twilight fan who is deeply involved in writing fanfiction. I LOVE the characters and that’s why BD upset me so much.

      • Twilight_News says

        Up until this summer, I would have agreed with you as far as the concept that the movies only draw established fans. The thing that STUNS and I do mean STUNS me at the Creation Official Twilight Tours that I attend is how many people became fans of the books because of the movies. I’m especially surprised when the Twilight movie with its bad make-up, camera angles up people’s noses, and blue filter hooked them. I never would have predicated that in a million years.

        At a certain point however, we talk market saturation. I’m not entirely convinced that Eclipse will smash New Moon’s total. I think it will do better than Twilight but I’m not sure if it will reach New Moon’s almost 300K in domestic box office.

  10. I do think Eclipse will make a lot of money. All the Twi-hards will go, good or bad. They need to hurry up and make this Breaking Dawn movie. The actors are getting older especially RPatz and he will not pass for 17 much longer. BD will be the most diffcult to make that is why Summit is going after all these acclaim directors. They are going to have to make some minor changes in order for BD to work when it comes to the big screen. I think they will be able to make changes in BD while keeping the basic plot.

  11. Its hard to tell if eclipse willdo better. On thing I know is that many brazilian and international girls will be in town for the summer and in the past they have flocked to the U.S theaters imagine how many more of them there will b in summer helping the gross margin of the movie. I am dragging everyone I know to watch that movie the first few days

  12. I completely agree. I think Eclipse will do the best so far because its during the summer, it has the hype from New Moon, and the the actors and actresses have gotten much bigger. The summer date is a very smart idea for Summit. Eclipse was my favorite book and a lot of people will want to see it because they know that both Robert and Taylor play a bigger role in this. And haters. . . DON’T COMMENT IF YOUR JUST GOING TO TRASH IT.

  13. The editor of the film was sacked and a new one brought in recently. That doesnt bode well at all. Summit taking control back from the director isnt a good move.

  14. I’m still up in the air about whether or not the movie will gross higher than the first two because it opens in the summer and it’s a serialized franchise that has only ever opened the week before the US Thanksgiving in November. There’s no additional book hype like there was with HP5, it all has to be the right amount of marketing. Personally, I’m not even sure I want to see this one based on the first trailer, and the fact that I’m tight on cash and would rather save if to go and see HP7 part 1.

  15. Lavinia Cullen says

    I think that #Eclipse will be awesome! and from my point of view , there is no need to make less or much money than New Monn .everyone will want to see ie ,and with this i want to say that EVERYONE including those who don’t like the twilight saga..they’ll come to see it just because they’ll be curious not that they like it! so it’ll make a lot of money anyway even if it won’t be much more than new moon! david slade is doing a very good job so i have confidence

  16. Eclipse will definitely do very well and surpass New Moon…it’s got more action (werewolves and vamps), more back stories (Rosalie and Jasper), and of course, WAAAY more romance/love triangle issues and a PROPOSAL…OMG!!
    AND the fanbase has grown by leaps and bounds since 2008.

    And yes, I CAN’T wait for Breaking Dawn to be announced!

    Personally, I’m quite amazed that my fervour for the Saga has actually grown rather than diminished over these two years…and for myself, I find the movies complementing the books very well.
    Reading the books still gives me goosebumps and watching Twilight/New Moon still thrills me.
    My fellow Twi-Hard gal pals are all equally stoked for 30 June and I’m so looking forward to the Movie Companion, OST and score (by Howard Shore,no less!).

    Haters there will always be but I’m sure they’re far-outnumbered by the ever-growing legions of Twi-Hards, which include not juz teens but more mature women as well, who appreciate the story in a different but no less wholehearted way.

    The ‘critics’ will have to eat their words in three months’ time. 🙂

  17. Eclipse will have more competition than the others have had. The book fans will still go see it on the opening weekend, but I think it might lose some of the not-so-enthusiastic audience that went to see NM. Some people expected NM to be an action-oriented movie, as it was promoted that way, and when it obviously wasn’t, they won’t believe Eclipse is either, so they’ll go see some other film. But the fanbase is growing all the time, so I don’t know what’ll happen. I would guess Eclipse won’t open as big as NM, but it might have better legs at the box office, as the book is probably the favourite of most of the fans and they want to see it multiple times.

