Eclipse: Fire and Ice Goes Ice Cream?


Today we saw this flurry of activity on Twitter about Eclipse ice cream bars. When we saw the pictures, we recognized the brand, Sanson, as a popular European one based out of Italy. So, we did a little checking because it seemed a little weird that the first main product push would be ice cream made in Italy. The pictures seem to have originated from the La Push Wolfpack Italian forum.


So here’s what we found out via Twilight Italia, who broke the story, that seems to have been Tweeted round the world. With a little help from Google Translation we’ve discovered that there’s this contest being held by Sanson to send two winners of the which ice cream is better (chocolate paw print=Jacob, lemon with strawberry inside=Edward) to the official Twilight Tour in Portland that is run by Creation Entertainment.  They also, we think, win a replica Bella’s ring.( We admit that we are a little sketchy on that part.)

Anyway, we asked Summit about it and we learned that there was a deal for this item and we might see some other Eclipse products pop up in non-USA markets, so keep your eyes open!