  18. eclipse is definately going to smash the box-office records for so many reasons…..it’s most people’s favourite book and many of them cant wait to see the visual representation of it, the ending of the new moon movie leaves the story hanging so even those who are not twihards will be curious and will want to go and see how the whole thing turns out and as for the action part….the whole series comes under the romance genre and having action is just a bonus but the whole movie cannot be all fight-and-flight…so as some have the opinion that people expected action in new moon and did not get to see much of it and thus will not be interested in eclipse…that’s their problem….also the actors are now more famous and sought after than ever before so having such a popular caste will also work in favour…as for the date of the release..it’s quite a smart move as new moon’s hype is fresh with the dvd release and all that so naturally eclipse, being the continuation, will also be recieved by the public with much more enthusiasm….so yeah….all in all….i think eclipse is gonna ROCK the theatres!!!!

  19. Eclipse will blow the summer charts away… Twilight fans are crazed… we are hungry for more… damn it.. someone go beat it into Stephanie to write another book already….

  20. Eclipse will blow the summer charts away… Twilight fans are crazed… we are hungry for more we want more ALICE!!!!… damn it.. someone go beat it into Stephanie to write another book already….

  21. I think the box office numbers will not be a problem at all. The release date is a convenient time of year for many to attend the cinema. And as mentioned earlier, many fans of the franchise are anticipating this interpretation the most because this is their favorite book. And regardless of reviews or non fan going to see it out of curiosity, many will still be filling up the seats to see what the hype is all about.
    Though whether it will beat NM remains to be seen until that weekend, Summit has already made some smart moves:
    1) They are not waiting too long between the second and third films. Many franchises that left too long of a gap (more than a year) between the 2nd and 3rd films found a drop off in anticipation and viewership.
    2) The trailer is not giving away too much, just a taste. So many will go in not feeling like they’ve already seen the whole movie condensed in a 3 minute trailer.
    3) The trailer and sneak peeks look even better than NM, just like NM looked better than Twilight right from the first teaser trailer.

  22. Can’t wait for Eclipse, but we won’t know ’til we can pre-order.

  23. One of my neighbors is a very very famous film critic and he said Eclipse is placed as Wednesday opening for a reason and that is to get a head start on the 4th of July weekend. And its the reason why Tom Cruise’s Day and Night moved up a weekend. My neighbor thinks it will open strong but will weaken faster than NM. The Last Airbender is the main weekend comp. and my neighbor said this is N. Midnight last chance to approve himself again or he will hit the road out of Hollywood for a few years or may not ever be welcome back. His fans and my viewers have heard this and know it could happen. If TAB is good Eclipse will lose July 2-5 because its a Twilight film and its been out since Wednesday .yes we the fanbase are faithful and we will see Eclipse multiples times which does hurt the franchise in the fact we aren’t as big as we think (he pointed out Star Wars and Star Trek are bigger) but some will also support Jackson in TAB. Eclipse is also a IMAX and WILL lose more than HALF of screens due to INCEPTION due out July 16 because its coming from a BIGGER MAJOR Studio and the Director and they filmed in IMAX forum so they get priority. That Toy Story 3 comes out a IMAX film two weeks before Eclipse and they will not lose as many screens due to the same fact as above. My neighbor told me all this. And he is usually right. He said the fact that many of the fans see the film multiple times hurts the franchise in some ways. New Moon was a disappointment to many fans and some may not return for the third. He told me to look at the history of movie franchises because if we fans did we would have know if someone was going to get replaced it was going to happen at the third film. He said this is a negative and shouldn’t have been done. Because if it flops and he believes in the long run it will its due to the mistakes aka replacements of both actress and editor and keeping on the screenwriter. He was in an uproar about the editor because it was smack in the middle of post production and the new editor may be great but she WILL have a different take on the story flow. He said Summit messed up BIG TIME with the actress too saying it was only 10 days and Rachelle was right on the money about how they could have rearranged the 3 month/11-13 weeks schedule to accommodate Barneys Version’ schedule which was only 6-8 weeks. He thought it was BS on them saying they didn’t know til last minute because it was report back in MAY BV producers wanted her and in June she was reportedly in talks and in early July it was ANNOUCED on Major papers around the world she was casted. He thinks BDH made yet another mistake by being a replacement yet again.”She has reputation already why add to it.” All of her movies have been MAJOR flops so he said he sees why she took on yet another franchise midway through in hopes to reboot her career especially one that has some automatic success but he said it’s already backfiring because many fans don’t like her because she is not the original and it WILL follow her and she know this or at least her peeps do and that’s why she is another Summit movie and daddy is helping her and has always help her by the way of Clint Eastwood. She knows she was “screwed” the moment they announced in JULY that The Loss of the Teardrop was going to be released so soon after her yet another MAJOR FLOP of T4. He said BDH should have gone underground after The Village and Lady in the Water for at least 2-3 years and then again after T4 for longer. He said it has a chance of being successful but it would have been a MAJOR SUCCESS if Summit had kept the original cast together, fired the screenwriter, not make a public fool of itself (Summit) aka July replacement rebuttal (which they never stated in it that Rachelle was ever GIVEN A CHOICE, he said its too late now to fix that wrong) and recent (editor) statement and MOST IMPORTANTLY KEPT THE FANS HAPPY. He said their marketing SUCKS. He keeps hearing “Guys are going to love it” and “Action Movie” he it is not going to fly because one guys have already made up their minds, two it’s the same talk that was done for NM and it didn’t happen and three THEY ARE GOING TO “SCARE” away some fans with this talk. Four, the Last Airbender has already showed some promise action. A lot of film critics believe it will FLOP.

    I personally believe it will make a little more in the long run and may break some records. I don’t like Bryce as an “actress” I never have and I think she already sucks as Victoria with the looks of McDonald poodle clown drag. They could have worked thing out with Rachelle. I believe she was NEVER given the choice because we all including Summit Suits know she would have dropped BV. MANY OTHER MAJOR BIGGER PRODUCTIONS have in the past. The DARK KNIGHT worked out for a minor actress/actor by filming scenes in Preproduction prep so they could go off and do other film roles then they came back and finished up. And other films have worked schedule for minor role actors. They could have begun her scenes in early August when everyone was up there for prep work and then let her do BV for those 10 days. I believe Summit know for awhile and may have even given permission for her to do BV. As a member of the public I knew in early July. A LOT OF OTHER FILM MAJOR FILM WITH BIGGER ENSEMBLED CAST HAVE WORKED IT OUT. Summit BS.

    • Valid points.
      It is very disappointing that Rachelle was booted out for the most pivotal Victoria moments, when Summit could have avoided it.
      It also is a shame but quite true that BDH has been the kiss of death for recent films she’s been in. Spider Man 3, Terminator 4, and M. Night Shyamalan’s films to name a few.

      • Yeah now if Eclipse tanks everyone can blame her. and they will. some already do. BDH is the one making these choices too. She has a father with a name and rep to help her out of the hole she and HER TEAM put her in. I hope she doesnt screw up because I love twilight and my neighbor says she KNOWS her chances are numbered now. He said she should have been black listed after her Conserversal GG nomination. go check out the GG website its marked up. Heath and this minor role actor filmed their scene in April and then the PP really got started in August. All because the minor role actor was needed for another production and the studio/production REALLY wanted this person. I found this out by my neighbor and wiki and dk websites.

    • While I respect your neighbor’s opinion, I find I often do not agree with critics. You bring up interesting points to consider, though, and I’m not happy they replaced “Victoria”. But its really too late to debate that, what’s done is done. I’ve also make the choice that I’m not going to let that predispose me to not liking Eclipse. I’ve heard that other movies openings may be impacted by the availability of IMAX theatres, but I question whether this is the kind of movie that would be impacted as much.

      Personally, my thought is these movies are different enough that not liking NM wouldn’t preclude someone from seeing Eclipse. My hubbie didn’t care for Twilight and saw NM. He thought NM was a snoozer, which I expected. But I’m sure he will see Eclipse. Even if I hated NM, I would still check out Eclipse, BD for that matter.

      Summer presents more opportunities for viewers, but more challenges and competition to. No one knows for certain, its like predicting a horse race. You might have an inclination, but you don’t know for certain.

  24. After reading all of these comments …And seeing that everyone seems to feel a differance in opinion about it …All I know is that Eclipse is my FAVORITE book of the series and I plan on being faithful to that book and watching the film over and over again. I am eager to see this book come to life. These actors have worked very very hard for us so for me I cant wait for June. Time will tell of the outcome. Eclipse gets my support all the way.

  25. eclipse= favorite book!!!! it will make good money!! i´m gonna watch it like 10 times LOL

  26. hell-er! i will be there to watch it and so will all my twihard friends. 🙂 and then i’ll buy the dvd. maybe two. i’ll probably buy the dvd the day it comes out.

    the same goes for breaking dawn. and the host for that matter.

    thank yer.

  27. Well, I am another “Eclipse is my favourite” vote, and I’m really excited to see this movie. I also maintain that BD is almost unfilmable, and I honestly do wish that things were ending with “Eclipse”…show a scene with Bella vamped-up, and B&E hunting a deer…nice way to bookend it with the “Twilight” intro.

    With regard to “Noah Brighten”‘s comments…I think I might actually be inclined to agree (don’t shoot me). My husband is NOT (NOTNOTNOTNOTNOT) anywhere near a fan of the “Twilight” series phenomenon, but he actually didn’t mind the first movie. We sat down to watch NM and he *hated* it. He thought the pacing was incredibly slow, and he was really annoyed that Bella basically “caused fights between men” (his words), and that that was the substance of the plot (he was also weirded out by the sex-allegory stuff). He actually upgraded his assessment of the first movie to “good”, because he thought NM was so poor. Anyway, he now has zero interest in seeing Eclipse, and he’s probably not the only guy out there who feels that way.

    • Personally, I don’t think it’s any great loss if men don’t want to see Eclipse. I don’t know about the US, but in Australia there are many more women than men and we are quite capable of raking in the big bucks for the studios without the help of the male of the species.

      When I went to see New Moon there wasn’t a man in sight – and it was WONDERFUL. We all ordered champagne and cake, took our shoes off and relaxed. I couldn’t help but smile at how wonderful it was to have a cinema full of women enjoying a film, rather than being dragged off to another action movie by their significant other.

      Personally, I went and saw New Moon twice before I let my husband near it. I knew he would pepper me with questions and I would miss a lot of dialogue trying to fill him in. He can’t wait to see Eclipse. So much so that he FORCED me to tell him what happened in the last two books because he didn’t want to wait, and he doesn’t have the patience to read them himself.

      So in short, if guys want to watch Eclipse, good for them. If not – WHO CARES?

      They can go and watch something being blown up instead!

  28. Does anyone know when we can pre-order the midnight screaning tickets for Eclipse? How long before New Moon did they come out?

    I think this franchise will just get bigger until the end. (breaking dawn is way to soon to the end, I cant wait but i dont want it to end 🙁

    • Michelle Cullen says

      Havent heard anything yet from the theaters/or internet about selling advance tickets for Eclipse…but one concern that I do have is that the word is out there that Movie Ticket prices are going up..way up in price… Eclipse may very well be the last movie that I watch for a long while. Money is tight these days as is. Why do movie prices have to go up when the economy is so bad?

  29. Summit’s going to have to give us a better trailer. To be honest, if I wasn’t a fan of the books, I wouldn’t go and see the film based on the first trailer. Because everything that’s in the first Eclipse trailer are things we’ve already seen in Twilight and New Moon. Edward loves Bella. Jacob loves Bella. Volturi wants Bella dead if she’s not changed. Bella has to make a choice.

    The first New Moon trailer got it right. People I know who weren’t fans of the books wanted to see New Moon because the trailer grabbed their attention. This trailer wasn’t eye catching at all.

    So if the 2nd trailer is more detailed and actually gives us a glimpse of more of what the actors themselves have been promoting about the film which is THE ACTION then maybe it may just beat New Moons sales.

  30. Eclipse is my favorite book and I will watch it numerous times. It’s has equal parts Edward and Jacob so all the team E & team Js will be flocking the theater. I love the summer release but kind of upsetting that I won’t be able to sit through a quiet theater w/o the teens screaming this time around.

  31. I don’t care how well it does, as long as us (the fans) love it then thats all that matters.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jadey! (Hi!)

      And I agree with Mel above. Who cares if the men don’t like it! Fine by me. My hubs will go with me regardless, but I could care less if he really likes it or not. It’s for my enjoyment. Whether it makes a ton of money or not, or if the critics like it or not. Doesn’t matter to me. I will love it.

  32. My first intro to Twilight was the movie(I know, late to the party!). Both me and my husband liked the movie and it started me reading the books. New Moon is my favorite book, but I did think it was a little slow. The actors paused too much when talking and I just kept thinking they could have fit so much more dialogue from the book in there. My husband saw New Moon once and then said-no more. I do think he will see Eclipse with us because he likes to be included, not because he cares. I have to say, some of the shine has worn off for me, but I still love it and will probably see the movie 2-3 times in the theater. Also, I can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out. I didn’t care for the New Moon one at first, but now I love it! Also, I will be going back to Forks this summer to get New Moon and Eclipse coffee cups. I got my Twilight one last summer and want the collection. I live a few hours away, so no big deal. On a stupid side note, the Twilight Saga being set in the rainy northwest has somehow made living under this near constant cloud cover and rain just a little bit cooler.

  33. I read through this whole string of comments – whew – and I have a few thoughts:

    1)At some point, I would expect the numbers to drop off. Not sure if it’ll be Eclipse or BD, but the NM numbers will be hard to beat.

    2)We don’t get to rewrite the books, but the movies do provide an opportunity to fill in some gaps. I think BD as a movie has the opportunity to pay off better than the book. Personally, I had no issue with the book, I loved it! But I see why some people did. Personally, I wish they would have tried a different screenplay writer, I think MR is part of my issue when the movies fall short of expectations.

    3)I have no problem with criticism of the books or the movies. But when people want to rip away, either when criticizing, or when defending. People go too far on both sides.

    4)My hubby is luke warm on the whole thing. I’ve read and reread the books, and have watched both movies I can’t tell you how many times. I am glad I haven’t seen the movies w/o reading the books, though. But even though he though NM was slow, which I did too, I don’t see it turning him off from seeing Eclipse. I think people who are fans of the saga saying they won’t go are just being argumentative.

    OK, that felt good, thanks!

  34. cierra hatch says

    we all have to go see it.. show them wrong..lol cant wait for it tho

  35. for some reason I think this will do better than New Moon for a couple different reasons…

    #1: new fans. I hadn’t read the books or seen Twilight until November of last year, saw NM after I saw Twilight, from that day I was addicted to it (specially the books) Eclipse being my favorite one, so I think that Twilight got new fans when the movie came out and so did New Moon.

    #2: it seems to be a lot of people’s favorite book and this movie seems to be the one most action-packed so I think that will be a great factor as well.

    #3 its a summer release, making it easier for school aged kids to go see it more than once not only on the weekend but during the week 😉

  36. i’d hate to say this, but I think, it’s a no. Eclipse comes out at the same time as Avatar: THe Last Airbender. PLus, it’s summer, and almost each week, a big movie comes out.
    Eclipse is my favorite book, but I don’t think the movie will beat New Moon in it’s hype

  37. Chinwe Okorie says

    I’ve never wanted anything in my life but to have Avatar not claim number 1 in box office! yes i am one of those who are mad at how the casting and overall how much westernize it is. And think that minorities should be given an equal opportunity to lead movies. Although Twilight sterotyped Native Americans a bit..like not going to school wtf? anywho So I will def max out my credit card so this happen.

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